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Buy Four or More Pairs of Men's Underwear (from $17 ea) Get One Pair Free, Delivered @ Step One


What?? a FREE PAIR OF STEP ONES?!…yep!

Buy a 4 Pack or MORE & Get a FREE PAIR

Be QUICK! Offer Ends 6/4/21 - 11:59PM

Why should you by a 4 Pack OR MORE of the world’s best underwear:
First Pair Guarantee - Love them or they’re FREE!
Bamboo - Super Soft & Moisture Wicking
UltraGlyde™ Panels- Stops Chafing
3D Pouch lined with elastic - stretches to fit ANY many perfectly


Free Shipping + a FREE PAIR

*Terms & Conditions apply see website for details.

Would recommend these as they are rarely on sale and much better than cotton!

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Step One
Step One

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  • Don't like these emoji style description.

    • +2

      Copied from their Facebook page I’m lazy sorry haha

  • jellyfish

  • +7

    These could make my peen grow an extra inch and I still wouldn't wear them, due to their annoying Ads.

    And besides why would I want a 4" Weiner anyway

  • +2

    $100 for 5 pairs of undies?

    Get real

    • +1

      That is step one
      Get used to the prices

    • 100% worth it.

  • +2

    Everyone bagging them out has clearly never worn them. There have spoiled me and I can't wear anything else anymore.

    Definitely on the pricey side, but worth it in my opinion.

    • 100%

    • Agree 100%. Best undies I've ever had. Once you've made a purchase you get frequent offers for new styles/colours at ~$20ea (with free delivery). I'm slowly replacing all my old undies with Step Ones, I'm up to about 7 pairs.

    • Try American eagle, they are awesome. Not sure what they cost landed in Aus though as I usually get them when I'm in the USA, so hasn't been a while

  • +1

    Their previous marketing stint and failure to honour the free undies from the spin the wheel was disappointing unfortunately.

    • And frankly, I've been receiving spam emails from them, even though I have never subscribed to Step One prior…

  • Better off waiting for a proper sale. I got 15 @ I think $12 each 12 months ago…

  • How do these compare to the Uniqlo Airism underwear?

    • +1

      The thing in the middle makes a world of a difference to me. Airisim still make me chafe when i run.. these ones.. so far so good.

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