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[PS5, Pre Order] Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart $49 with 2 Eligible Games Trade-in @ EB Games


Trade 2 eligible games to get the new PS5 Ratchet & Clank game for $49. There are over 1000 eligible games that can be traded in, some can be bought for as little as $10 if you shop around

Full list of eligible games to trade Credit to Timbo94 - List up to date as of 26th May

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    I suppose many of the eligible games are outdated now. I have asked about the death stranding PS4 one month ago and it was $20 to trade in. Now they sell this game for $19 and I asked them yesterday, the trade-in value is $6 now.

    • Usually when they have a sale, the trade in prices drop dramatically. You’ll need to do trade ins when there’s no sales on

  • I imagine the list of eligible games will be a lot smaller now that they've started a new sale.

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    I guess the days of the $19-29 games with trade in are gone with these ridiculously inflated next gen prices. Barely seems worth trading in 2 games just to get the game for just under what it should retail for.

    • What it should retail for but not what it will retail for. It'll be a little while til we see it for $79

  • Sweet as. Don't agree with the upped pricing as everyone else has said, but I have a couple old 3DS games I got piss cheap years ago that according to the list should work with this fine. Amazing Spider-Man, Sonic Generations both cost me $5 new at JB in like 2017, hopefully they still work for the deal. Cheers OP.

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    Does anyone know the cheapest two games to trade in towards this?

    • Check Big W - they have a whole bunch of games on sale, then check with your local EB

  • dang i wanted to use Persona 5 and Days Gone… guess it wont work anymore.

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      what do you mean?
      those games are in the trade list

      • That list is dates back to Feb, highly likely it's been updated since then

      • I went to my nearest EB and they said its about $6 each… So I'm just going to wait for a sale. sadly.

        • I called my EB and they said they'd take Days Gone weird! This was in the Gold Coast.

  • Can confirm that list is not current as Shadow of the Tomb Raider is no longer accepted.

    They also won’t price match Amazon which I think is piss poor.

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    Here's an updated list of eligible games - from 26 May https://m.imgur.com/a/sNmVX6z

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      Legend thanks! Now to go through the list and try and find some of those games for ~$10 on the second hand markets

      • JB Hi-Fi has some of those games cheap, one of the Assassin's Creed games they accept sells for $15 new. So if you got 2 of them the total would be $79, pretty good price!

    • Any suggestions?

      • AC Chronicles and Immortal work for sure ($15 each from JB Hi-Fi), just check out the list and search up some games online. I called my EB and they said they'd also take Days Gone too as it trades for exactly $10.

    • FIFA 21 is $20 on Amazon at the moment, not as cheap as some options but maybe good if you have next-day delivery + Prime

      • Fifa 21 is not eligible.

        Funny enough, they were paying ~$50 for the game a month ago during their bonus 50% trade credit deal.

  • Will I still get the pre-order bonus after 11-06 (before 17-06)?

    • Sometimes you do but note you can unlock them all in-game anyway.

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    Bought two copies of Days Gone from Jb Hi Fi 2 for $30 special and was able to trade them in at Eb Games for the $49 deal.

    • Which city/store?

  • Is the trade-in 2 games deal available for Judgment? or when its closer to the release date?

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      AFAIK they usually do it for tentpole releases, so not really sure about that I'm afraid. Plus you don't really know how the trade in prices will drop so a bit risky.

  • Just traded in 2 Days Gone in Brisbane. Thanks for posting

  • I saw Jedi Faller Order in the list but when I called EBgames Prahran, they said its not eligible.

    • It is definitely eligible, most likely they gave you incorrect information. They are selling it for $48 pre-owned

      • Update: they must have changed the list as of 10/06 as this game is now on sale for $24 and is no longer eligible

        • Ya I saw that they changed the price today, anyway I had Red dead and Doom Eternal, so I traded those.

          I wanted to hold onto Red Dead because there might be a PS5 update in the future but who knows how long that will take.

  • Just a heads up, in Vic so haven't been able to get out and take advantage of grabbing some cheaper games from JB.
    Called up my EB and a bunch of games are now coming up as $7 RE3, Tekken 3, Star Wars Squadrons (games need to be minimum $10).
    So maybe the list has been updated since May 26?

    So double check before trying to pick it up cheaper in other places. Any other games that people know will work?

    • Dead or Alive 6 - 2 for $30 at JB?

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    I crushed it - got the game for $68

    Skully on ps4 - jb hifi for $9, trades for $15
    Spyro reignited on xbone - big w for $10, trades for $11

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      Nice one! If anyone else is going to do the same don't forget you can also pay using discounted gift cards. Suncorp benefits currently has them at 6% off

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      Cheers. Needed one game and found skully at my local JB. Thx

    • Spyro Reignited XB1 not on Big W website?

      Is it in store only?

      • Possibly - but scanned at $10. Try Target in store too

    • +1

      Thanks for that, I ended up buying two copies of Skully for $9 each at JB and traded them in.

  • Does the list of games vary from store to store?

    I have WWE 2k Battlegrounds and F1 2020 on PS4 which appear on the list from late May but am worried that they will not be accepted?

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      You can check by calling you local EB. Or just search the games you are wanting to trade in to check how much EB are selling them for pre owned

      • What’s the price threshold?

        • $10

          • @gaz3342: That can’t be right

            • @muzzakus: Sorry that's the minimum trade in value. Not sure on the sale price, I think it maybe $30? That's a guess.

              • @gaz3342: I think it depends on the person at the counter as well. I got away with trading in a game that is now $9 trade in value.

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    Can confirm that EB refused to accept FIFA 21, Kingdom Hearts 3, Death Stranding and Days Gone. Looks like i'll have to wait for a sale.

  • This list is no longer valid.

    Lots of stuff have had their base trade amounts reduced … possibly to coincide with their sale which started today.

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    Save ur effort with https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/629723 if you are not in a hurry. Only a few more bucks if you combine with 10% off eBay gift cards.

    • +2

      This is OzBargain after all. Most of us do put in the effort to save that little bit extra.

      This seems like a winner to me:

      Plus combine with 6% off EB Games gift cards and 5% off Big W gift cards. End price should be $65.06 for the new Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart game

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    Thanks traded 2 x Just Dance 2020 PS4 I got from Big W for $10/each.

  • Anyone know if you can do this as many times as you want? I have a couple games I want to get rid of and this is probably the easiest way for me to do it

    • Yep you can, might want to confirm with EB first if your games are eligible

  • If getting 2 x $15 games @ JB hi-fi, 10% off $30 TCN Gift Card

  • FOMO alert. I’ve noticed that Sony 1st party games aren’t being discounted by anything meaningful even many months later. This is a good opportunity but the hassle is just such a hassle.

    • Correct. They hold their value very well.

      EB Games has Demon's Souls pre-owned for $108!

      • Yeah it’s crazy, I want to pick that up too but I’m not big on the genre so may hate it, the price is too high just to check it out.

  • Toy Mania at Big W starts on 15th June, this deal ends 17th June. While the trade list from 26th May isn't that accurate, here are some games that will be on sale at Big W that were also on that list - I'd recommend calling your local EB store on the 15th and check the trade values then


    • The Sims 4 $10
    • Aladdin and Lion King $10
    • Tekken 7 $19

    XBox One

    • The Sims 4 $10
    • Aladdin and Lion King $10
    • Paw Patrol: Mighty Pups save adventure bay $15
    • Fast & Furious: Crossroads $20
    • Star Wars Squadrons $20

    And of course check comments above for games that also worked

    • Didn't someone earlier confirm squadrons isn't eligible…also can confirm jedi fallen order is not eligible.

      • Ah didn't see that - ah well, maybe some of the others

    • Tekken 7 also not eligible now. Traded it at $7.

  • Trade in prices has gone down, in line with their sale. I.e. Tekken 7 which should have been borderline accepted is not $7.

    • Yep they updated the list yesterday due to this sale

  • Anyone traded in Control or Devil May Cry 5?

    • Both of these were ineligible. Only trades for $9 and $7 and EB World bonus don’t apply.

      Traded in AC Valhalla and GoT instead.

  • Traded COD Ghosts and Gravity Rush Remastered 👍🏻

    Ghosts was my first PS4 game I think, 8 years ago, lol

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