Best Use of AmEx $450 Qantas Voucher

What are people using their 450 travel voucher for?

I have no loyalty to any airline and will always choose the cheapest if the flight times suit. Qantas seems to be always more expensive so is there any particular routes from Melbourne that are comparable to Virgin/Jetstar?

How are people using the credit to get the most value out of it?



  • Curious to know too as I got mine to use up as well.

  • I used mine to go to somewhere I wanted to go to so I could visit family and friends.

    Would suggest doing the same. It's a weird question - if the best use was to fly to somewhere you don't want to go, would you do that? Otherwise, it's just a free $450 discount on somewhere you wanted to go which Virgin/Jetstar can't beat. Multi city will easily use it up.

    • The point im trying to make is if there is somewhere i want to go, flights on Jetstar might be 250 while on Qantas they could be 450 so effectively im wasting 200 worth of voucher

  • I booked a flight to NZ for someone else and took $350 cash

  • I literally just came back from a weekend in Canberra - accommodation mostly paid for by that credit.

  • Took advantage of the Qantas half price off flights and applied the $450 credit on top. Search for flights using Qantas website and then book on Amex Travel, they have the same price but easier to search using Qantas website.

    For example 4 of us are going from Melbourne to Tasmania in the September term break for less than $140 round trip.

  • I used mine to book a hotel stay via Qantas Hotels in the Hunter Valley. It was a big let down, the hotel was dusty and very dated, looked very different to how it was advertised on Qantas. Don't recommend.