Still Waiting for 3080 Build...

Hi Ozbargainers,

Just looking to get some community input and advice.

So late last year I decided to purchase a new PC when the 3080s were released. I chose to go with a local shop to support small businesses in my area during the pandemic (aka not PCCG, Scorptec, Centrecom).

The order went through on 28/9/2020 and contains an 'ASUS 3080 TUF Gaming 10GB'.

It has now been over 7 months waiting for my PC to arrive due to the shop now being able to obtain any 3080 let alone the one I selected.

So my question is, are others here experiencing similar situations? I see deals like going up and wonder whether i should just ask for a refund…

Any help would be appreciated.



  • This is the exact reason i ended up buying an Alienware PC

    1) Alienware PC's are Nvidia Branded cards (some are custom sizes for Alienware case configs)
    2) Everywhere i looked had long waits for 3080 cards
    3) Alienware cost me around $400 more than getting a smaller store to custom build one for me and came with a 3 year warranty (Dell warranty is really good and in most cases is on site at your home/work)
    4) Alienware i got came with a free monitor, headset, mech KB and mouse so it was a win win

  • "I chose to go with a local shop to support small businesses"
    This is often the problem with small shops, they don't appreciate that you chose them as much as you think.

    The lesson is that no good deed goes unpunished. I would ask for a refund and choose a proper store… However I would wonder if the store will make it difficult to get the refund now, or insist they simply deduct the cost of the GPU and stick you with a system that you would not choose today.

    • "However I would wonder if the store will make it difficult to get the refund now"

      I'm wondering if that would be the case also.

      Last month i asked them to replace the Ryzen 9 3900X in the build to the newer 5900X.

      They said no since they had already built the rest of the system…

      • At this point i thnk youre within your rights to ask for a refund. It seems bazaar they would build the system without having components ready. Do they just have a bunch of systems sitting without gpus?

        • As someone who worked for a hardware retailer during other large video card launches; Yes
          Typically they do this because they expect cards to arrive after not too long. The 30 series has been much less available than expected, of course.

          To answer OP's question;
          If they haven't provided you with the item you have paid for, you're entitled to a refund.
          However, this would be considered a 'change of mind'. They may say that you're required to pay a restocking fee, as they have opened and used all the components that they put in the system, and can no longer sell them as new sealed product.
          Given these particular circumstances, most shops would probably waive that fee, but it's something to keep in mind.

      • I dont think they have any rights to make it difficult in any way shape or form… 7 months? And still no end in sight???

        I'd say they'd laugh at taking so long to ask for a refund. Your big mistake was paying in full.

        You'll never know until you ask them.

      • And if they refuse a refund, Well i guess they can't say no to a chargeback if they wanna be hard to get. Since they will lose any paypal fightback due to the fact they cannot deliver on that 3080 and thus the product is incomplete and not what you paid for.

        Unless they magically make a 3080 appear for some reason after getting that chargeback notice the very same day. What a coincidence!

        Edit: Ah (profanity), 180 days paypal dispute policy might be up at 7 months. Maybe a Visa direct bank chargeback is still valid?

  • I found people who pre-ordered ended up being the worst served.

    My experience personally was intending to get a 3080 then getting blocked on launch by pure volume of orders.

    I ended up waiting until January, found a Discord server that posts stock pages for Australia and soon discovered that there are orders frequently getting fufilled, you just need to be in the right place right time. Personally I was looking out for the ASUS RTX3080 ROG Strix. Ended up being able to order one from Umart within 3 days of trying the discord, came 3 days after that. It unfortunately requires you to have enough free time to be able to snap onto a page and drop money at any given moment.

    That discord server is still around (I left it as I no longer needed to use it) and I'm pretty sure it's fairly easy to find if you look.

    • Can you please PM me the discord server? Might be able to get a card myself and have them buy it off me.

      • Hey mate, looks like you don't have PMs enabled (to be frank I didn't know they existed but there you go). Regardless, discord link is here:

        If that gets redacted or whatever the server name is called Aus InStock. I found a discord link pretty quick by googling "anz stock discord" and there was a reddit post dated 12 November 2020 with the invite link there.

        Best of luck!

        • Thanks for the prompt response Nultma.

          Really appreciate it :)

        • Holy crap the prices of some of the cards listed is bonkers.

          I only paid $1399 for mine, not sure I'm willing to spend an extra $1000 for lesser models haha

          • @Pazanski: You wont have much choice.

          • @Pazanski: I believe the RRPs have gone up a lot since Feb- there are shortages on some of the components used in the cards and a number of manufacturers have raised their prices/retailers following suit.

            That being said, that may be why yours is being delayed if the small store is struggling to get stock, especially at the launch RRP to turn a profit.

          • @Pazanski:

            I only paid $1399 for mine, not sure I'm willing to spend an extra $1000 for lesser models haha

            This might be why you are waiting… retailer knows they can get more $$$ from others (purely speculation btw)

          • @Pazanski: Perhaps those card did arrive but are more valueable for them to sell at current market prices and just refund you when you push for one. I wouldn't be surprised if they are doing this sh!t.

  • +3 votes

    It has now been over 7 months waiting for my PC to arrive

    Longer than waiting for new car to arrive 😱

    Wouldn’t the computer be “obsolete” when it’s ready?

    • Kinda already is… ordered a 3900x with the system and now the 5xxx series is out…

      • ask for free upgrades, or my money back.

        • Already tried…

          "Last month i asked them to replace the Ryzen 9 3900X in the build to the newer 5900X.

          They said no since they had already built the rest of the system…"

          • @Pazanski: The real question is, will you update this thread once you get your refund?

            (many threads get opened up like this, then deserted by the OP)

            • @Kangal: IF I get the refund ill update the thread. I'm gonna hold off on emailing them for another week or two but then the hammer will come down.

  • Did you pay in full or just a deposit?

    Either way your money is at risk from day 1, and it's not unknown for small businesses to close their doors leaving you as an unsecured creditor and completely out of pocket.

    Tell them politely that time is up and you want your money back, 7 months is well beyond a 'reasonable' time to fulfill a computer order.

    Here's the ACCC page with the relevant info:

    They may want to negotiate delivering the order to you or substituting an alternate part (for example a different GPU). Think ahead about what would be acceptable to you in this case, but I'd suggest setting a hard deadline and waiting no more than a week.

    • Paid in full.

      Its tough since I know its not really their fault and they do genuinely seem like decent guys.

      the ACCC page does state:

      "This part of the law is not intended to cover businesses who genuinely try to meet supply agreements, for example, if:
      - the failure to supply was due to something beyond their control, including the act or omission by another person "

      It is out of their control (at least from what they are telling me. They keep saying im No.1 in the queue for the 3080 but its been like that for months now.)

      But you're right, its getting to a point where I need to draw a line in the sand.

      • Sounds like they sold you a system without actually having stock at the time, and with prices from the supplier(s) constantly increasing they just aren't willing to absorb the difference between what you originally paid for a TUF 3080 and the going rate for these - they'll be significantly out of pocket.

        There must be like $400 or so difference right now between what you originally paid and the current going price.

        I had a TUF 3080 on order at a store since early Feb with ETA of 3-5 weeks. By the 7 week mark I was getting desperate and paid the extra for a Strix 3080. They said they hadn't gotten stock of the TUF for a few weeks.

  • and wonder whether i should just ask for a refund…

    I would have 5 months ago.

  • best thing i did was stop waiting a few months ago for ryzen and 3080, i now have a i9 - 9900k and a used 1080ti, saved a heap and playing my games in 4k

  • Waiting 7 months for anything is pretty crazy, i would get a refund personally and source the parts yourself.

  • I am in the same position as are many others i ordered the 3080 EVGA FTW3 ultra for $1250 from PLE. been waiting since December 1st and i still dont have a ETA. problem is these cards have gone up $200. still being one of the cheapest. many people paying closer to $2k for a card now.

    Its a bit cheeky imagine how much money these stores are holding for months and months as all orders are full payment. but if i cancel the order ill be paying more elsewhere and still prob be waiting

    • "but if i cancel the order ill be paying more elsewhere and still prob be waiting"

      Thats what I'm worried about. That if i cancel with them, ill still have to wait another 2 months or whatever through someone else.

    • I wonder if there is any evidence that some retailers are deliberately not fulfilling the early orders in the hope people cancel and refund so they can make more money?

  • Maybe you could negotiate a good price for the build without the GPU then source one yourself?

  • Get a refund immediately before your PC gets older.

    7 months is an unreasonable amount of time to wait for the product.

  • I didn't find it hard to buy RTX 3070's at all. I got my 2 cards about two months ago pretty easily for about $1200 each.

    I was just on PCCG and PLE's website randomly and it was in stock. Ordered and paid. Easy as 1 2 and 3.

  • They probably don't want to build/ship the order as they can't buy the parts now for what you paid then… The other option is to just complete the build sans GPU and get the GPU on your own.

  • 7 months are you joking? The 3080 Ti will probably be out before your computer is done.

    Get your money back and start somewhere else.

    7 MONTHS.

  • For anyone still interested. I just told them to give me the rest of the build without the GPU. Slotted my old one in for now until the 3080 arrives…whenever that is…