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[VIC] $1 Annual Membership + $79 of Free Driving Credit @ Flexicar


Arevo by RACV is partnered with Flexicar and is offering a great signup offer.

Allow 48 hours before booking a car for Flexicar to review your application - to claim the offer:

Fill in the form. In ‘Choose a Plan’, select ‘Arevo Members Only’. In ‘Promotion Code’ enter AREVO1749

Complete your account set up by paying your discounted $1 membership fee. Your $79 driving credit will be automatically applied to your account.

Flexicar will approve your membership and contact you to complete any important steps such as license verification

Once approved, book your car and start your journey!

Pricing is $13.50 an hour or $79 per day. No fuel fees. (includes 100 kms. 0.39c/km thereafter)

I've used them a couple of times before to move some furniture.


Offer is valid for registered arevo users only. Offer is valid only for newly registered Flexicar customers. The offer must be claimed by entering the promo code during the Flexicar new customer process. This offer expires on 24/04/2021. Driving credit is valid for 12 months from the point of Flexicar account creation.

Referral Links

Referral: random (47)

$30 credit for both the referrer and referee. Referrer also gets an extra $30 credit after the referee completes his/her first booking.

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  • Extra 100km $39

  • +1

    Nice!!! Just signed up… going to move in the coming months and van will be good use for one load (as I have a smaller car), well within the $79 credit on the personal plan!
    Thanks op!

    • Will you have to book for the day though?
      A van is $109 for the day, I'm looking to also get a van but I'm not sure about this.

      • +1

        Dunno to be honest… happy to fork out the extra $30 if this is the case.

  • Good deal, thanks OP

  • +3

    Does the annual fee stay $1 ?

  • Referral?

  • +1

    Can this be stacked with a referral code?

    • +2

      It seems like it, 2 seperate sections for promo code and referral code.

  • +1

    Anyone know what they charge for reducing excess on insurance? I use GoGet at the moment, it's $18 a day to reduce it to $300, I couldn't see if Flexicar have the same thing.

    Flexicar looks way cheaper for small cars, but once you get into bigger things it's similar/worse.

    • +2

      $15 for all day or $2 per hour. I read the T and C.

  • +8

    What advantages does this motorcar have over, say, a train?

    Which I could also afford.

    • +3

      Had to look that up unfortunately, classic episode, definitely remember it now.

  • Do I need to get an AREVO account first?

    • As below, doubtful but takes 2 seconds to sign up to Arevo.

      • Nah it doesn't. I tried downloading the app and it says my iOS version is too old for the app. My phone's only 2 years old… Updating will take ages

  • Neil, do you think this will come back and bite people on the bum?
    "Offer is valid for registered arevo users only"
    "Flexicar will approve your membership and contact you to complete any important steps such as license verification"

    • +2

      Doubt it but take 2 seconds to sign up for Arevo. It's free, just need to put in your mobile to confirm.

  • New here, so sorry in advance, but how do I use the referral link? It still asks me to enter a referral code. Where do I get that form? Thanks Oz bargain fam.

  • Do they have any manual cars?

    • +3

      This question will mean something totally different in 10 years

  • I signed up and I'm waiting for account approval.

    Does anyone know what counts as a day according to them? I have a work shift on Sunday and need to pick up the car at 5:15 a.m. and drop it off after 5 p.m..

    • Good question. For CarNextDoor, your example will only be charged a single day rate.

    • You won't be charged more than the daily rate + 0.39c/km after the first 100km. In your case, you'll be charged for the daily rate, so you might just book the car for 24 hours instead.

  • That worked, thanks!

  • +3

    thanks for sharing. signed up. you do not have to pay the $1 as they just draw from the $79 credit automatically

  • +1

    VIC only?

  • +1

    Anyone been approved yet?

    Signed up Wednesday, still waiting

    • Got an email this afternoon asking for front and back of license and a photo of me holding my license.

      • Got approved earlier today.

  • Can anyone confirm the Arevo $79credit + referral $30 credit stack up?

    also while singing up - CHOOSE A PLAN dropdown - do I need to choose Intro or Arevo members only?

    • Arevo members.

    • +2

      also while singing up - CHOOSE A PLAN dropdown - do I need to choose Intro or Arevo members only?

      Found the guy that didn't read the OP

      • read and missed 😝🤣

  • +1

    Alright so first time they said my photo holding ID was not clear enough, then i resent and after 24 hours, still not approved. Had to call them and she pushed it through in last 15min before they closed.

    Booked i30 for tomorrow to get to/from my job as car is in the shop. Don't know where $79 all day came from, minimum all around me for corolla/i30 is $89.

    • +1

      The bottom tier basic car is $79 and it goes up from there.

      Vehicle Type Daily Rate
      Economy $79
      Standard $89
      SUV $99
      7 Seater SUV $101.50
      Prestige Hatch $109
      Prestige SUV $129
      Van Commercial $109
      People Mover $104
      Ute $140
  • I referred my partner and the $30 isn't appearing in her account or mine.

    I'd recommend checking your account if you used a referral.

  • I signed up 7 April and I'm still not yet approved (now 15 April).
    I've already sent them my driver's license front and back and me holding the license next to my face.

    • Me too, these people are useless

  • Hi KTA,
    Thank you for your email.
    I can see that you don't live near any Flexicar locations, where were you planning on using the service?

    They advertise "Flexicars in cities all around Australia" and there is one in the next suburb. Seems they want me to justify my application?
    Weird way to do business.
    Maybe they didn't like the look of me in the photo or something, Lol

    • I got this email too. I replied saying it's just next door to my suburb. I never heard back again.

      I'm guessing they will be using my driver's license to steal my identity and apply for a credit card.

      • Hahah yeah, I want my data back too if it's a no.
        Wish I hadn't smiled in the photo now

  • OK called them up and spoke to a nice lady who pushed it through. Seems they are a bit inundated and just chugging through them.
    All good now - thanks Neil!!

  • +1

    I didn't have any issues with completing registration. Received the approval a few days later and account was set up.

    I needed to go Melb > Ballarat today to pick up small furniture, figured I'd save racking up the kms on my own car and booked a flexicar instead. I booked it 30mins before I needed it and walked to the car location (as I'm close by), within a minute of when I was meant to use it, I got a text saying it was cancelled lol - so I called and got onto a consultant who did something and fixed it, got the code and unlocked the car. The car was 1/4 full tank, so I had to fill it up with the provided car fuel card. All in all I booked it for 2hr 45min and did 218km, then brought it back and locked it.. cost me $39.88 for a Hyundai i30… not bad given I used the credit.

    Will consider this in the future for a other long distances within a short window of time.

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