PSA: Always Ask for Receipt When Fueling up at 7-Eleven with Fuel Lock

TLDR: They assume you won't ask for a receipt and tack on extra charges to make back the loss on the discount given. I fueled up, got a coffee and here's my receipt. I didn't get a slurpee, and they only told me about being overcharged when I asked for a receipt.

Hi all,

For once in my life, I have some info that might actually be useful for the general public. This might be common knowledge or super obvious to some but.. it wasn't to me until today.

Today, I fueled up at a 7-Eleven with a fuel price lock. ULP (91) 47.12 L @ $1.639/L, this came out to be $77.23.

I had a fuel lock of $1.21/L so I received a discount of $19.88.

I bought the $1 coffee as well. So the total should now be $58.35.

Clerk said $61.35 and me not thinking much of it, just paid for it.

Then she asked if I wanted a receipt, usually I don't but this time I did. She had a surprised look on her face and hesitated and said "Oh sorry I accidentally overcharged you $3.. do you mind if I refund you with cash".. again not thinking much of it, I just said sure why not. Thinking it was an honest mistake. Then I got my receipt.

I have a feeling that they do this to a lot of customers since most people, like me, probably don't bother with a receipt. Also the expression on the clerk's face when I said I wanted a receipt was also kind of suspicious. Could be an honest mistake though, but I'm sure if I hadn't asked for a receipt, they wouldn't stop me walking out of the store. It's not much money, and I'd still be saving money at the end of the day, but it is still dodgy nonetheless if intentional.

Anyways! Always ask for a receipt when fueling up with the price lock!

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    I didn't but I will now

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    • Conversely, I was taught to always ask for receipt when refuelling. On the one-in-a-million chance there's an issue with the petrol station's fuel tanks (wrong fuel dispensed, water ingress in fuel supply etc) and it causes an issue with your vehicle, you'll need it to make a claim.

      • If you paid by credit card, there's not that much need of a receipt as the statement entry is enough to prove custom. But yes that's a very good habit to have when filling up, especially if paying by cash.

        • Your credit card statement won't show the type of the fuel or how many litres you have purchased.

          • @Bargain80: It'll indicate date and the station can use their own records to prove what you purchased.
            Usually in these situations the station will either proactively do that to maintain good will. Or if they don't it's going to litigation in which case that information can be requested to be produced via the courts or they will voluntarily do it to prove that you don't qualify for a claim.

            Not saying that it's sufficient to cover your butt initially but will be enough when push comes to shove.

          • @Bargain80: Or the pump no.

        • Can confirm credit card is fine. Had bad LPG in Adelaide a few years ago.

          Fuel company paid for $3000 worth of repairs and credit card was sufficient proof.

      • I am the same. I keep that receipt until the fuel in that tank has gone down. Throw out the old receipt and keep the new one.

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        There's a joke here about needing a receipt for the vaccine, for that 1-million chance there's a blood clot.

  • I always ask for a receipt for almost every purchase with the Credit Card and check the figure even though I check the figure on the POS machine as well.

    I don't think it was an honest mistake.

    • As habit I always ask for receipt, to see what I bought and skim if it's correct, even at Maccas.

      I hate this new thing where stores don't hand you a receipt by default, so you have to request them, or they ask you first,
      by that time, the receipt would've been printed out and handed.

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    Isn't this more about one employee, or one store owner, rather than the whole of 7-Eleven?
    Couldn't it happen at any type of shop?

    • Could definitely be an honest mistake. This was only one instance.

      • +8 votes

        So nothing specifically to do with 7-Eleven, or Fuel Lock.

        Maybe you could re-work your forum post to focus on the sensible action of checking receipts, particularly if buying multiple items, or items discounted, etc., regardless if it is from Bakers Delight, your local milk bar, Myer, etc., etc.

        • So what's your theory? Staff drinking slushees that customer's are payng for?
          If it's staff theft, it's pretty elaborate for an employee to add slushee sales to customer invoices, then sell off the excess slushee, cups and straws.
          But if it's company policy….

          • +2 votes

            @SlickMick: I'm thinking it was human error, and (as others have suggested) they were perhaps too lazy to fix it, or hadn't even noticed it.

            There may be an individual that intends to overcharge; there are criminals in all walks of life.

            But to suggest it may be "company policy" is ridiculous.

            • @GG57: The most ridiculous theory is the individual doing it by thier own volition. What do they have to gain - consume the slushy themselves?

              That someone could accidentally add an item to a sale, but realise the mistake when a reciept is requested, would be #2 for my money.

              Fuel stations are notorious for heavy-handed markup: it doesn't seem beyond a manager having a "whatever you can get away with" policy (which an over-zealous or dim-witted attendant may have taken too far).

        • I’m not so sure it was a simple human error and am a little suspicious of 7-11 pulling tricks?

          I have been using the 7-11 fuel lock app for a while and have had some instances where the discount didn’t go through and the attendant was very unhelpful and said it wasn’t their problem.

          I will be asking for a receipt from now on.

      • Could also be the cashier ripping you off. Charge customer, they pay, wait till they leave, refund and pocket the money.

        • How many slushies are they going to refund before the boss gets suspicious?

          • @SlickMick: People who do this sort of thing have a combination of assuming they're going to get away with it and not caring if they don't. And they're right. It's minimum/award wage jobs and the odds are they'll see no legal system repercussions.

            The business is technically losing nothing. Neither money nor product. The boss has to be both looking for it and caring that other people are being ripped off a small amount to take action.

            Then if they do notice they'll probably just quietly fire them. Pursuing legal repercussions means a lot of time compiling the evidence (the cops will not do this 99.99% of the time) and risking letting the public know your business is a place you might have been scammed.

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      Yeah, I'd say it was more the operator than anything to do with fuel-lock or 7-Eleven.

      Last week I let my 7yo run ahead to the local bakery cafe to buy a $2 drink with a $20 note. They 'accidentally' short-changed her by $6 thinking she was alone. I could tell by the look on the woman's face when I walked up that something was up and worked it out when my daughter promptly handed me back the change. The woman suddenly remembered that she hadn't given her enough change and handed over the extra $6.

      I think the lesson to take from this is to pay attention to what you are being charged and what change you are receiving. I suspect this kind of thing goes on more than people realise.

      • Ripping someone off is baf enough, but a little kid..

        • "Ripping someone"

          Even better, it's setting up the child for whatever the consequencies of the shortfall are. Why is that woman running a shop when she could be running a country?

          [edited following legislative qualms]

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      7-11 don't exactly have the best reputation for honesty though…

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    Doesn't sound like its really anything to do with the fuel lock. Sounds like the clerk just fat fingered an extra slurpee when she added the coffee. Perhaps she noticed before she sent it to eftpos terminal and couldn't be bothered fixing it. Or perhaps she didn't even realise until you'd paid.

    Either way you should check how much you're paying before taping your card and that doesn't necessarily require a receipt if you can do quick arithmetic in your head. Receipt is just insurance, it's far better to identify any issue before you've paid.

    • It's easier to do the trick on people using fuel lock as we generally don't bother to calculate the total cost after the discount.

      • Yep I agree. And I'll be asking for a receipt from now on.
        I don't know why, but some of the staff get so shitty when I get my fuel lock. It's not like they are losing money.
        Only ever seems to be one type of person who gets shitty though…..

  • I always ask for a receipt, because to err is human. There were a few times the checkout lady at the supermarket double scanned my groceries and I caught it after because I had the receipt.

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    I have been using the fuel price lock for years in Melbourne at various locations and never had an issue. I generally get the receipt just so my husband can guess how much we saved :)

    • Yup me too, I love it. I used it more back in the days when you had to load up your app with money to lock in. So I never really cared for a receipt because I would always fill up the exact amount I locked in.

      This new system is nicer since I dont have to load up any money but could leave rooms for error like this to occur if you're an idiot like me and dont ask for a receipt or do the grade 2 math it requires to verify the amount before paying.

    • lol I do this all the time too. Best was when I filled up both cars on the same pump and got $50 off. The attendants facial expression was priceless!

  • Sounds like a 7-11 in Bali. Add an extra drink to the tab, give confusing change and then help themselves to the fridge after you leave.

    • Except there are no 7-11 stores in Bali.
      There is Minimart, Circle K, Alphamart, indomaret, plenty of other smaller brand convenience stores, but there is no 7-11.

  • leave title & thread until OzB investigation concludes. Stand Together, Discount Together!

  • +2 votes

    at least they didn't shift the decimal point.
    I was once charged $55x.xx for $55.xx of petrol. took a few minutes for the refund to get sorted too which was more frustrating.

  • "She had a surprised look on her face and hesitated" - thief!

    7 Eleven employees are dodgy. When they had their free drink promotion, I had a psychotic employee/manager hiding the drinks in the fridge so customers couldn't get the free ones. I could literally see him moving the drinks through the gap in the fridge and he was laughing feverishly moving them like a mad man.

    Oh well, I complained to HQ and they gave me $10 of free credit for my experience that I spent on fuel.

    Don't F with the dark underbelly of 7 Eleven lol.

    • Bp as well, they had a coke promo scratchie, buy 2 drinks get a scratch card, went up the front paid for coke, asked the guy about the scratchie to be told they had none left, went to my car and saw him scratch one as my car was parked in view of the console.

  • As a long time mystery shopper I've always asked for store receipts when out and about, even when using plastic.

    It's the only way I can be reimbursed for any purchase required that's related to the store visit.

    It's a habit that's good to always have, not only for refunds or bill queries, but it makes it easier if there's any warranty issues.

  • I’d say they are balancing out the stock levels. This is common on large bar tabs.

  • Also a good idea as some EFTPOS machines will literally scam you and change the price displayed after payment.

    • Several places do this with surcharges. $100 to pay, but when you tap, it says charging $102. They'll quickly take it away, hoping you wouldn't notice. Wtf, how is this legal?

  • I've had this before. They added on a donut. Certainly some of the 7/11 staff are very sneaky and quite rude and I have always asked for a receipt since that experience.

  • +7 votes

    I always ask for a receipt but that is after I have already paid. I spot check the amount before tapping tho. Have not noticed being ripped off like this.

  • I've had employees ask if they can add a coffee to my receipt but will instantly discount the price off it? Maybe they get incentives for upselling certain products?

  • it's a dodgy dodgy business

    i avoid it as much as possible

    dont forget this stuff;

    no wonder the staff get sticky fingered
    or are maybe even forced to do it

  • My local always asks if I want to buy one of their sweets at the counter and asks again ("Are you sure? It's only $2!") if I decline. Every single time.
    I always decline, but once they said I can have it for free if I scan my 7 Eleven card. Hey, why not, so I accepted… and silly me, didn't request a receipt when they didn't give me one. Then I realised later that I'd been charged $2 on top of the fuel purchase. Long story short, made a fuss, eventually got triple the amount as an apology, and I don't go there anymore.

  • +9 votes

    always get receipts, makes you look like a business guy

  • May have just been a simple error. I don't buy anything from servos apart from petrol. They are an absolute rip-off.

  • I used to purchase fuel from a nearby 7-Eleven. I get a receipt each time as it is for a work vehicle, but it often takes me a while to load them into the accounting system. Last year I discovered I was charged for a pie with my fuel once, which I know I didn't order. Then at the same store, a few months ago, I was charged for two lots of fuel from the same bowser, I put in $20, went to counter said Pump 4, Tap and Go, take receipt, a few weeks later enter reciept for $59.03, $35.03 of one type of fuel and $20 for another. Not returning to that store again, and I now pay attention to the console operator and the screen no matter which petrol station.

  • Always get a fuel receipt. If the fuel is bad or contaminated. You won't be able to lodge a complaint with them for damages to fix your fuel system

  • I guess if you don’t buy anything else but just fuel, they can’t really rip you off.

    I don’t get discounts like you did so I normally use BP and pay with their app these days. No more walking into the shop and join queues. :)

    Thanks for sharing your experience. I now need to think twice before paying at 7/11 or any checkouts.

  • I always ask for a receipt for my car as my fuel costs are partially work related and a tax deduction. So it has become a habit for me. So I always ask for it also when I fill up my wife or daughters car (habit) and I can tell you, this is a very very very very common practice in 7/11.

    I was informed staff have KPI's for add ons and suggesting the usual "two for a special price" chocolates that are usually right at the payment counter. They have to hit their "items per sale" and "add ons" KPI's.

    I have caught servo's doing this dodgy practice a number of times in the past.

    Since, I have moved to a BP Petrol card. and I only fill up at BP. BP offers cards where only certain things can be put on the card. The Card I asked for ONLY allows for fuels and oils to be purchased. So they can not tender the card against anything but those products. Its the Green BP Card. There is alo the silver BP card which allows almost anything at BP to be charged to it

  • I don't think this has anything to do with fuel lock, likely just a PoS error on the clerks part.

    Only thing to take away from this is, if the total doesn't seem right, ask for a receipt or question it prior to paying to avoid refund process.

  • Best ask for receipt else you might get charged $10000 minimum chips

  • I'm always so broke that I have to calculate it in advance. That was I know exactyly how much it'll cost and can argue if it's higher.

    Perks of being on ozbargain and buying random stuff that I don't even need.

  • Which 7-eleven was this? May be enough of us here to check if it's a recurring issue.

  • I always ask but never check it… thanks for calling them out.. will check from now..

  • Occam's razor. The below minimum wage employee doesn't gain anything from overcharging you

    • Not financially. Probably all they gain is the extra shifts, or hours, or the potential to avoid the "franchisee's wrath" !

    • They must be doing it on orders from their boss then.

      • You're assuming her boss is scamming and willing to break the law.
        You're assuming her boss has told their employees to scam customers and break the law.
        You're assuming the employee is willing to obey her boss' orders for some reason.
        You're assuming out of the previous hundreds of transactions, nobody else has ever asked for a receipt or noticed an overcharge.

        That's a lot of assumptions…

    • They gained a Slurpee.

  • I always ask for a receipt exactly for reasons like this.

    A month ago an Aldi cashier tried to shortchange me $10 after paying cash. It was easy to quickly check my receipt to confirm I was underchanged.

    I think if I didn’t ask for a receipt I would have made a fuzz on trying to get the receipt again or check their systems, or probably went back home thinking I just bought something extra.

    Always ask for a receipt - there are absolutely zero disadvantages to it!

    • Aldi receipts are a mess to view.

      Especially when they have linebreaks and adding/removing shit they mistakenly double swipe like they're in a stupid rush.

      • It's a very annoying part of their POS system - you'll notice the receipt prints each line as things are scanned through because the screen for the cashier only shows the most recent scanned or entered item.

  • Try asking for receipt at Coles and Woolworths and then check it. Quite a few employees make mistakes. Around 10-20% of the times, you will see one or two items being overcharged. Then I go back and one of the smart guy tells me, let me fix it for you. I said, it should be free I believe and then they give for free.

    Regarding fuel, if I buy anything else with it (usually $1 coffee), I always ask for invoice.

    • I said, it should be free

      Nope, only if the wrong price is displayed on a shelf.

      • Yes the shelf price has been lower in almost all scenarios.

        • That's why I use self-serve. I can scan at my own pace to check the prices…
          Get something for free usually about once a month.

  • +2 votes

    Thanks for posting…

    I got overcharged about a week ago, only just over a dollar and couldn't work out why…

    I'll always be asking for a receipt going forward…

  • +3 votes

    wow, thanks for sharing. Dodgy as. Please name and shame

    • +1 vote

      Please name and shame

      Good point. Curious whether it's the same store or a wide spread practice…

  • Could be skimming money? You over pay $3 they refund it and keep it?