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[Kogan First] Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 3H (Global Model) $129, Xiaomi Mi HEPA / Antibacterial Filters $22.99 Delivered @ Kogan


just went to buy this from previously listed deal. but noticed it was discoutned another $40 off at checkout with kogan first trial
This deserves its own post for visibility given the significant discount

this discount + free shipping + discounted filters ($22.99 each) + 2% shopback giftcard cashback (bought $150 gift cards using my cashback credits) ended up saving me almost $50+ free shipping, had i not had this kogan first offer

does not seem to apply to other models

link to air purifier

link to filters

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  • +1

    clicking on the link says not available

  • Got one thanks!! Can you cledn these filters? How often need to actually replace?

    • I think i read somewhere where you must buy a hepa filter because the stock one has one but not HEPA. could be wrong. Also 6 months

      • +1

        I believe thats the Pro?

    • +1

      Mine has kept operating for over a year on the original filter. It probably isn't filtering much by now though lol

    • +1

      I primarily use mine to filter dust in the air, and it does it very well. I use my filter for around 12 months and give it a vacuum every month to remove the layer of dust built up on the filter

  • +7
    • oh legend i was wodnering what else to buy just grabbed the screwdriver set

    • which to get? the wiha or thw wowstick?

      • i just bought the wowstick since its electronic

    • Xiaomi Mijia Wiha Screwdriver Set(kogan.com) $17.99

      Really? They only just refunded me for the one I ordered back in November because they couldn't get stock.

  • +1

    Bought this at the peak of the bushfire crisis because I was getting sick of the poor air quality. This is around half price from the price I got it for. Great deal.

    • +1

      Same here, got this and the smaller one, double the price, but no regrets. Worked wonders during bushfires and I'll still run it after a bit of cooking (surprising how much it affects air quality even when you aren't setting things on fire!). Sure it's a box with a fan and a filter, but sensor seems to work well and operation can be very quiet (or you can put it in beast mode). I'll be honest, I don't use the app, I don't see why they need to know my location details, my phone number and have access to my phone contents. If you can live with that, or don't care, these are a great buy.

  • Excellent prices, I only paid a little less for the 2H months ago, lowest prices I have seen on the filters too.

  • Fyi these new versions don't work with Google home. You can still use the mi home app but can't voice control through Google even though the box says you can.

    • I have the 3H and I can control it with Google home, I actually made a Routine for it. Are you sure you have the right version?

      • Hey, I sure am as I have other products controllable in Goolge using the Mi Home app. Can you let me know what region you are using for Mi Home? I have 6 products in my Mi Home app but when I sync with Google Home only 4 are visible, these two purifiers arent there. There is a massive thread with Google about these not working so any help you can give would be appreciated.

  • woohoo good thing i didnt buy it (the other deal i mean)

  • Just ordered 2 filters last night for $29 :(

    • i was about to do the same but fell asleep at checkout. got lucky lol

    • Got mine last year at $35, many posters saying it was a good deal :(

  • Can anyone with first do a screenshot of the HEPA filters in cart? Ebay can pricematch with voucher :)

    • u can get the price urself even without membership. they advertise it with the lower price to entice you

      • It's $15 shipping without first and the eBay rep factors shipping in if you can't provide a screenshot (I used the trial last time)

  • +1

    Which filter you guys recomend?

    • The HEPA every day of the week.

  • Ordered, neighbors are constructing new house, guess this will clean the dust without issue

  • Ordered the H3 from the previous deal. It would be good if I could cancel and reorder as it hasn't shipped yet.
    Just grabbed two filters anyway.

    • I feel you buddy. I ordered the 3H and 3 extra filters on Thursday…
      I am cancelling my 3H order since it hasn’t been shipped. Fingers crossed.

      • Which filters did you buy?

        And is there like an expiry for the filters? Thinking of stocking as well.

        • I bought 2 grey and 1 purple filter, gathering from online review the grey HEPA one does almost everything anyway. Don’t know about shelf life.

  • Awesome, just got a couple. I had some trouble initially signing up for the 30 day pass (kept saying I had already done the trial) but I worked that out.

    I had a $50 credit with a min $100 spend from trying to use Latitude pay on a good guys deal and being blocked, so I ordered one unit using that, and then the other I used the Suncorp giftcard at 6% off.

  • I don't get the air filter.
    Do I buy all three air filter and insert them into each other?
    I want all three in one, don't get why they are selling it separate.

      • +2

        The HEPA is the only filter you need. It has the finest filtration of the lot hence the HEPA certification. I see the other filters as pure marketing tactics, to offer buyers more filter options than other brands

        • i figured as much. thanks for clearing that up

          when reading the specs, they all seemed cover the same things

          i bought extra hepa for this reason. but bought a pollen one for spring just in case, since i suffer from hayfever. lets see if it makes a difference

          this is good knowledge to know.

        • This.

  • Waited a year before I finally bought one. Bought yesterday a few hours before the discounted price…
    I hope Kogans customer service is good.

    • this is why i buy everything with my 28d card for price protection

  • +4

    Lmao up voted this deal for the bolded commentary.

    • -4

      OP clearly was triggered by a mere "chinese", which doesn't even has any meaning attached to it.

      • -1

        Wow, quickly attracted 3 downvotes. If anyone seeing "chinese" feels a negative connotation (like OP), you have inferiority complex.

        • +2

          i actually never thought of it like this. Imagine if an australian product was listed on a foreign site, and someone wrote australian. It would be seen as a good thing around the world. Thanks for opening my eyes

        • well maybe it’s a sum of bad experiences they may have had in the past? who knows.
          maybe they’ve experienced other people using derogatory connotations of “chinese” on them as they walk down the street during their childhood?
          by saying it’s “mere” means you’re just brushing it off? could be a complex but could it be something we shouldn’t just brush off sometimes…

  • Thanks got two filters and a heater.
    If you join as a new user (using a new email address), you can get $5 credit to use with a purchase over $100.

  • (profanity) yeah. OP you have my Xiaomi sword. Diet racists are on the same level as Pooh bear's 50 cent army.

    Also (+) for the good deal.

  • Purchased one, thanks!

  • +4

    People should be allowed to comment 'Chinese' just as they are allowed to comment on deals they don't like such as weapon holsters in the past. It's not casual racism, it's activism/boycotting products.

    If you think activism only works when it's for things you are for that's not activism, that's totalitarianism - just like the CCP.

    • -6

      of course you are allowed and you just did. And so can I take the word Chinese under these products as best quality and best price. And of course you also can boycott all you want, since you are using the word totalitarianism on some party while you have never even been to anywhere managed by it. You must have read all the news from ABC and now you think you know everything happened on earth huh? Get educated mate.

      • +6

        Chinese made are the best price for a reason - when you have slaves mining the materials out of the ground and slaves to produce the products no one can compete. Then people like yourself take the baton to be cheerleader's for the CCP and will and slander those who point out genocide and slave labor that is going on in China.

        You make a lot of assumptions and derogatory remarks about me, without even bothering to have an actual conversation. I find it hilarious you would write that someone getting news from ABC - makes someone ill informed.

        This is why we are all doomed. No one will speak up for me, or you when the time comes that they come for you. We're all further down the line to Uigurs in Xinjiang and rather than people standing up for us, they will ridicule us for pointing out China's genocide and totalitarianism.

    • If I don’t like a specific deal, I would just “hide” it or boycott it by spending my money elsewhere. It’s more effective than writing useless comments on every post.

      • Evidently it's not useless as it furthers conversation about how totalitarian and genocidal the CCP are.

    • -2

      he sure as hell doesnt care about toppling anything totalitarian regime.

      spare me with the woke rhetoric. its racist trolling

      boycotting xiaomi has nothing to do with CCCP spying, HK or ughuirs for example which we are all against

      Context matters. Dont excuse his behavior

  • Does the unit itself come with the HEPA filter or do you have to purchase it separately?

    • It comes with HEPA filter

      • Oh, i bought an extra one then (I won't have to buy a replacement for another 12-18 months)

        • I did the same. At least it was a good price. will be good for couple years now.

  • Actually bought the 2h a year ago from Kogan at about same price. Should have waited.

    Nevertheless despite feeling peeved, I'm voting positive for this deal for others and for OP calling out the sinophobic racists in a time when violent anti Asian racist cases has risen dramatically around the world.

  • does this come with an AU plug?

    • Yes they ship it separately

  • Got one of the HEPA Filter. Thanks OP !

  • Did someone say KFC?

    • I don’t care, I love it.

  • I read the PRO version isn't true HEPA is that true? Would prefer the higher throughput.

  • Need help to find out which Purifier is better, 3H or Pro? Is there any offers for pro version. Noticed the Kogan selling Pro version for $199, is it worth?

  • +2

    I have the 2H and I’m starting to wonder if it actually does anything. I have it going all the time and my app says excellent air quality. But I always have dust over surfaces I’m constantly cleaning off. I haven’t noticed any difference in my asthma. I don’t have any evidence it’s doing anything really :/

    • Thanks for the review, I was curious why I would ever needed one.

      • I’m not saying it doesn’t work (I really hope it does) I just have no clear indication that it does. I was hoping it would make less dust for me to clean. Lol. I might open it up today to see how dirty the filter is (app says it has 55 days use left)

  • Abuse, name calling and malicious comments directed at a person or a group of people are unacceptable.


  • I bought a Philips 2000 series air purifier about two years ago. About $400 on special. Just paid $150 to replace the charcoal and hepa filters 😕

  • Just missed out :(

  • thanks OP. purchased last night.

  • Dammit I couldn't login, Kogan's servers wouldn't properly send me the verification code. :(

    I should've just made a new account.

  • For any electronic amateurs who want a gadget to test whether this actually works or not, there's a remarkably simple and accurate air quality monitor you can build.
    All you need is a $20 PMS5003 and a $5 Wemos D1 Mini

    Instructions here

  • Would anyone have a screenshot of the Kogan page showing the price? Need it for price match. Greatly appreciated!!

    • How do you price match something that is not in stock?

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