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SanDisk Ultra microSDXC Card 128GB (120MB/s Model) $17.95 + $1 Delivery @ Shopping Square


SanDisk Ultra microSDXC Card 128GB (120MB/s Model) $17.95 + $1 Delivery @ Shopping Square

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  • Au variant? $18.95. $22.98 off Amazon AU.

    Or get the Samsung. Au variant Samsung's from JB/Amazon go on sale often. Shopping Express Samsung SD cards are foreign variants.

    • Hasn't shopping square also sold fakes in the past?

      • Have they? I was pretty disappointed when the Samsung Cards I ordered were all in Chinese/Japanese/Korean packaging. Would have waited for a local deal to come up and order the AU Variant card at an even cheaper or similar price.

        They should make it clear if it's an import or not. AU STOCK to them means foreign models stocked in Australia.

      • I've got a fake one from shopping square before. Checked the serial and it's not legit. Most customers don't use the item til 2 to 3 weeks later. By then, it will not be easy to get a refund.

  • Sandisk don't mention the write speed of there cards so going by the spec these are U1 ideal for Full HD.
    Max read speed: 120 MB/s - Min write speed: 10 MB/s

    Samsung rate there EVO Plus MicroSDXC cards
    U1 - Read 100 MB/s - Write 30 MB/s - For Full HD
    U3 - Read 100 MB/s - Write 60 MB/s - For 4K

  • At this price point, get the Samsung EVO…U3 is way better than this Sandisk @ U1.