How Do You Watch Netflix in Bed?

I used to watch Netflix/plex on an old laptop before I would go to sleep (I know, probably shouldn't be watching TV before bed, but who doesn't?)

The laptop bit the dust recently and now I'm trying to decide on whether to buy a cheap laptop, tablet or TV for my room. Only concerns are that I would like the ability to use my headphones to watch stuff late at night without waking others in the house. The option I am leaning towards at the moment is a second hand TV with a Chromecast + Google TV, as I've heard you can use BT headphones with it.

Any thoughts or recommendations?

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    Buy a second hand ipad 8th gen. Tv take up space.

    • And laying down in sleep position.

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    I sleep

    • exactly, its bad for you to watch shows in bed. Interferes with sleep patterns. Sleep.
      As for OP's question… I don't

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    I don't watch TV in be too uncomfortable that's what my lounge is for

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    Phone or projector on the ceiling

  • I use AirPods with ATV! Works great especially with Spatial Audio function & you can also use Google TV with your Bluetooth headset. I don’t use iPad since I don’t find it comfortable for longer than 1 hour.

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      Spatial audio doesn’t work with ATV.

      • Oh wow! AirPods Pro has that spatial kinda feel then whereas if I put on my regular Bluetooth it doesn’t. Regular sounds flat no preference to any dimensions just flat sound but AirPod you feel that people talking and cars travelling from all 360 degrees angle.

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          Amazing what one can trick themselves into thinking when they've spent $400 on earbuds.

        • What content do you watch on Netflix that has Spatial Audio anyway?

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        This is crazy. Spatial audio on the Airpods is legitimately great when I’m watching something that incorporates it on my iPad. But I can’t use it with my TV - the place i’d get the most benefit from it. So dumb. Does it rely on hardware that the Apple TV doesn’t have it is it just Apple dragging their feet (or, just as likely, holding it back until they have a new Apple TV they to sell you)?

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    Phone and earbuds

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    Projector at the foot of my bed so I can watch stuff on the wall.

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    Put TV on ceiling;

    My dentist has the TV on the ceiling, it might work in the bedroom.

  • Phone..

  • I have a Smart TV with Plex app installed on it to read from the server

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    Samsung galaxy tab A tablet with a case stand so you can set it up next to you. Phone is too small, tv too big - decent tablet is the way to go.

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      Exact same here - 2015 Tab A 8.0 4G running Android 7.1, with a folding Samsung case which makes things much more comfortable. Does everything I need it to, and I've got a SIM card in it.

  • Phone/laptop

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    To busy chilling in bed to be netflixing

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      sound like netflix and no chill

      • SBS ?

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    One of these and a phone. depends if your bed setup would work with this, can always use a tablet if you wanted a bigger screen and you can relax in a sleeping postion

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    I use something similar to this and put my laptop on this with the lap desk resting on my stomach as I'm lying down in bed.

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    Tablet with a case stand is best. I use the galaxy tab s4 and couldn't be happier,

    Phone is too small… tablet lets you see all the detail and is great for travel as well.

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    A second hand ipad pro 12.9

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    How do you watch netflix in bed?

    Over your shoulder.

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      That and your avatar you cracked me up 🤣

  • iPad pro 11"

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    Unless you're in a situation where there's no TV to plug in a laptop, just don't.

    I find video consumption on anything other than a TV pretty terrible.

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    Au naturel.

    • Funny response, and the first time I’ve seen someone spell that phrase correctly in years.

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    Just go to bed and sleep. Make sure your phone doesn't wake you with its little bleeps. I play a rain sounds all night so nothing wakes me.

  • phone + bt headphone

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    If it's mostly used for watching movies then just get a second hand tablet. Samsung would be my recomendation as they have sd card slots and they tend to have better screens than ipads per/$.

  • Projector

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    Doggie style :p

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    I believe the only two things that should happen in bed are sleep and sex.

    Unless TV is used to make one of those things more enjoyable, I don't think having a TV in the bedroom is a good thing as it usually affects sleep quality. It's not good for your back and neck either.

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    phone is fine.

  • I use a TV and soundbar in the bedroom.

  • past few years ipad, last year i got a roling TV stand, and bought a tcl c715 qled 50 inch, put it at the foot of the bed mounted to the rolling tv stand. tv was 750 at the time and the rolling stand was 135 i think from ebay

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    I use a laptop with OLED display - fills my FOV more than a cinema, and at a fraction of the price aha. Just gotta be careful with the upscaling algo otherwise after a 3 hour movie my chest is medium-rare to well done

    Vodafone TV also works with BT headphones

  • 12 inch win 10 samsung tablet fixed to a two arm spring loaded holder which is fixed to the bedside cupboard. This can be moved anywhere. Usually 300mm from the face. Bluetooth speaker or ear buds. Good sound is a must. Netflix, browse the web or watch the hundreds of movies downloaded over the years.

  • The Nintendo Switch would be the perfect platform for a Netflix app - don't know if it will ever happen, though.

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    Projector via laptop.

    • Or projector with chromecast to save space. (most projectors now have Bluetooth)

      • Just use Chromecast with Google TV. It has Bluetooth which allows connecting to other Bluetooth speaker/soundbar

        • Agree

      • I didn't know you could put a DVD into a Chromecast. I've never used one before. Guess you learn something every day.

  • In the past, I have had laptop, monitor, phone, tablet and at one stage, a projector.

    Now just use a phone, its quiet, easy to move around.

    Also, not great for sleep hygene.

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    55" tv

    Bachelor lifestyle

    • upvote and same setup in my bedroom.

  • I'm using a 10+ year old second hand TV (1080p) connected to my PC. I either use Bluetooth earphones/headphones or a 3.5mm extender if I want to use my higher quality wired headphones.

  • I use a Dell XPS13 with the qhd display yes it's over kill but it's a good size and it can rest on you or on the bed and a tv would be too big

  • Ipad with a decent adjustable case so you can angle it right where ever you lay.
    Also means you can move it easily if you roll over and are still watching etc.

    can set timers for auto switch off if you want to fall asleep with it on.

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    Hahahah, man all of the jokes. Seriously though, I just use my phone, but I only really watch Netflix on my computer at my desk (on a side monitor, in the background when working) or on the TV. Phone is just for short videos, finishing off an episode, browsing to find things to watch next…etc.

  • Projectors are a game changer. I got a blitzwolf from a deal about a month ago and it was worth every cent. I didn't think I would use it much, but watching Netflix/ long uni lectures is a lot better when you basically just look at the wall. Might be better if you have a white wall or somewhere to put a projector screen.

    I usually connect my laptop to it and from that my speakers/airpods, but I think you can connect a chromecast.

  • over the wife's shoulder with little to no sound… then she would turn it a bit and say.. oohh this is the good part,

  • On tv and set timer to turn off when I’m

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    I have a samsung tab a with this. I found it for around $10 on ebay. Can also work with a phone too.

    You can have it over your head attached to the bed or from the side attached to a drawer.

    Tryone Gooseneck Tablet Stand, Tablet Mount Holder for iPad iPhone Series/Nintendo Switch/Samsung Galaxy Tabs/Amazon Kindle Fire HD and More, 30in Overall Length (Black)

  • I use my phone

  • I don’t watch much in bed these days but when I do I usually use my phone or Amazon echo show. I also still have a smallish tv connected to the older Xbox one that sits on top of tall ball in a corner of the bedroom. Comes in handy on the occasions the gf is over and wants to watch movies in bed. As others are saying though it’s bad sleep hygiene as someone who use to watch stuff every night in bed “needing” something on to fall asleep too breaking the habit really does massively improve your sleep which improves just about every other area of your life. Good sleep is the key to a good life. This is an opportunity for you to break the bad habit by not replacing that laptop with anything.

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    I do this every night but for me it's more about the noise than actually looking at the television while I fall asleep.

    I just need to make sure it's something that occupies my brain
    I just use my old iPhone

  • Re-enact movies like Be Kind, Rewind.

  • Don’t go for Google TV just for the BT headphones. The audio lag is very noticeable. I have a TV in the bedroom but much prefer watching something on the iPad with headphones. With the TV, you have to sit in a specific position to see the screen best whereas the iPad or any tablet really is more versatile. My old eyes also much prefer a smaller screen up close than a bigger screen further away, especially at night. I also think it’s much easier to quickly find something on Netflix or rewind by a few seconds with a touch screen display. A TV is the better option if you want to watch something together of course.

    • I use Google TV and Home Max as Bluetooth speaker. Never experienced lags

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    Go to sleep

  • do you have room in your bedroom for a couch or a recliner? if so i recommend getting one of those too for watching in. it's much better sleep hygiene. i love my chair.

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      sleep hygiene?

      • it's the silly name for behaviors and habits that are supposed to contribute to better sleep

        it's actually very similar to how parents from many cultures treat their kids - you are basically giving yourself a bedtime routine as an adult

        there isn't really any evidence proving they actually do anything
        but some of it is just common sense or logical

        and if you have insomnia or a sleep disorder, you will get constantly lectured to about sleep hygiene
        you will not convince anyone you actually have an actual sleep disorder unless your sleep hygiene is near perfect

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    This projector (it's been on sale a couple times) with something like Chromecast, Google TV, Apple TV etc, and a Bluetooth adapter to connect to a BT headset.

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    I close my eyes and imagine I'm watching Big Bang Theory until I'm swept away to beautiful nightmares

  • with joemamas

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