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Samsung Galaxy Buds (Black) $89 + Shipping ($0 with First) @ Tech Warehouse via Kogan Marketplace


Seems like a great deal, already have a pair and have been brilliant, jump on it

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  • prince…in…title…

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    How much are they normally?

  • Awesome find OP !!

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    Grey import stock fyi

    • Why does that matter?

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        It matters for warranty.

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          • @Dogbo Daggins: To expand, Samsung will not honour any grey import warranties. It's total bullshit.

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              @Kozhutki: Well it's not total bullshit. The fact you want to save a few bucks buying a grey import whilst still expecting full local service and support is laughable.

              • @ExtraSalt: Well, I'm not sure if Samsung can refuse support for a product they manufactured, no matter where it is bought. If "local" Samsung refuses, that can be tested with DFT, and if that doesn't help, Samsung global does exist, in addition to the shop you purchased it from.

                • @mrau: Well not just Samsung, but it's common business. Be it right or wrong its in place to give buyers incentive to buy local and keep that cash flow going. it would also have allowances for local servicing to an extent considered into its pricing structure. The 2 year warranty also only exists because of Australian Law which is only covered for goods sold and purchased by licensed businesses in Australia.

                  Would you buy an orange from woolies and taking it to Coles for a refund?

                  • @ExtraSalt: Apple offers 1 year standard warranty on grey imports.

        • You can say that again and LOUDLY. Trying to do anything about a problem grey market import is a PITA. Never again!

          • @RogerLoger: In what way? First of all, the shop you bought it from is responsible.

  • I had these (first gen) and the sound died after a few uses, sent it back into Samsung, got it back and same issue again, the left one is basically muted ;/

    Known/Common issue

    • I dropped one side of my first gen in a bucket of paint. Rinsed it out and now I can't tell which one was dropped. Still wouldn't buy a pair without warranty though even at this price.

      • mines fallen out my ear riding 30kph on the road, survived with barely a scratch

      • I accidentally put my pair (inside their charging case) through a machine wash; battery life (at least of the charger) was impacted a bit, but otherwise still worked (later upgraded to the Galaxy Buds Plus though).

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    Note: Not the buds plus! In case someone gets confused

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      Mate,Half the population has an IQ less than 105.Just look at the comments.Half of them think its the Buds PLUS.Some of them are even talking of Noise Cancelling LOL

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    Has anyone tried using these while running? Do they stay in your ears?

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      Have never had them fall out on me. Can turn the noise cancelling on/off, or even boost external sounds if you're worried about running outside with cars and bikes passing by. If available, I will buy these again when mine eventually die.

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      Have used these for running, they work well if used with the added silicone wing outer ear tips which help hold the buds in place. However, I would do a test fit in store because they are a unique design.

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      I have had these since they came out (free promotion with phone) and they never fall out while running

      • I have had for 2 years also and the battery life is awesome and I have never had a problem with them, using for music while riding 50km per week and a good 10hrs movie watching per week also until recently.

        • yea they're pretty great! my only issue is the microphone isn't great, which is apparently fixed in the Plus version

  • Yeh there not perfect for everything, and I'm sure the new models sound great, but for listening to music etc wirelessly without having to worry about battery, especially if a >Samsung s10+ phone owner, they definitely do the job for me.

  • They are fairly ordinary but $89 is ok They were nearly $200 originally
    . Hopeless for phone calls I found

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    how are there so many upvotes for this very ordinary, NO active noise cancelling, FIRST gen earphones?

    • +1

      I wondered that too… I'd spend the tiny bit more and at least get the Plus model which was positively reviewed as being significantly improved.

  • Buds Plus also there for $124 and $150, managed to get ow to price matxh at $124 after the usual uninformed back and forth, they were not happy though…

    • Where is it $124? Link? I thought OW only price match local stock.

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