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I just purchased a king single size mattress for our daughter.

Emma - Australia's No. 1 by CHOICE 2020

Our exceptional 3-layered Emma Original combines premium quality foam and world-class logistics, delivering Australian’s with the best comfort and value. We are proud to be CHOICE® Best Mattress 2020 as well as Europe’s Most Awarded mattress. But don't just take their word for it, use our 100 night risk-free trial to experience the multi-award winning Emma Original Mattress!

Easter sale has 45% off the regular advertised price. Enter discount code EASTER5 for another 5% off, but this code does not stack with referral bonus. If you ask in the online chat, they will give you an code for 5% off which does stack with referral. Referral gives an additional $30 off.

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$30 off for referrer and referee. $290 Min. Spend.

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Emma Original Mattress
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  • note, most of the referral links are not valid but i've added my one so keep trying until you get one that works

  • I don't think any of the referral codes work. "EASTER5" does the +5%.

  • Easter5 isn't doing anything for me….

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      Easter5 won't stack with the referral code.

      I found cheapest way is to forgo the referral code and use Easter5 + Cashrewards for 5+12%. Eg. Single size comes to $321.40

    • It worked just then for me. I used all capitals 🤷‍♀️

    • Try the online chat and ask them for a discount - the Easter didn’t stack with the referral code for me but in online chat they auto-generate a bespoke code for the extra 5% that did stack

  • Only getting $30 for referee?? Where is the other $20

    • It looks like it's changed:

      Refer your friends to Emma and get $30.00 for each referral. The $30.00 coupon code is valid for all products. This voucher is only valid with a minimum spend of $290.00.

      To qualify for the Emma Friend Referral Program, you must make a minimum purchase of $290.00. You must keep a minimum order value of $290.00. The $30.00 voucher your friend receives can be used only for their first Emma purchase. Your friend must make a minimum purchase of $290.00. The referral code may be used in conjunction with other promotional codes and discounts. After your friend has kept their Emma purchase for 100 nights, you will receive your reward. You can refer up to 10 friends.

  • Any feed back on these mattresses ? First time I have heard of Emma

    • I’ll let you know once mine arrives but reviews look pretty good and it apparently won equal best mattress from Choice magazine if that’s worth anything

  • Great post OP! We originally wanted an Emma but they didn't deliver to TAS (they do now) so went with NOA (are trialling it now and finding 2 months in it has developed a 'hill' in the middle). Now I can get the Emma Queen we wanted for $100 less than I was originally going to pay, and return the NOA for a refund - in other words, get the Emma and get about $200 net back out of the deal as well! Thank you!

    (Did CR + EASTER5, worked fine and code is shown on CR website too).

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    Oh god, not again. This is a Chinese foam mattress in a box, like all the others. The only thing these businesses are good at is marketing and internet manipulation. This is no better than an ikea cheap foam mattress. My advice, if your a cheap skate, don't waste your time, go to any big box mattress shop, buy the cheapest mattress there and it will be better than this crap. Otherwise get a proper mattress.

    • -1 vote

      That's a weird dismissal of all foam mattresses from China, without any reasoning at all !

      Have you actually read the comments in the other posts ? There are plenty of happy customers…

  • Great mattress, especially with this discount. I have tried Koala, Emma and Tempur. I was able to get a soft comfort layer for my Emma which made it quite similar to the Koala. The economics of the mattress-in-a-box altenatives is compelling, just need to improve the sustainability of replacing more frequently.

  • Posted this as a separate deal (hope that's okay) but this can be combined wiith SHOPA100 for $100 off - just tried it this morning.

  • Even with the discount these still cost slightly more than the OzBargain favourite Zzz Atelier - - has anyone tried both ?

  • Hey all, just letting people know about the issues I’ve had with Emma Mattress in case anyone is thinking of buying.

    I ordered for delivery which never arrived. Contacted customer service by email, received prompt response saying they would chase it up within 1-3 days. Heard nothing further, sent several follow up emails and received automated responses only. Contacted their chat bot, got the same promise that they would follow up.

    Tried contacting them via SM (facebook, Insta) and no response. Seems from the comments that multiple people are having same issue.

    There’s no phone number that I can see, and after doing some more searching their address seems to be a virtual office/coworking space only…

    I’d be very wary before buying anything. I’m just hoping I can get a chargeback from the bank, as I am not liking my chances of the mattress showing up or receiving a refudnd

    • Did you order with a credit card ? If so, chargeback through your credit card company is a simple process 👍 The beauty of a credit card is that the money belongs to the bank, not you - so they're generally much more helpful when issues arise !!