Samsung Galaxy Buds Live (Mystic Black) $159.00 Delivered (Direct Import) @ Tech Warehouse via Kogan Marketplace


Most retail stores still selling @ $319.00ish.

Seems like a decent price right now if you are interested in these.

Just stumbled across it, do not know much more.

Hope someone finds this useful.

Ok, from what I can see, these are not refurbished and they are not fake. They are just an international model which means the included instructions may not be in english.

They are also about the same price on Amazon AU right now (except bronze which is going for $184.00)

White - $162.00:

Black - $163.96:

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  • Decent price but be aware they are grey imports

  • Beware people. Counterfeit items. Selling for $40 on Chinese sites.

    • They are not fake, they are refurbished.

      • I'm still trying to figure out where all this info is? Someone said they were counterfeit and then provided a site showing a very cheap version of the product but no link to show how they are the exact SAME product being sold via Kogan.

        Can you please show me how you found out these are refurb units? I am genuinely interested because I might cancel my order if this is true.

        When I browse Samsung products on the KOGAN site, I see some like this one for a Galaxy S9:

        It shows as 'refurbished' in the title, wouldn't it show for other items that were also refurbished?

        The only thing I was able to find was a small line in the product description that says: "This product is an international model"

  • For ppl interested this, check the buds plus as well. See which one you suits you better. I personally choose buds plus over this and even the buds pro.

  • Kogan doesn't monitor authenticity. Anybody can become their supplier and sell duplicate items.

    • Yes, at Kogan Marketplace my friend bought a misleading description "Xiaomi band 5 smart watch", actually it's not a mi band.

  • I bought these buds from this seller last week. Delivery was super fast. While I think they might be grey import they are absolutely a genuine product. Had all the Samsung hallmarks, were sealed and I needed to pair them with the Samsung app to set up properly.

    Very happy with the product, and this price is fantastic.

  • Bought these a couple of weeks ago when my wired earphones broke. They are absolutely amazing and comfortable.

    I've tried hard to make them fall out but surprisingly they just dont. I can really forget at times that I have them in my ear because they don't block the surrounding sounds.

    Noise cancelling on these are useless. Toggling it on or off makes no difference.

    Great price if these are originals.

    • +1 vote

      I've had mine for about 6 months now and they've fallen out a few times. Seem to work loose over time and need to be pushed back in regularly (which is annoying with the touch functions). I've worn them on the bike, but don't think I'd take them running. I think it's down to personal fit - the hard plastic doesn't conform so fit is going to be different for each person.

      Agree about the noise cancelling, but others have said it works okay for them - again I think it comes down to fit.

      That said they're my favourite headphones for every day use.

  • Bought these a while ago, sound quality is fantastic, call quality is fantastic, came wth all the correct packaging and warrenty information from Samsung.

  • These looks like kidney beans

  • How are these with an iPhone? Anyone with any experience?