[April Fools] Bunnings X Volley Shoes with Free Sausage. Onion Costs $1 Extra

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Rumour has it that these are steel capped too!
Unbelievable value, quality and style.

Thank you to onetwothreefour for pointing out other similar deals listed here.

Mod: April Fool's Day has passed in all states now (12pm). Moved to forums.

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    Apri….. BOOM!

    • +2

      I would’ve looked quite the fool. An April fool as it were. Heh heh heh

      • +2

        That's why I put the onion on my belt. Which was the style at the time!

  • You, sir, are an April Fool

  • +41

    Not a bargain, not funny, free advertising

    • -10

      Not a bargain, not funny, free advertising

      • +40

        Not a penguin, not runny, bee advertising

        • -1

          Not a shotgun, not a dunny, wee advertising.

      • +3

        A bargain, funny, good promotion.

    • You're a fun guy

  • +5

    You've been had, now have a neg

  • -1


  • Lmfao

  • +3


  • +1

    April fools joke. This should not be listed.

  • +3

    Thanks bought 6

  • +2

    A fool's errand, you might say.

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  • +5

    Just rang local bunnings, some man called broden bought 9,991, only 9 left, marked as too little stock

  • +18

    Apparently jokes not allowed on Ozbargain.

    • +13

      I think some are really upset they missed the deal.
      I'm surprised OzBargain didn't do anything this year. I thought the shoes were pretty creative.

  • -1

    Maybe im getting old, maybe i don't have a sense of humor, maybe a bit of both but these april fools gag are pretty cringe

    • +24

      pretty cringe

      Says No Child Support with a pedobear display picture.
      Your humour is certainly different to mine.

  • +6

    I liked it.

  • I would've legit bought one as a present :)

  • I'll bring my own onion.

  • +5


    It's time we have report buttons for sausage and onions, not just spam.

    • +1

      that would have made a great april fools joke

      that people would get offended to

  • +2

    OP Thank you for posting
    We need these "April Fools" to cheers us up in these covid times - should be more of them.

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  • +5

    Classic April Fools. The easily triggered people come out of the woodwork to be offended at everything.

  • +1

    Was a harmless joke until OP proudly declared that it's only funny when he's the one posting these.

    • +2

      I can see how it was read that way, but the comment was a specific reply to onetwothreefour. If they did spam all those deals out of spite, I don't think it would be funny.
      I did not intend to suggest that I'm the funniest on OzBargain or that only I could post funny things. I like this community because there are so many funny contributors.

    • +1

      Forgot to mention that I included the forum link onetwothreefour provided into the OP precisely because I wanted to share the contributions of others.

  • +3

    I’d buy these … FULL PRICE EVEN

  • +1

    I would get this. Would make excellent roofing shoes

    • I think tiles or sheets of colorbond would work better but cool idea

    • +6

      You wasted more time clicking on the deal and making that comment than scrolling past it.

  • +9

    Tough crowd today.

    • +4

      I know right…

      People are just waiting for the next free "condom" deal with its 100+ votes….

  • Funny but doesn't belong as a bargain put it in discussion not here

  • +1

    Guaranteed onion slip resistant!

  • I bask in the glory of this post. As a mere mortal I bow to the awesomeness.

  • +1

    No deal. Fun, but no deal.

  • God I hate April fools.

  • I can see the future ……Bunnings and Costco : Bunco.

  • Thanks I just picked up a pair.
    The check out assistant hasn't seen them but there were lots of pairs and sizes left in the BBQ area.

  • +1

    April Fools already? No deal!

  • unobtainable

    • +2

      If they can do "VB" and Vegemite ~ this may not be out of the realm of possibility.

      Thank you for contacting Volley online.

      We are glad to hear our April Fools joke worked, keep an eye out on our socials and mail list this may become a reality in the future!

      Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further queries.

      Happy April Fools Day!
      Kind Regards,


  • Silly and old school

  • False advertising

  • +1

    Recalled due to an onion incident.

  • unobtainable, advertisment, etc.

  • Fake advertising

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