How Do You Watch Netflix in Bed?

I used to watch Netflix/plex on an old laptop before I would go to sleep (I know, probably shouldn't be watching TV before bed, but who doesn't?)

The laptop bit the dust recently and now I'm trying to decide on whether to buy a cheap laptop, tablet or TV for my room. Only concerns are that I would like the ability to use my headphones to watch stuff late at night without waking others in the house. The option I am leaning towards at the moment is a second hand TV with a Chromecast + Google TV, as I've heard you can use BT headphones with it.

Any thoughts or recommendations?

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  • Usually on TV, but if I don't want all that brightness in the room, then I use an iPhone 8 Plus held by something like this.

  • Ipad pro or TV. My TV doesn’t have half the streaming apps so i use my consoles.

  • Can't watch tv, it hurts my neck as I sit in an awkward position in bed. Best experience is to use a phone holder to hold your phone/tablet while you lay down. Now thats da lyfe

  • google nest hub (max has a bigger screen) - works well. and its already there for my smarts controls

  • Vodafone tv (turn on Bluetooth) + bluedio wireless headphones ($5 from eBay plus sale).

  • ipad air. (air has better screen over normal ipad for multimedia) and it does not take too much space + works with your headset + you can use it for other things like you would with a laptop. may be will cost you even cheaper than getting a tv

  • Galaxy Tab S6e. It was the cheapest Samsung tablet with an OLED display.

  • -1

    Lying down usually

  • Cheap iPad with brydge keyboard

  • Sony WH-1000XM3 + samsung fold z 2

  • Watch whatever the neighbor watches without paying for anything. YMMV

  • Floor tablet stand and a tablet combo is a great option. Can watching comfortably in any sleeping position.

  • Wall mounted 42" TV with ChromeCast with Googel TV, can easily see it while is sleeping position, use voice commands to tell Google Home to play TV on netflix/disney plus etc.

  • I have a smart TV that has all of my streaming options built into it. I don't have to worry about the noise when watching it, but I'm sure there's some sort of way to hook up headphones if you needed to.

  • Old TV sitting on my drawers and a chromecast plugged into the back.

  • ruined my neck and back.

  • Cheap aldi TV mounted to the wall and a Mi TV cable tied to the power cable behind it. Power run to behind the TV so no cords visible.

  • No TV in our Master bedroom, We have a TV room with a bed.

  • I use a raspberry pi with OSMC (Kodi basically) installed on it. It streams all my media from my Nas and has all the major streaming apps. Cheap.

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