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Extra 20% off Clearance - Macpac Halo Down Jacket $79.20 (SOLD OUT) + $10 Delivery (Free with $100 Spend) @ Macpac


20% of clearance is back. But not all clearance items. Discount applied at checkout. Also, I think cashrewards 3.5%

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  • Really good price.

  • What's the sizing like on this?

  • Peak Ozbargain fashion

    • To go over the top of your Super Dry T-Shirts of CT Shirts work shirts.

      Couple this some cheap Aldi/Myer discounted pants and your slightly discounted RM Williams (which you saved for from all the deals here) and you look just right for OZB casual corporate Friday.

  • Damn. This is really cheap though not much color selection

  • Looks like extra 20% is only on selected clearance, not all clearance products

  • Got 2. Thanks OP. I would have preferred black or blue but I can live with $40 in my wallet for having green. That puréed pumpkin colour /ShakingMyHead

  • Is there much difference between the Halo and the Uber Light? There's more colour options for the Uber Light but if the Halo is better (RRP ~$280 compared ~$220 for the Uber Light) just wondering in what areas? Thanks all.

    • Halo is warmer. Has more down.

    • If you don't have specific need for an extremely light jacket then go the Halo. the Uber Light has higher quality down (650cuin vs the 600cuin of the Halo) so is better warmth-for-weight, but has 100g less down in it, so the Halo is probably still warmer. the Uber Light is really a bit more specialist for people specifically looking for an ultra light down layer (I want one for multiday hiking where the +250g of the Halo is too much additional weight to carry in my pack - I can take the Uber Light and my sleeping mat for the same weight as the Halo and depending on where I am hiking and my other layers the warmth it offers will be plenty)

  • This or the hyperdry?

    • I think it's what end application it will be used for?

      I got the hyperdry, based on review that it can withstand -1 degrees weather and better water-proofing.

      This is great for everyday, not for subzero and too rainy days.

      My 2cents anyway.

    • Hyperdry is usually a treatment on the down to make it withstand the wet more, when down gets wet it loses its insulation layer. Prob only helpful if you are intending to hike or ski in it. For commuting/non sports wear doesn't matter, whatever is cheaper. You try not to wear down in wet conditions anyway, even with the coating.

  • This is a great price usually find it $99 on other ozbargain deals

  • Tried my credit/debit cards but always states: "Payment failed; please try again, or select a different payment method." Anyone else having the same issue?

  • M in the green won't checkout, says in stock but out of stock in cart.

  • Is this brand good quality? I have Kathmandu but dobt mind buying this for someone else.

    • good enough especially daily wear and not to the bush

    • I have a Macpac, and my Partner has a Kathmandu.

      Quality is very similar in my opinion, but they're slightly different offerings.

      Personally I feel that Kathmandu on average seems a little more durable, but very slightly less comfortable than Macpac.

      Both brands are comfortable AND durable, but they each lean more to one or the other in my opinion.

  • Men’s sizes you buy smaller (I’m usually S or M, bought a S), women’s seems to run the other way (wife is a 14 usually, she had to buy an 18 to her dismay).

    Notably the Halo is cut a bit short on front for tall folks. The Uber Light and Mercury are longer and don’t have this problem.

    In order of warmth Uber Light < Mercury < Halo.

    • I haven't tried yet so take what I say with a grain of salt. My dad has a 2XL size and I tried it on (I'm 170cm, medium build) and it was big but not extremely big so I decided to go for L. Although now I'm starting to regret it reading the comments

    • I have the halo in women’s and I’ve found it runs the same as the men’s, not the other way around. I am usually a size 6 and bought a 6, but really it’s still very roomy and would fit a small 8. So I say for women buy your usual size and it will allow you room for a thicker jumper underneath.

    • I'm the usual size 10 in women but size 8 in halo women. I found the size roomy tbh. I wouldn't wear a jumper underneath it only a t-shirt because it's really warm already.

    • I was also the other way (womens sizing), usually an 8-10 but the Macpac 12 fits best

  • Ty OP! Bought the hooded version for $103.20 delivered! There were still lots of sizes available in the 'Surf the Web' colour.

  • thanks OP, bought one.

  • Bought a women's halo in the smallest size in 2019. It runs large like others have said, though for me that's fine because I can layer clothes underneath if I wanted.

    Very, very warm and no regrets. Would recommend.

  • I'm ~170ish cm tall- slim/average build
    Typically S in Australian sizes.
    Would that mean I get an XS?

  • Would I need a rain shell to go over the top of this or does it hold up ok in the rain?

    • you need a rain-shell on top,
      because these are simply down-jackets without a water-proof material.

  • Is this pricing available in-store?

    • Tried looking for the T&C, didn't find it. Only one way to find out?

    • Yeah it is, same prices in store - I just went in to check sizing.

      • Not sure where you are, but not for VIC? Went to the Glen store this afternoon and it's $150? Checked sizes so I can buy online with cashback on top

        • I’m in VIC, went into the cbd store and they had the same items for clearance sale as they have online, limited sizing and colors etc

  • Finally got the hyperdry jacket. Thanks OP.

  • Got one, thanks OP.

  • DId anyone get an email confirmation after ordering?

  • thanks op bought the hooded surf the web jacket for 103.2$

  • Bought one but think I probably got the size wrong after reading the comments. Any one know how to make changes to the order?

  • I love Macpac sleeping bags but God their down jackets are extremely ugly! The ember jacket is their only decent one and you'd cook in Melbourne wearing it lol.

    Macpac has far better down than Kathmandu though.

    • wouldn't look out of place on a homeless person.

    • Melbourne gets cold in winter , even yesterday was chilly n’ wet 🥶

      So getting “cooked” is hyperbole

      • I must admit, went out for a walk this morning, 6 degrees and gusty winds over 35km/h.

        I started sweating at the end but the ember jacket would be best suited in minus temps.

  • Decided the Uber (hooded) looked better and will be plenty warm enough. Already have a Uber vest (bit too big) which I can layer over the top if required. Added some merino socks for the free shipping.

  • Good deal op.

    Is it just for me or cashreward app has an error in calculating 3.5% ? Somehow it calculates at 0.9-1.1% rate. It also seem to calculate the purchase at higher total (shhhh)

    • Yeah I bought the hooded one for $103.2. Cashrewards tracked $117.27 but only gave $1.44 cashback.

  • Macpac or Uniqlo? Tossing whether should get the Halo jacket or this from Uniqlo?

    • I actually went into uniqlo today to look at the ultra light down puffer. Based on the weight and listed down amount/quality I think it is comparable to/slightly lighter and less warm than Macpac's Uber Light (which is lighter but not as warm as the Halo). Based on the stated amount of down (Uniqlo ultralight down parka ie jacket + hood, womens M, tag says 60g down vs Macpac 69g (hooded womens 10)) and fill power ("at least 640" for Uniqlo, 650 for Macpac, higher is better warmth per weight)

  • Halo isn't 20% off it seems is it?

  • I went into the Macpac store and the sales rep said there is no difference between the Uber and the Uber Light, is this correct?

    • looking for the same answer as well! thinking to get an uber but not sure which one?

      • I had a look instore at the Halo and Uber - Halo is quite bulky looking but is much warmer. The Uber is not bulky at all but of course not as warm.

  • Cashback tracked instantly FYI :) 3.5 percent.

    • Not for me, ordered last night and still no e-mail yet, will give it a day or so before submitting a follow up!

  • TA has helped fixed cashback rate - should be 3.5% now.

  • Does anyone own an uber jacket? How does it feel like? I own a halo down jacket but it looks kinda bulky. Thinking to get an uber instead? any suggestion. thanks

    • yeah uber is a lot lighter and looks slimmer. The halo looks really bulky but as others have said, it's warmer. The uber is often more than enough though

  • Went into a store to check out the uber vests. A staff member there had to rummage around out the back to find some of the clearance stock but he managed to turn up a colour/size combination that wasn't available online. May be worth a gander if you have a store nearby!

  • Anyone got any tips on getting the creases out of these puffers? it obviously came crammed in one of those little carry cases and its horribly creased

  • How long did it take for delivery? I ordered Sunday night, was processed and booked for delivery on 12/4 and still haven't been delivered 3 days later.

  • Order got delivered today. Happy with the quality. Folds into a tiny sleeping bag and weighs 600g. I normally wear large and the fit for M seemed to be pretty good. Not tight and also not too baggy.