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Citizen Promaster BN4049-11E Watch $399 Delivered @ StarBuy


The Watch Channel on Youtube has another subscriber special!

This time it's the Citizen Promaster BN4049-11E with an RRP of $999, the Watch Channel has a subscriber special code that means you can grab the watch for just $399 in delivery!

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  • Is the whole face a solar panel or does it have to but put back-side-up?

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      The solar panel is under the dial for most, if not all, solar/ecodrive watches so just wearing them normally when youโ€™re out and about should be enough to keep them charged.

    • Pretty much.

      This is how most solar-powered watches have been designed for several decades now. The solar cell is either under a semi-transparent layer on the face or integrated into the face itself or there's a thin, visible solar cell border around the face.

      Either way, given the incredibly minuscule amounts of current consumed by wristwatches, you really don't need much visible, well-positioned solar cell surface area to keep their batteries charged. They charge under indoor lighting just fine too (albeit need longer exposure times; several hours under indoor lighting versus 30 minutes in the sun every few months typically).

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    omg so pretty finally a watch that not just boring black or white

    • definitely a lot of detail…in a good way. the colourway is definitely interesting too

  • talking about watch… if i want to sell my Georg Jensen watch (bought around $800 long time ago) where is the best place? ebay ? is there any physical store, or maybe special website ? - just to make sure i get the best reasonable price

    • Gumtree

    • $800? Ouch.

  • That's some design there ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿป

  • I was concerned regarding their legitimacy and so I've checked - on Citizen's website its a bit unclear as there was no "Starbuy" , but Star Jewelry or w/e
    so I checked on Seiko's


    Seems legit!
    Great price! Lovely looking watch.

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      Another way is to click on the store link & check member's comments on the other 348 deal posts over the past 6 years.

      • +1

        :u….who knew.
        not me.

    • +3

      They're super legit, and offer great customer support. I've only ever had great experiences with them.

    • +3

      Much loved retailer here. I would have bought at least half a dozen watches from them, always turn up quickly and well packaged.

    • +2

      No reason to believe me, but I worked with a "Watch guy" for years and he used and recommended Starbuy. Totes legit.
      Good luck / have fun.

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    Not sure about that colorway but it's different indeed. 46mm is pretty big but depending how big your wrists are (personally I like 44/43mm and suits me.
    Not sure it's ever worth that RRP but $400 seems ok

    I got a Tissot seastar powermatic 80 in blue with the dress bracelet, pretty good package with the automatic movement, saphire crystal & ceramic bezel. Was doing a quick search and found this with the rubber strap, no idea about the shop.


    Edit seems like some other good specials on that site, don't mind the visodate for something more dressy/classic. Even the oris Aquis date is 40% off, send like a cheap site.

  • Thanks heaps OP.

    Love the look of this bronzo.

    A right-handed watch would take some getting used to

        • +2

          Not personally to my taste either.. left hand crowns are odd, size and colourway not for me.

          It's a good discount, and agree one should be able to have an opinion without getting negged.

          Whoever said white and black are boring, there are a lot of divers watches that are classic styling and can dress up and down, particularly with rubber straps, black, navy, or white face combos and bezels for example.

          Each to their own I guess.

          • @G-rig:

            left hand crowns are odd

            Sure. But this doesn't have a left hand crown.

        • +3

          @maverickjohn Its not what you say it's how you say it. Remember this is someone's brand spanking new pride and joy. So I'd imagine they can have a negative opinion of your negative opinion.

          • +1

            @K4BeeTee: I didn't think I dismissed those people who find the watch attractive.
            I just feel the world is so sensitive you say one opinion on a product and justified why I said that opinion in the same comment and the neg army attacked. By all means no one needs to agree to the comment. But as I stated I didn't neg the deal as the watch has a decent saving. I just don't think it looks great.

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              @maverickjohn: Nah…you didn't dismiss anybody. We just happen to live in a PC world where everyone gets offended.

              I love the look of it but I also have a Tudor Bronzo and saving up for a Panerai 00382.

              Love the bronzo look.

              I bit the bullet and bought this anyway and also waiting on a decent Aqualand.

              • +1

                @Moostyle: Nice. I actually don't mind the bronze look. But as a whole this watch didn't meld well in my opinion.
                The black bay bronze is an example of a nice bronze watch.

              • +1

                @Moostyle: Principal PC haha. Should be able to say if something doesn't look good, despite being a good discount (if you can believe RRP). No one is saying the overall quality / features aren't there (wouldn't know about this one personally).

                On another note I think it's time Casio made their watches smart watches, read a few days ago that they have teamed up with Wear OS and introducing it into their line up. I like the idea of the G-shocks, but doubt I'd use any of the features having a smartphone and a Fitbit.

    • +3

      I'm confused why are people "Harsh" by Negging your comment?
      You're allowed to voice your displeasure with a deal, aren't we allowed to voice our disagreement by Negging the comment? ๐Ÿค”

      • +1

        That's fair enough. It just appears more as if I'm trying to be silenced rather than discussing the disagreement.

        • +2

          I get that feel…
          Often I make a poor, cheesy joke and get (what it feels like) attacked with negs , even tho I was just trying to be cheerful :'(

        • +2

          As usual it's more of how you say it rather than what you say.

          There's a big difference between saying you find it not to your taste and flat out stating it's ugly horrible (which comes across as insulting those who do find it attractive).

  • -2

    agree above, ugly as

  • -2

    god damn this watch is fugly. I guess frankenstein need to buy watches too

  • what is weird is that I can not find any information on this watch. Like literally nothing on the entire internet. No reviews, no opinions, no mentions. Nothing on reddit or watchuseek when you search for "BN4049".

    When you google BN4049, you will only find sites selling this watch. Which means that the resale value of this watch will be very very bad was you will not find many buyers on the second hand market who even know this watch exist.

    • +2

      "you will not find many buyers on the second hand market who even know this watch exist."

      Yes, it'd be a bit like trying to convince a bike rider that "Yamaha" are a thing. It's good we have experienced resourseful professionals here to save us from such mistakes.

      • nice a logic.

        bike riders should know Yamaha the brand, but they prob wont know Yamaha EIHJPANV-30713047xx if there is no info about it

    • STO….maybe it's a new design.

    • BN4048 seems to result in searches fwiw

    • AFAIK all altichrons use the same internals, and reviews are to be found. It's just a matter of what finish is being offered. No one is going to review every single model when they're essentially the same watch.

  • Where's it made?

    • Motherland

      • Please don't assume the gender of a nation state.

        It should be Birthing parent land.

    • Mordor

      • Cool.

        People's republic of Mordor.

        Works for me.

    • +1

      I mean, I like it :-)

      Not sure if the radio function has any value here in Aus - someone else can probably say but they dont seem to include Aus in the range of "radio countries". The rest - I would suspect is typical Citizen Eco Drive goodness :-)

    • Sapphire glass on this one gets my vote over the original posts mineral glass.

      • Sapphire crystal keeps your watch looking great for years and years, nice if you can extend the budget for it.
        Likewise with ceramic bezels, although they are still impact prone so have to be a bit careful.

        • Yeh as an outdoor watch it won't take long to totally ding it up.

          • @gadget: G-Shocks can cop a lot of abuse

            • +1

              @G-rig: I have a couple of them!

      • No solar though and the radio won't work here although there are some workarounds that are a PITA to do.

  • OP I'd probably bite at the price if it had the standard black bezel and rubber strap, the bronze is a bit too far out for me.

  • Lol ozbargained!