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Annke NC400 Full Colour Night Vision POE IP Camera US$76.99 / A$101 (Was US$109.99) Shipped @ Annke


Annke US website has this camera for sale at 30% off with coupon code: DOTW30

Although order from US website, it appears to be local Au stock sent by Australia Post with Free shipping.

This camera boast full colour night vision with large aperture of f1.0.
No selection of lens.. 2.8mm lens only

It appears to be a rebadged clone or copy of a Hikvison camera.

Specs as below:

Image Sensor: 1/2.7" Progressive Scan CMOS
Video Resolution : 4MP (2560 X [email protected] fps)
Lens: 2.8 mm
Min. Illumination : Color: 0.001 Lux @(F1.0, AGC On)
Smart Supplement Light : 1 White Light

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  • The Reolink 4K (8mp) POE camera with person/vehicle detection can be bought for $94 AUD with auspost shipping through aliexpress. Not sure how good Annke is but I watched a 50 minute video of a guy comparing 8 different brands of cameras and the reolink was one of the best overall.


    • Very different use cases and technology.
      The Annke is a super low light full time colour.

      • Fair enough, at least it's an option for people who don't need full colour night vision. Now reading that it says rebadged Hikvision that was one of the other brands compared in the video I watched and was one of the other higher performing brands.

  • Can confirm local stock. These are really good but full time colour (no ir) they don’t need much light.
    They have an inbuilt led that is visible (you can turn off though)

    Really great camera and craps over Reo.
    Not as good as Hikvisiion ColorVu Gen2 but damn close and better than Hikvision ColorVu Gen 1.

  • Grabbed some , thanks OP .

    Any recommendations on an NVR to suit ?
    I have an old I7 and a POE switch but I'm not that keen to sink hours into it .

    • I use Blueiris v5.. not much extra effort in setting it up really..

      • yeah agreed. i got a hikvision/dahua setup installed at my work and at a friends house and the NVR is terrible to use. Blue iris while it has a few settings, once you navigate around it a bit, it's way easier than the NVR setups that are out there.

        if you're accessing the hikvision/dahua over the network, it'll only work in internet explorer, unless you use their crappy software

        • It now has native integration with DeepStack AI to so clips can automatically be flagged or recorded only when AI detects specific objects, eg: Person.
          I have constant recording, but only flagging clips confirmed by AI really cuts down on reviewing footage.

          • @SpamMeNotInOz: I am using it too but I still prefer AI tool at the moment.

            the ability to mask items and the dynamic masks feature are still superior to the native integration.

      • For saving the recordings using this camera, how much space is required on the PC (if using Blue Iris)?

        Is there a chance that Blue Iris will work properly on an i5 4590 with 8GB RAM?

  • do you think this will work with a reolink nvr?

  • Is it weatherproof?

    • According to the specs… it's Weatherproof Rating is IP67

      So .. just do google search and referring to below.. i would think.. yes.

      First digit - protection from foreign body and particulate ingress:
      6 — Full protection against dust and other particulates, including a vacuum seal, tested against continuous airflow.

      Second digit - protection from moisture ingress:

      7 — Protection against full immersion for up to 30 minutes at depths between 15 cm and 1 metre (limited ingress permitted with no harmful effects).

      • Thanks. Was concerned about how will it go in the rain. Looks like it should be fine.

        • if u do a search for a review of this camera.. you will see a youtube video made by someone called security bros…

          basically he sprayed the camera with a water hose continuously and it still works..

  • I was going to go with hickvision 4k but no stock ATM. Would probably pull the trigger on these but was after at least 1x4mm version. Also I am new to CCTV. Would I be better off buying an nvr or a small pc and blue iris. I don't even have a pc as I use a laptop for home


    • depends on your needs.. i'll go blue iris anytime.

      However, if you are after set and forget, can go with NVR up to you.

      With blueiris you can mix and match different branded cameras and everything will probably work nicely. Some NVR only work with their own cameras.

      These 2.8mm are only good for "overview" shots .. can't really identify, if want a good headshot capture, have to put it somewhere close to the object like the doorway/porch .

    • I have this cam and also the Hikvision DS-2CD2087G2-L(U). The DS-2CD2087G2-L(U) is noticeably superior in low light, probably the best money can buy, but also still requires some light. The Hik' is physically larger, very difficult to buy with long lead times. If you can find one you may need to pay up to $350 -$400 after delivery. There is a 4k chip shortage, so I would expect the availability of any 4k cams to head south and pricing north.

      This is a good budget cam, quite small, although a bullet it is about the same size as my Dahua Low Light (StartLight++ Pro Models Turrets), and great for use as an overview cam and not for recognising people at distance.

      The firmware and reliability is so much better than Dahua. Long-time Dahua consumer but with myself Dahua is on the nose.

  • My needs are to have a couple of cameras to catch people at night. Neighbours recently had a break in.
    I would also like it to trigger person/vehicle detection. I have a couple of street lamps where I intend to focus the camera, one is cool led and one is yellow. I didn't really want the 2.8mm as I wanted to Id plates or possibly faces