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Herman Miller Aeron Chair $990 on Special at Living Edge until Stock Last or End of Jan


No introduction need for this chair. It is retail at $1450 in Australia but I believe this is way over price. At $990 it is reasonable and as such I have bought one.

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    1k for a computer chair is reasonable? You must be ballin'.

    • so , if i buy this chair and browsing with my new lenovo $299 laptop deal. Should I be proud? im with u "k"… need a big ballz to take this one

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        ballin' doesn't mean big balls…

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    if u can afford to spend $1000 on a chair, what the hell are u doing on ozbargain? haha

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      It's because of Ozbargain that some people are able to afford nice houses, nice cars and good furniture.

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        By some people do you mean the ozbargainers or the retailers?

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    If you spend most of your time in a chair, do yourself a favour and get one of these. They are one of the best available, and will end up cheaper than the number of times you'll replace crappy cheap chairs. Plus they'll save your back.

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      +1 I've had one now for ~8 years from Living Edge and still unbelievably good! I paid for the non-aluminum version which was ~$1500 back then. The place I'm contracted out to right now have it as standard for everyone working there…

      Herman Miller's got your back.

    • This is a joke
      Ive used herman millers before. I see what the fuss is about but they arent worth the money.

      You are much better off buying a cheaper alternative (why worry about adjustability when you can just find the chair that is preset or can be set to what is right for you to begin with).

      Then fork over a few bucks to buy some nice seat cushions and lumbar support. I found this method not only cheaper but more comfortable, cause really im getting the same ergonomics but fully customised by myself.

      This is really just for the ppl who can afford to throw away that much money and big corporates showing off.

      • Your back is different to my back.

        • +1

          Which is why it is better to try various different chairs and then personally customise it to your back, for cheaper. This chair trys to be "adjustable" to fit every scenario, but a tailored solution is better.

          $1000 chair isnt the end all solution to your back problems.

          The same concepts that herman miller applies to their chair can be applied to any chair with a few accessories. Ive done it so its possible.

          Also if you have a bad back
          Try standing. Raise your monitor/keyboard. Its better for your health and fitness too.

        • Oh believe me, I've tried many different chairs during my chair hunt and added many different doodads. Foam lumbar supports, cushions, wedge cushions, none were totally satisfactory. Don't forget, just because you can use cushions to customize your chair doesn't mean every single person out there can too. Different people have different backs.

          The other huge difference I've noticed too is that mesh chairs are WAY better-ventilated than foam chairs. I sweat less, making it more comfortable. No such thing as a 'warm seat' with a mesh chair.

          Raising my monitor and keyboard will require a custom table that can cost more than $900 and isn't conducive to the work some people do.

          The Aeron certainly isn't perfect and I completely understand why some people think it's ridiculous to pay so much for a chair, but for some people, it really does make a difference. I found mine used at a good price and my work paid for it, so hurrah for me.

        • +1

          I agree with you
          if you can get it cheap or you happen to be the portion of the market where it IS the right chair for you, then by all means get it

          But i recommend people trying cheaper alternatives first.
          And i agree mesh is excellently ventilated

      • lol after posting this, i found a spare HM chair while wandering around the office lol

        • Let me guess, they layoff the workers and spent the money on HM to show off?

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    im thinking OP has had one too many barrels thrown at him:p

    • isn't he the one throwing the barrels?

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    Good price for a great chair. The clueless won't understand - it is OzBargain, after all.

    • -21

      so u buying it?

      • +15

        No, I don't need a second one, they last forever.

  • meh rather just spend $300-$400 on a schiavello. the vegas they make is a very nice chair.

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    I can confirm the price… bought one a few days ago at Living Edge Brisbane. Bloody good chair. Why do people here get so heated up about people buying this chair?

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    upvote this comment if you have used all your negative comments votes on tyler.durden lol

    • +3

      Yeh and it isn't the first time he has copped all my negative votes in a day.

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      It's a shame OzBargain has a policy of deleting (rather than just hiding) comments. Would be good for a laugh.

  • -2

    Maybe this is the real reason why bargains like this will be increasing on this shopping site.

    'Daily limit for voting negative on comments is currently capped at 5'

    look in laugh move on somewhere else

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    Personally, I spent $200-ish a couple of weeks ago at OfficeWorks on a chair. It took me about 45 minutes to find the right one for me, but I got one I'm happy with.

    If you have other expectations for chairs, you can spend $50 or $1,000+ - that doesn't mean you're not getting value for your dollar at your price point. Nor does it mean that you should spend all your efforts criticising people who think that a $50 chair is the best, or those who won't settle for anything less than "Le Chair: By Le Designer" at $4,000.

    • +3


      The only reasonable comment in this thread.

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    I got me a Aeron from Living Edge Richmond last year. Over the years i have seen posts on these chairs in forums with the typical responce "How can you spend so much on a chair". I went to Living Edge to see what all the fuss was about, $1400 later i walked out with my Aeron. There is no comparison, dont compare $99 office works chairs or imitation chinese crap copies as they just not the same. Like most things in the world you get what you pay for. If you are in a position to buy one of these it will be with you for life and you will never regret it.

    • +1

      I know these are good chairs, but sure you can get a nice ergonomic one cheaper.

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      Exactly. Keep in mind many people will be in their chair for 8 plus hours a day if they use it for work. Given a good chair should last, it often pays to spend more for one thats comfortable.

      Now many people will be happy with a lot less, thats fine. However, for something that will be used for extended lengths of time for a long period $1000 really isn't going to be a huge investment for many.

    • +8

      Don't forget the amazing 12-year warranty.

      • +2

        If this is your office chair, you would be sitting on it for around 8 hours a day.
        Between that and your bed, that is 2/3 of your weekday life spent.

        If you can afford it, why wouldn't you buy it?

        I wonder if tyler.durdens car cost more than $1000?

        • ^^ This. I would add in "couch" although if you are quite active, maybe less so ;P

          I honestly can't understand why people don't spend a LOT of money on their chair/bed/couch. If you work in an office, then at least 5rs a day will be in the chair (you get up, go to meetings/lunch et), 6-8 in the bed and maybe 1-2 on the couch. So at least, say 13hrs per day on those three things alone.

          Spend some cash if you can.

          FYI, I can vouch for the aeron. Stole one from one of the other guys at our animation studio while he was away for a week and it was nirvana, especially as we were sitting for at leas 10hrs/day.

  • these are popular with the big corporates who don't mind spending the money

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      and the big people who don't mind sitting on their arse

    • they claim tax back on purchasing these chairs as office expense.

  • Now if only we could find a good deal on a Humanscale Freedom (aka Liberty) chair… :/

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    look a bit like wheelchair, no offense

  • OP, available in store only (or ordered over the phone)? Doesn't look like I can buy online? Where did you find out about the deal?

  • +33

    Definitely need this chair as I spend half my lifetime sitting in front of my PC refreshing the OzBargain website for new bargains.

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    Have these chairs at my office, they are amazing… def worth the $$ plus with a 12 year warranty whats there to complain about. IMO your back is one of the best investments you can make!

  • +3

    Definitely great chair but not everyone here makes bloody good money. There should be better ergonomic chairs out there that would 'save your back' minus the luxury.

    • +1

      I don't understand why they should be so expensive. I get that they're great and all, but how could the cost of construction possibly be $1000??? Is it not made in China?

      • +4

        An iPhone costs what, $2-300? But they sell for up to $1000. They do it because they can.

        • I definitely use my desk chair more than the iphone as well. Great value IMO

  • +10

    yeh i got one of these last time they were on special, this isn't a chair, its a throne.

    • +3

      Is that why your chair smells like poo?

      • I don't want to know how you have arrived at that conclusion.

        • +1

          Too bad I'm gonna tell you… :)

          A toilet is referred to as a throne. How do you not know this?

  • I would buy if I have the money ^^

  • +5

    we have these chairs at work at CBA Place in Sydney. They are well worth the money, very reliable and has one of the best back support you will have. Also, unlike other chairs..the chair never slumps even if you sit on it for 8 hours straight….5 days a week.

  • Do you know if the SETU chair is on sale as well?

    • Submitted the deal? :)

  • +3

    I dont think it's unreasonable for people to be saying this is one expensive chair (because it is!).

    But to say it's bad, I cannot comment on that because I have never heard of the brand let alone the expensive chair.

    For $1000 it must be a good chair for so many to comment and rate it up.

    • +3

      Possible confirmation bias too.

      I mean if you've just dropped $1000 on a chair, you'd kinda want it to be a bloody good chair and will keep telling yourself it's great.

      Personally, I've sat in a few expensive chairs but I'm no connoisseur of chairs. To me, the Aeron feels similarly comfortable to say, this one: http://www.bestchair.com.au/ergohuman-mesh-black.html

      I think once you get up into the $500+ range of chairs, they're probably all equally comfortable. Most of the difference is marketing.

      So Aeron chairs, buy it if you've got the dosh, get a cheaper one if you don't. There isn't much of a difference once you get to that upper echelon of chairdom.

      • I'd imagine a good deal of people would test it out before buying it so I don't think they are deluding themselves. That and as with many of the comments, many people here are using them for free via their place of employment.

      • I think a lot of people are missing the point aside from being comfortable, yeah most chairs in that price range would definitely be comfortable, but it's with standing the many years that's the question, the Aeron has been around for a long time, so that 12 year warranty they have on it, I guess has some what been met, I mean I've heard of some people who still have their 90's version and it's still going strong.

        What I hate about most chairs, even the $500 is that after sitting on it for more than a year, the cushion is warped and too flattened, and slants, the base just squeeks, it's just not worth it.

  • how about bambach saddle seat?
    cost about the same

    • A guy at work tested this out or something like it and one other for a while. Think he quite liked it. I sat on it briefly and it wasn't really for me however.

  • +4

    We have these chairs at work and I don't like it. If you plan to buy one, make sure you test sit first.

  • -1

    It can be the greatest chair that lasts forever but it's still $1000. You won't get me spending $1000 on an office chair. Is it made in china and what's the original price?

    • +8

      These chairs are not for everyone, the same way BMWs aren't for everyone. Why pay $100k for a BMW coupe when you can buy a Hyundai coupe for waaaay less? Not everyone cares about the performance, comfort, handling, features, and build quality of a BMW.

      The Aeron is made in the USA, in Western Michigan. And they carry a 12-year warranty. 12 years - you would have replaced your cheap chair 2-3 times, unless you're a light user.

      They're not the best, but they're one of the best. I bought mine used for $294 after trying out every single chair in Officeworks, Ikea, and Empire. It has definitely helped my lower back pain.

  • -1

    Shit man. I thought it's a joke peope + vote for, like the "carbon tax" one.

      • +3

        68 vote ups for a $1000 chair and yet these same people go to the servo for a free sausage roll… lol.

        • +1

          This chair is roughly equivalent to one sausage roll per business day for a year at servo prices! :p

        • +4

          That is exactly how I have saved up for the chair.

  • +16

    I have just got home and is now sitting on my brand new Aeron while typing this comment with my newly bought Beyer Dynamic DT 990 Premium 600 OHM Headphones linked up with Xonar STX and in front of the 30" Dell monitor. All thanks to Ozbargain helping me saving enough money to enjoy these products.

    • +1

      Sitting on my Aeron too. Bought 2, another one is for my sibling. The last chair I bought him from officeworks only lasted 9 months. Just curious, what's the warranty covers?

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