Dewalt DCM565M1-XE 18V 4.0Ah Li-Ion XR Cordless Brushless 300mm Compact Chainsaw Combo Kit $329 Posted (RRP $637) @ Sydney Tools


The DCM565 18V XR Compact Chainsaw is a versatile tool that can be used in either outdoor or construction applications. Featuring a 30cm bar and chain, the DCM565 is equally effective at cutting logs as it is trimming timber beams in confined loft spaces. Lightweight and easy to maneuver, the DCM565 benefits from a large auxiliary handle, auto-oiling and tool free bar and chain replacement.

Available strictly while stocks last and at participating retailers until 30th June 2021.
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  • Seems like a decent price. What’s 18V like for chainsaws? I’ve been buying the 54V stuff for high torque requirements

    • The chain speed is fairly slow on the 18v, 54v or petrol is far superior there… but you get what you pay for…

      I have one of these, $299 from Bunnings a while back, it's a bit of a toy but it's ok for small stuff, handy to throw in the ute when I cant be bothered mixing fuel for the bigger petrol saws… … I mainly use it for pruning gums and such, clearing smaller fallen trees off my tracks, it's ok on stuff up to about 100mm, anything bigger is a bit of a struggle… It really doesn't like undercutting though, there's something a bit funky about the bar mounting that causes issues with undercutting, I haven't bothered looking at it close enough to work out what's going on there…

      18v chainspeed = 7.68m/s
      54v chainspeed = 15m/s

      Higher chainspeed = much smoother and faster cutting…

  • Yeah not bad price but 18V. Better to get the 54V.

  • Also $329 at Total Tools, can get 10% back in store credit with their points promotion atm
    Also blackwoods have the 54v for sale with a 6ah battery for about 450, need a charger though

  • So this could be used for trimming tree branches?

  • I've had one of these for 18 months now and it's my go-to saw now. It's remarkable what it will actually do although you do need to swap out batteries quite often, perhaps 10/15 mins actual use per battery.

    As an example, my main chainsaw died cutting down a large gum so I used this for about 1.5 hours solid. It got through 5 4Amp batteries but cut through everything I shoved at it including the trunk which was about 16" at the base so cut from multiple angles.

    Sure, it's not as quick as a 2-stroke saw but it certainly does the job. I was genuinely surprised just how good it was and remains so to this day.

    For trimming it might be overkill. I use a cheap Aldi and/or Ozito (own both) reciprocating saw with a decent long blade for that unless it's complete downed tree.

    • I second the above comment.

      Really handy little chainsaw for anything < 100mm.
      Great to use with one hand (when required).

      Picked it up from Sydney Tool last year at $299 (Combo kit).
      I have both the 4ah battery from the kit and a 5ah, enough for what I need to get done.

      I use the cheapo Ozito PXC 18V reciprocating saw and a basic manual hedge shear/lopper for the smaller branches.

  • How would this cope cutting through bamboo that’s about 6-9m tall?

    • I'm not too sure, it would cut it but how well I dont know…bigger diameter bamboo would cut better than thinner stuff I imagine…

      Due to the low chain speed on the 18v chainsaw it's not the best on real thin stuff, pruning thin flexible branches is a bit of a pain because the teeth kinda grab and pull the branch rather than biting into it, so thin branches tend to just flap around as you try to cut them, a saw with a higher chain speed doesn't have this issue… I imagine if the bamboo is fairly thin with a thin wall the slow chain speed may just tear it apart rather than cutting it smoothly, cutting close to the ground would probably help…

      If I'm pruning lots of stuff that's 25mm or less I tend to use my Dewalt 125mm angle grinder with a 60 tooth aluminium cutting blade, it's also great for rough timber work and cutting PVC pipe and the likes..

      The angle grinder would be my favorite cordless tool even though it's very battery hungry, got it for $120 which was an absolute bargain… (due to flammables in my workshop I always cut metal outside, dragging out an extension cord was always a hassle, especially for a 30 second job)

      Reciprocating saws are popular for pruning and garden work also, but as with the angle grinder they're too expensive to buy just for that job unless you have a lot to do…