Any Recommendations on a Gaming Laptop for $2.5k?

Hi folks,

So I'm looking for a gaming laptop for around $2,500 and really not sure on what is a good value exchange at the moment with respect to brand, graphics and CPU. Seems heat and fan noise seem to be one of the factors, so looking for any recommendations on what others may consider a good deal on a unit that doesn't have excessive fan noise. Looking for something with 16GB Ram and 500GB HDD. Alienware seem to have some heavily discounted units at the moment.

Any recommendations? TIA


  • Why?

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      He possibly wants a gaming laptop to play games on… just a wild guess to be honest.

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        I never knew you could game on a gaming laptop.
        The more you know

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          yea its only a new concept brought about by Covid.

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    I have an Alienware m15 (original model), fans are nice and quiet. The CPU runs quite hot so I needed to undervolt to stop it from thermal throttling.
    I heard the newer model (m15 R3 and later) have significantly improved the thermal performance.
    They're good but quite pricey, not sure if you can get a decently spec'd model for $2500

    Edit: There this 10th gen i7, 16GB RAM, RTX 2070 Super and 1TB NVMe SSD Alienware m15 R3 for $2454.28 after applying coupon LOVEKEANU

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    If you can stretch to $2.9k

    RTX 3060
    I7 11th gen

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    Unless you really need to move where you are gaming frequently, you are better off getting a ~$1k laptop and a $1.5k gaming desktop.

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      Yeah a $500 chromebook or windows ultraportable, with a $2k desktop gaming rig, would crush any $2.5k gaming laptop in quietness AND convenience/portability, AND game performance.

  • Thanks everyone and good points on why and considering a desktop option. So now broadening out options on what we look at for PC gaming. Cheers SP.

  • I'm also looking at a new gaming laptop, similar range, probably no more then 2k tho.

    The Dell G7 17 Gaming laptop is currently on special down to 1699, which does have pretty good specs.

    Although I've talked myself out of it, since review suggests its gets way to hot and leads to GPU/CPU throttling so really don't get to use the specs to its full potential. Also I see alot of people having issues with Dell support.

    I'd suggest having a gander at Metabox, Perth based company who builds laptops, Something like the below

    Heard good things, value for money looks good and Aussie based support, 2 year warranty etc.