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Bluey Shadowlands Board Game $7.91 (RRP $22.73) + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Cheapest elsewhere appears to be around $20.

From Amazon:

*Bluey and her friends are ready to play a game of "Shadowlands" with you!

This is such a fun game to play! The way Bluey describes it is - "It's a game where all the shadowy grassy bits are the land, and all the bits in the sun is the sea!" The idea is to be the first one to the picnic by staying in the shadowy bits and collecting cupcakes! Based on one of Bluey's episodes including Bingo, Coco and Snickers? Turn the palm tree in the center of the board to change the shadowy bits as you play! This fun and unpredictable board game is great for children ages 3 and up!"*

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  • Just my opinion.. its a terrible game. Kids have played it once and its been shelved.

  • We love Bluey the cartoon, but this game is pretty poor. It's too confusing for children and turning the board to move the 'shadows' often causes pieces to go everywhere. Do not recommend.

  • Crappy game

  • I can’t see this holding the attention span of a child past open up the box. It looks like a dull game. Standard stick the name of a franchise on any mediocre item for sales.

  • Came to post the same thing as everyone else - don't bother.

  • Bought… makes a good cheap birthday present for someone. Next invite gets this :D

    • Hope it isn't my kids, will be super dissapointed

      • Screw that then, now I can't get for one of our cousins, who we see too regularly.
        Imagine the conversation starter on this with each visit with my own kids and with their cousins 😀

  • Bought this before reading the comments. Wanted to ensure I didn’t miss out. This will now be a present for someone else hahahah.

  • Avoid it, it's (profanity) awful. Whoever made this has never made a game before, let alone one for kids. I don't care how good the price cut looks, if this game was free, you'd still be getting ripped off.

    The game is so painfully obviously built around a gimmick (rotating game board), with the rules being shoe-horned in as an afterthought. The rules are hideously ambiguous, and no matter which way you interpret them, the resulting gameplay is not fun in the slightest. There is absolutely no chance this went through any kind of play testing or revision.

    I'm so dirty on the Bluey company for letting this out.

  • It is an okay game…. Similar to the owl one, it was a good intro to board games for my 3 year old. The twisty motion does suck to gh.

  • agree with most here.
    No wonder its on clearance.
    Terrible game to keep working properly as it should.

  • My two girls and I play this constantly.

    It's not made for adults who understand and need complexity to enjoy gaming.
    It's made for little kids who have basic understanding of numbers and want to play a game they feel included in without getting frustrated. It's also a good opportunity to learn basic maths for little ones.

    We've had no issues with the board or pieces, once you set it up properly it works fine

    • I agree. The game is fine for my kids 3 and 5. It's designed around an episode where the kids play something similar in the park. The kids watch the episode on abc iview all the time. When they play the game they feel like they're doing the same as Bluey. As an adult, it's a terribly boring game, but for a young kid just learning to play board games It's fine

  • great show, terrible game

    the kids couldn't even spin the contraption properly after a couple of turns… neither could I. good for the tip

  • slap bluey on anything and it will sell at the moment

  • low price, low quality

  • Bought it cause it was cheap, hope 3 year Olds like it

  • Have to agree with others here, this is not a good game. It's badly made, it doesn't work well, and it loses its appeal after having been played a few times.The idea behind the game is good, and it could be fun if only the quality was better.

  • Ours turned up, it's about as fun as the Maccas HappyMeal Hasbro Monopoly games (Tip/donation bin worthy.)

  • Seems like the creators of this one 'slipped on ma beans!