Long Time Lurker - Finally Joined

Hi everybody!

I have been lurking OzBargain for many years and decided to finally join.

A little bit about me:

  • Humanities/Social Science High School Teacher
  • Gamer of some sorts since I could walk
  • Started own online side business to try and help me pay for Sydney's tolls

I am a bit reluctant in posting deals related to my business/website (fairly niche - focuses on paints/supplies for the tabletop/wargaming hobbyist). Thoughts?


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    Welcome. For the Emperor?

    • Of course! Been working on some Adepta Sororitas, so very much for the Emperor!

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    Everyone is on here for deals, so if you have good sale I don't see why not to post your deal.

    • Cheers, thank you.

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      I'm on here for legal advice.

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        similar to me! I'm just here to brush up on road rules.

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      Deals? I'm here for the traffic infringements, personally.

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        I'm here for the inevitable shit storm that surrounds traffic posts…

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    Welcome. May you be granted everlasting wealth to pay for the bane that is Sydney toll roads.

    • Thanks! Ugh, the worst part is that I pay more in tolls than petrol…

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        I hope that this gives you some viewing pleasure.

        • I should become a politician and fix that crap.

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            @Ghost47: I initially studied planning, but then I quickly found out that money > logic.

            • @Inquisitor: Sad that some people would rather just benefit themselves and their mates as opposed to society as a whole.

              What games do you play out of curiosity?

              • @Ghost47: It is a shame…
                I change things up every so often -between PC, Switch and PS5 (COD Cold War at the moment).

      • You have summoned me! YAS

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    What was your previous username from your last account?

    • This is my first and only account. Always checked out this site without ever creating one!

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        Always checked out this site

        If that was true you would know not to take jv seriously.

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          They got caught, hook, line and sinker !!!

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          You mean jv is NOT serious in his comments?!

          • @SF3: Shocked, I tell you, shocked!

          • @SF3:

            in his comments?!

            You must be new here…

            • @pegaxs: You mean jv is Miss Trunchbull?

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      I think it was vj

  • Welcome. Before you submit any deal posts, you should probably first:

    Need more help? Visit the Help Wiki or speak to a moderator using the TWAM forum

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    Do you have comprehensive car insurance?

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      That should help us determine if they will post mainly bargains or forum topics…

    • No, Third Reich Party.

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    Hey welcome guy! Glad to have you onboard.

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      Do you think it is Guy Sebastian?

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        I would have capitalised the G if that was the case.

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          So it's guy pearce?

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    Fake! Reported! OP isn't a new user… Their first post wasn't about speeding through a red light in a no parking zone, without a licence and hitting three cars all while not having insurance and didn't post a RRP pre order post for a Nintendo Switch or for their drop shipped AliExpress bulk buy Amazon items…

    Oh, and welcome.

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      … or Gumtree scam.

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        No no no… It's "is this a scam?" Or "how does this scam work?"

        Or "is this *insert random eBay/Scamtree/Fartbook link* a good deal?" And posting a link to their own items for sale…

        Or the "Hey guys, new user… I have 3 extra *insert popular item name* and don't know how I should sell them… Any help?" posts.

  • Humanities/Social Science High School Teacher

    How does the OzB community rate in this subject area? :D

    • 5/7

      • Excellent grading, can't do better than that. Solid.

      • 71.428571428571428571428571428571%

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          reminds me of the discount I got on my specs when in Thailand last…

    • 11/10 if we are primarily discussing Commerce as a subject (the kids don't realise it is much more than just money…)

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    Member Since 28/03/2021

    Groans not another!

  • If you post Mayvers Peanut Butter deals I'll be all over it

  • How much do you earn as a Humanities/Social Science High School Teacher? Do you think you are underpaid?

    • NSW Government school teacher salary can be found online for reference. I'm personally under 90k at the moment. Doesn't really matter what you teach in high school (govt.), just depends on years of service and your precise role in the school.

      I don't see myself being entirely underpaid (only when I compare myself to some other teachers that do half the work, but have the experience…that is a bit annoying, but I'll get there and fine in knowing that). Salary caps fairly quickly for a classroom teacher, and to get paid more you move into HT roles, but then teach less. In the end, I wouldn't say no to getting paid more (especially with Sydney's housing market!).

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    Thanks for not starting with a traffic incident thread! 😆

  • I was following ozbargain since 2013 didn't knew forums existed until 2016 lol

  • whats ur online side business?

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      Selling acrylic hobby paints and supplies for miniatures/tabletop gaming.

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