Electric Bike $999, Stand $29.99, Trainer $69.99, Helmet $19.99, Pump $12.99, Petrol Chainsaw $99.99, Log Splitter $269 @ ALDI


Electric bike sale at Aldi. Men's or unisex bike $999.

  • Available in 2 designs
  • 250W, 36V motor
  • 36V, 7.5Ah lithium battery with 25-30km range
  • Battery integrated inside frame
  • Lightweight aluminium frame
  • Internally routed cables
  • LED display with power selection, mode and battery life
  • Can be paired with mobile app
  • Variable pedal power assistance up to 25km/h
  • Suspension forks
  • Standard 700C wheels and tyres
  • Durable, double-wall alloy rims
  • V-brakes with wet/dry brake pads
  • Quick-adjust seat post
  • Mud and chain guards
  • With kickstand and bell
  • Battery charger included

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  • Anyone ever buy that folding bike lock?

    • I got this one from Pushys, it's $5.99 plus shipping


      • Might not be eligible, but a popup came up when i looked at your link saying use code FREESHIP for free shipping. Expiry timer says 38 hours left

      • Is this any good? Seems way too cheap compared to other folding locks.

        • I've been using it for a few months now. The 3.5mm plates are on the thin side, but there are 8 plates so you have more flexibility than the usual 6.

          Definitely a step up from my old Daiso cable lock, but it probably wouldn't take much to break it. If you're ok with the compromises of a folding lock, go for it.

    • Only bike lock you should buy is a D lock from kryptonite (orange or better) or similar from other brands like Oxford.

      Obviously depends where you live/where you lock up your bike but any other type of bike lock should be considered only vaguely better than just leaving your bike unlocked.

      • +7 votes

        Cheap bike locks are a disincentive for opportunistic thieves and joyriders.

        But if someone has tools and really wants your bike it will take a lot to stop them

      • Abus D locks are also highly recommended.

      • D locks gives you approximately 1 minute more protection from a bike thief.

        • It really depends on how valuable your bike is and where it's locked. If they've the time to work on it undisturbed and it's worth it then no lock will suffice but a good quality d lock attached to something decent through frame and rear wheel will stop the average thief/junky move on to something easier.

          I have to say Brisbane it's much nicer than London though. There you have to carry two locks and also consider locking your saddle if you've a nice one.

        • It's highly unlikely a bike thief will attempt to steal a bike with a D lock on it in a public place with people everywhere as they'll need to use a cordless angle grinder - the noise / sparks will draw attention to them pretty quickly. A minute is ample time for someone to stop them.

          A cheap lock on the other hand can be taken care of with no noise & without attracting anyone's attention in seconds with either bolt cutters, pliers, brute force or simply cracking the lock if it's a combination lock.

        • Totally depends on the attack for the thief is using. A good D lock can’t be cut by jacket sized bolt cutters. Nothing stops an angle grinder, but the noise they make is not subtle.

        • The aim isn't to make it impossible. It's to make it harder to steal than the other bike

      • best deterrent is having a shit bike that's not worth stealing

    • I got a folding bike lock from Aldi in the past although the holder looks different so may not be the same. I only use a D lock in public and this one at home as an extra bit of defense. I feel like I could pop the arms with a bit of leverage just by twisting the bike to be honest.

    • Is there any point with grubs like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_gitsUvippM

  • Those chainsaws look interesting.

    A small 25cc one and a large 45cc one for $99.

    I guess they are for different purposes, one for garden work; one for juggling.

  • anyone used this bike floor stand, wondering if I can install it to lock the bikes up outside.

    Why on earth is aldi selling a log splitter, lol - can't imagine that having much demand.

    • For when the Indian take away food doesn’t work…

    • I'm sure it will still sell out in 2 minutes

    • No (Have used similar ones though) and no. That floor stand only props up the bike via the wheel. Good if you don't have a kickstand. If you wanna lock up a bike properly you gotta do it through the frame. Leaving a bike outside is a bad idea especially if it looks new or good.

  • Kogan's e-bikes are cheaper and have similar/better specs.

    • Do you possibly have a link for the Kogan bikes. I am thinking of getting one soon, and I am still doing my research. Any ideas helps me make an informed choice.

      • Have you tried visiting Kogan.com.au and searching for 'electric bike'?

      • I have the fortis folding one.

        Cheap - i got it for $550 incl delivery.
        Works well

        Battery range is only half if you use full speed all the time.
        Annoying squealing sound when brakes are applied.
        No shock absorbers or dampeners.

        • Annoying squealing sound when brakes are applied

          You need to clean your brakes my dude.

          • @SierraSC: How? It started from day one.

            • @mrvaluepack: did you ever get a bike mechanic to look at it? it might just need to be adjusted

              • @tdw: Nope, should I? Seems to work fine to me, just squealing.

                • @mrvaluepack: The squealing is literally a sign of oil contamination on the disc brake surface, you can buy a disc brake cleaner off Amazon for like $30.
                  Just touching the surface of a disc brake with skin oils contaminates the surface enough to make it squeaky.
                  It's not the end of the world, brakes still work fine, just yeah an annoying squeal. I find it sometimes useful for alerting pedestrians I'm nearby

    • I'd be worried about the Kogan warranty, a year isn't long at aldi but at least I know if it falls apart i can take it back and get my money back

      • On the contrary, I have only had positive experiences with Kogan including warranty claims. Bought a garden set and the chainsaw broke after first use, they sent me the whole kit as a replacement without asking for the original. I ended up with 2 sets for the price of one with one chainsaw not working.

        Keep in mind, I am not vouching for the quality of their products, just their service/warranty process.

        • Yeah, I had a small clip fail on one of their cordless vacs, raised a warranty claim they immediately responded to. I thought they were sending a replacement part but got a complete new vac instead as well as keeping the 99% functional old one.
          Not many places offer that level of after sales service but don't count on being sent a new bike if you get a flat tire!

        • Same never had any issues with getting my money or item/s replaced.

      • Bought lots of stuff from Kogan and they've always impressed me with their warranty process…generally it's either a free replacement or refund.

    • Agree Koagan e bikes are cheaper ($799) and better specs:
      - Mechanical brakes
      - better battery capacity


      • WAY better…

      • The reviews are slightly worrying

      • mechanical disc brakes are absolutely garbage. avoid like the plague. The v brakes will perform better than mechanical disc brakes. either hydraulic or not at all for disc brakes.

        I have an ebike that came with mech disc brakes, nothing but trouble and constant maintenance.

        I ended up paying to change it to hydraulic disc brakes and its been so much better since.

  • The specs look a little disappointing for what you would expected to be a good deal from Aldi. V-brakes are a drawback in particular.

    Does anyone know the brand and model? The last time they sold an eBike it was about $300 the rrp.

  • The ebikes they had last time were the Cell Ultimo Urban - details here https://cellbikes.com.au/product-category/urban-bikes/

    This one looks more generic.

    • This one has front shocks, I'd hesitate to call it a mountain bike but it should be fine for fire trails and gravel

    • The Cell Ultimos from previous Aldi sale look better specced apart from the lack of suspension. I have one of them and its been great and was looking at getting another one, but not sure on this newer release

  • +14 votes

    I don't think the log splitter would fit in my bathroom

  • 250 watt hub drive bikes are not much use in Hilly areas.. only really useful in flat areas. A mid drive would be much better ( or a 500 Watt or 750 Watt hub motor). Mid drive motors use the bikes gears hence better torque in low gears for hill climbing …

    • Interesting to read your experience, maybe your area is much more extreme. I've got a 250 watt rear hub drive ebike and easily goes up any long steep hill near me without any fuss at all. I've also got a mid drive and it's definitely better. 250w is the legal limit, some people get much more powerful ebikes but zero chance of getting insurance coverage on them.

      • Your experience is interesting. Even my LBS (Local Bike Shop) does not really recommend hub drives for the hill I live on and other reviews say similar things.

        Also to add confusion some some hub motors, the Bafangs from memory, do have 2 or three gears in the hub to help with torque.. while some hub motors, usually cheaper ones, do not.

        I have been looking at going down the DYI path, getting a Bafang mid drive conversion kit as they can be purchased for around $1000 or so including battery. This is because the factory middrive bikes all seem to start at close to $3000 for an entry level unit:(

    • How do you tell it is a hub drive from the listing? I can't see anything and the picture isn't very clear. I don't know a whole lot about eBikes though.

      • A hub drive is a motor in the centre of either the front or rear wheel. A mid drive is at the crank between the pedals. A mid drive is very obvious, as it’s a bulge at the pedals. But despite all that usually it’s price. A mid drive would nearly never be $999, almost always going to be hub drive at that price.

    • i live in an area with quite a number of hills, have no problems with my hub drive. climbs hills (and some of these are couple of hundred metres long with a gradient that would make walking uncomfortable) easily and effortlessly, averaging about 18kph. i use pedal assist level 4 out of 5 which is adequate while trying to preserve battery life. unless i get nervous about the traffic building up behind me or i want to go faster, in which case it's max pedal assist and furious pedalling to get me just over 25kph

  • Anyone have one of their Bike LED Light Set?

    Is it USB rechargeable?

    Any good?

    • I got an older model for the same price but looks similar… This is really good value as I have $50-$60 Lezyne pair that are mostly only good for "hey look at me, i'm a bike" at night but this front light one from ALDI are really useful when commuting back through those really dark bike paths…

      Its a bit heavy though so I still use my Lezyne ones for the early morning road bike ride on the weekends…

    • I got this set a while back.

      Yes it's rechargeable and for the money I'm very happy.

    • May I know how long does one charge hold up for you guys? Hope you don't need to charge them every week if you only use for 20 min max a day, 5 days a week.

      • The rear one does use much battery but the front goes flat pretty quickly, both can be charged by usb. I have the set and the rear one still hold charge after few years in storage, hardly use it at all. But for your usage i guess you'll have to charge the front torch every second day or so

        • Thanks for the feedback igacb08. Much appreciated. Wow in that case the battery life is pretty bad. I guess the lithium battery in it is pretty small.

  • Anyone know the battery model and if you can get a bigger one from anywhere?

  • lol i love how they say mens electric bike, and the second option is unisex electric bike LOL

  • Do the chainsaws work on these cheap nasty bike locks?

    • nah they make terrible bolt cutters and they're not great as angle grinders either.

    • No, a chainsaw wouldn’t work at all really because it’s the wrong type of cutting mechanism. More than likely chain would snap and then fly off and slash legs or torso, very nasty injuries from chain saw malfunctions. Think of a bow saw hitting you in the face at 200 km/h.

  • Where do you buy replacement battery packs or are they just full of Aldi AA rechargeables?

    • Ebay is full of battery packs, not cheap though.

    • +1 vote

      if you're handy with soldering and have worked on battery packs before, they're usually just a whole bunch of 18650s.

      personally, i wouldn't buy an ebike from a place that didn't also sell replacement packs.

  • Bought the log splitter last year, split wood with it all last Winter and it worked like a champ. Handy having it on a stand, and the advertised capacity seems right. If you grab one get some safety glasses, wood with knots and tight grain can let go with a bit of force.

  • Anyone have any idea if the Bike Trainers are any good? I have been looking for something decent for a few weeks that doesn't break the bank. I am very much an occasional bike rider who does not need anything super fancy that gives me second by second feedback on my power generation and speed etc. just want something I can put my bike on to ride inside or out the back when I have kids home or it's raining so I can still get in a bit of exercise.

  • Thoughts on the Bike Chain Cleaning Kit? Is it better to grab a chain cleaning kit from eBay instead?

    • It looks a bit flimsy. But at that price, with some chain cleaning fluid included, it's about the best value chain cleaner around.

      I've got this one from Decathlon, which I have been quite impressed with.

  • +1 vote

    ebike + bike trainer = easy way to lose weight