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LEGO Ideas Tree House (#21318) $279.99 C&C or Instore @ Bricks Mega Store


Not on special, but sold out at Lego Store. This is the only place to get it at RRP price. All other places have increased their price.
Build and Play Australia - $389.99
MyHobbies.com.au - $329.99

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    where da bargain bro?

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    Don't forget lego land Melbourne can do postage. Selling at RRP. Not many ppl know this.

    • How do you know what they have? Their online store lists 8 products, 7 of which are… Not great.

      Trying to get my hands on the lego roses.

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    I thought this set stabilised and now only sub-RRP is a deal?

    • You're not wrong. It was going to retire but Lego decided to keep it going very last minute. So it was out of stock for a couple of months but should be back to normal soon. Whatever normal is. It's a popular set.

      • Have you seen the list unofficially what the better at it guys think is going to retire ?
        Seems they want to keep nearly everything up with virtually no big sets in it .

        • I don't understand your question and if you negged me I don't understand why.
          I'm referring to this article. We should see the Tree House in stock more often now. https://www.brickfanatics.com/lego-ideas-21318-tree-house-on...

          • @douglasabailey: I didn't neg you . I just got rid of it . Just the best people at picking retirements of sets mostly European based don't have many large sets retiring at this point in time . Actually a big fat 0 Zero .

            • @popsiee: Ok. Yeah I suspect Lego might have extended a few sets if they could due to shortages last year. To give people a chance to get them.

  • Why does this website look so much like the geniue lego one… but is not.
    Can someone explain?

    • +2

      They're officially licensed Lego stores but - to my knowledge - they are not owned by Lego.

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