Review Function No Longer Available on BigW Website?

I seem to remember BigW used to list reviews on the products they sell on their website. When I was buying baby gear I remember this influencing my decision on a few things - there used to be some pretty honest (sometimes scathing) reviews on things from memory. I've noticed I can no longer see any reviews. Is this a false memory? (i.e. there was never reviews previously) Have they removed the reviews function? or am I just looking in the wrong spot?

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  • There most definitely used to be reviews on the Big W site.

    I personally left one on some mambo slippers I got for $2. I even uploaded a picture of my feet with them on.

    • yeah I saw that, but now if you're browsing on their website it doesn't display any reviews or even have a tab to view reviews. So you can write a review, but as far I can see can't view reviews others have written.

    • That link now gives a 'page not found' error

  • Doesn't surprise me if sites are removing the ability to post reviews. Often people will review a product as 1 star because the delivery was slow or the service was crap

    • or the product was/is crap and some take the time to let others know - difficult to overcome unless store spends time and money posting fakes or only publishing positives - cheaper not to post any and just sell shit..

    • This is true. The BIGW ones used to actually be helpful. There were both positive and negative ones. I found it useful for their in house brands and products since there are reviews elsewhere. It probably does have a pretty significant labour component to maintain for little benefit to the business though.

      • little benefit to the business though.

        only if they consider sales, of little benefit…

        • I figure it might either help or hinder sales. It has actually made me feel more confident to buy - other times I’ve avoided due to reviews. With no reviews I have skipped over products that I’d be interested in if they had decent reviews.