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[PC] Twitch - Free - Do Not Feed the Monkeys (Prime subscription required) - Prime Gaming


Another fun and highly rated game claimable for free for those of you that have Twitch/Prime Gaming subscription. Game is very highly rated on Steam (93% positive).

From the website: (Steam):

You are invited to join “The Primate Observation Club”, where you will observe the lives of caged monkeys and carefully analyze the information obtained.


  • THE PRIMATE OBSERVATION CLUB: a shadowy group that observes other people through surveillance cameras and compromised webcams.
  • YOU: the newest member of the CLUB, tired of your run-down apartment, dull existence and boring job.
  • MONKEYS: dozens of strangers who have fallen prey to your voyeurism.
  • VOYEURISM: Exactly what you think it is (and also the reason why we’re rated “MATURE”).
  • PRIVACY: Something that the monkeys think they have.
  • PC (PERSONAL COMPUTER): Yep, we put a PC in your game that’s on your PC so that you can work on a PC while you’re playing the game that’s on your PC!
  • FEEDING THE MONKEYS: Interacting or interfering with the subjects in any way. Feeding the monkeys is strictly prohibited.
  • SHIT HITTING THE FAN: What may (or may not) happen if you feed the monkeys.

Oddly enough, club members keep feeding the monkeys as though they just can’t abide by this very simple rule! How about you? Will you help those you’re spying on, extort them, expose them and sabotage their dreams, or will you follow your instructions and sit twiddling your thumbs while the world burns?


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    There's also a game called Before I Forget that looks very interesting.


      This was a Humble Original game a while back. It's ok, and has a reasonable story line, but it's very much just a walking sim. Sometimes the game can get very repetitive as you play through parts of the same level more than once.

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        "but it's very much just a walking sim".
        COD is very much just a game where you shoot people.

        Being a walking sim isn't "just…". It's a genre.
        Death Stranding was a walking sim and that's a gorgeous experience.

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    Moving out is free atm too


    Is there a Twitch game launcher, like Steam and others? I have Prime but no Twitch account (yet). Just wondering if I need another launcher that I'll seldom use, except to claim free games. :P


    You are invited to join “The Ozbargain Forum Observation Club”, where you will observe the lives of caged monkeys and carefully analyze the information obtained.


      How much of a discount?


    I have donated close to $5,000 to a twitch streamer

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      I hope you are joking.

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      Did that come with a 'used undergarments' tier?


    Wow that was surprisingly easy to claim the game and all the other free ones in a couple of taps!