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[PS5] Puyo Puyo Tetris 2 $29.74, Spirit of North $36.18, ManEater $39.12 & More + Delivery (Free over $50 Spend) @ OzGameShop


Some more cheap Ps5 games if they interest anyone. Quite less than RRP as compared to local prices. Shipping is free on any orders above $50 otherwise it is $1.99. Thanks

Puyo Puyo Tetris 2 $29.74 https://www.ozgameshop.com/ps5-games/puyo-puyo-tetris-2-ps5-...
Spirit of North $36.18 https://www.ozgameshop.com/ps5-games/spirit-of-the-north-enh...
ManEater $39.12 https://www.ozgameshop.com/ps5-games/maneater-ps5-game
MXGP 2020 $45.41 https://www.ozgameshop.com/ps5-games/mxgp-2020-the-official-...
Mortal Kombat 11 $48.99 https://www.ozgameshop.com/ps5-games/mortal-kombat-11-ultima...
Werewolf The Apocalypse Earthblood $52.88 https://www.ozgameshop.com/ps5-games/werewolf-the-apocalypse...
Control Ultimate Edition $54.09 https://www.ozgameshop.com/ps5-games/control-ultimate-editio...
The Pathless $54.73 https://www.ozgameshop.com/ps5-games/the-pathless-ps5-game
Tennis World Tour 2 $56.99 https://www.ozgameshop.com/ps5-games/tennis-world-tour-2-ps5...
Overcooked!All you can Eat $57.99 https://www.ozgameshop.com/ps5-games/overcooked-all-you-can-...
Hitman 3 $59.20 https://www.ozgameshop.com/ps5-games/hitman-iii-ps5-game
Spider-Man Miles Morales $69.06 https://www.ozgameshop.com/ps5-games/marvelandrsquos-spider-...

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    Note: UK versions delivered from UK (regardless of misleading name) so will take time to deliver and you may have DLC issues even if technically same region.

    • What DLC issues please elaborate? I never had a DLC issue with UK copies.

      • Most games should be okay since both UK and Aus are technically SCEE region but some DLC could be locked out with an AU PSN account. There have been some others that have raised this so it's just a precaution note.

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      Thanks for input but nowadays most of their stuff is getting sent locally. Atleast that is what I get delivered from. Delivery time is like in between 7-10 days.

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    Good prices on Ozgameshop? What is this, 2011?

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      Well it all depends on your choice some games you still get at better prices than locally. If you are keen to buy otherwise there is no harm to wait and get local prices dropped. They might be great before. But I still find them cheap as compared to local stores in some products.

  • These are not good prices, just open a us account and get them for much cheaper on the playstation store. Mortal Kombat 11 is $14.99 for example

    • Not comparing Physical prices with Digital. Physical is only for people whole either collects or sell after playing.

    • The $14.99 price you quoted on the US PSN store is for the base Mortal Kombat 11 game and not the ultimate edition which is what you're getting here

  • I order from these guys all the time. My advice, don’t buy just one game as I find they tend to arrive slightly damaged with the disk loose inside and is delivered by the postie as it fits in the mail box, at least in my area anyway

    Safest shipping option is to buy 4 games lol, it comes in a bigger, sturdier satchel stacked on top of each other and less chance of getting squashed during transit

    • I tried this a few times and depending on which games you buy (and which warehouse they're coming from), they might end up sending it separately anyway :(.

      • I do agree, pay extra attention to whether it says ‘please allow an additional so and so days for dispatch’ as that is the warehouse they’re stored at I think. It is hit and miss sometimes

        I recently ordered 10 games from their eBay store together and only 3 came grouped together in the sturdier satchel and the other 7 separately.

        Fortunately they shipped them all at the same time so they arrived together, stacked on top of each other

        So buying multiple games still seems to be the best way to avoid damage, had 3 previous orders purchased individually and all three came damaged with the disk dislodged inside. Never buying 1 game from this mob again…. so I guess they win :(

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    I wouldn't call these prices cheap…

    I only order JRPGs, Visual Novels and other obscure games that were never released locally from Ozgameshop. I only did so just yesterday.

    Even then, I do up a wishlist, setup notifications for low stock/price drops and then just wait.

  • Puyo Puyo Tetris 2 was $20 at Big W the other day on PS4 which comes with a free upgrade to PS5. Not sure if those deals are still running, but if they are it might be worth chasing the physical copy instead.

    • $20 PS5 version too, picked up for shelf collection.