Gator 2K Dash Cam with Wi-Fi, GPS and SSR $98.99 @ Supercheap Auto


Looks to be pretty decent specs and features. Only other link I could find was here:

where it is selling for $399.

Experience a revolution in dash cam technology with the Gator G2KSR1. Record all the action on the road in razor sharp 2K QHD Resolution and enhance your driving experience with built in Speed Sign (SSR) & Traffic Light (TLR) Recognition Technology on board, helping you to stay alert and adhere to the speed limits. The dash cam has GPS tracking that records driving routes and vehicle speed, as well as WiFi connectivity that connects your smartphone directly to the dash cam so you can download and share videos with ease. It will record continuously in a loop mode and when an impact is detected while driving or parked, the built in G-Sensor will securely save the footage to ensure an incident is never missed. The G2KSR1 includes everything you need to get started including an adhesive mounting bracket, 12/24V power cable and a 16GB Micro SD.

  • 2K QHD resolution for razor sharp video recordings day and night
  • 161 Degree super wide angle lens captures a wide field of view and reduces blind spots
  • Speed Sign Recognition (SSR) detects speed signs alongside the road and alerts the driver of the speed limit
  • Traffic Light Recognition (TLR) alerts the driver when lights change from red to green when first in line at the traffic lights
  • Stop & Go Stationary Vehicle Function alerts the driver when the stationary traffic in front begins to move
  • 2" high resolution LCD screen for instant video playback and access to dash cam menu
  • WiFi Connectivity enables wireless smartphone connection for video downloads and camera setting adjustments
  • GPS provides additional information by embedding speed and location data into the recordings
  • Rechargeable battery provides enough power to securely save the last recording when power gets disconnected
  • Built-in G-Sensor detects an impact and securely saves the video footage on the SD Card separate from the continuous loop files
  • Seamless cycle loop recording function continuously records in an indefinite loop without stopping, constantly overwriting the oldest file with the newest video
  • Parking Monitor detects an impact while the car is unattended and records for 15 seconds
  • Adhesive surface mount bracket provides secure mounting to the vehicles windscreen
  • The included power cable simply connects to the vehicle's accessory socket and is compatible with 12V or 24V vehicles
  • Includes a 16GB Micro SD card; can be expanded to up to 128GB

Note you can sign up to their Club for $5 and get $10 credit. Don't forget subsidised gift cards if you have access or 1.5% at Cashrewards.

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  • Anyone able to recommend these?

    • I have the gator 4k version, the app on the phone is hopeless, Terribly difficulty to connect via wifi. Easier to just take the SD card out

      • Do you not recomment the dashcam based soley on the phone app?

        Or is the dashcam recommended but it's just the phone app which is terrible?

        • Some people don't have a computer with SD card reader, for those reliant on the WiFi data transfer, don't get gator

          • @nightqueen: @nightqueen I’m not sure how I should interpret this message as an answer to my question.

            You haven’t really told me whether or not you recommend the Gator as a Dashcam, per se. That’s what I thought I was asking! Maybe I wasn’t clear.

            I certainly understood, even from your first message, that the WiFi transferring of data was not a good idea. You have definitely reinforced that message in your second message.

            Another thought has occurred to me. Have you tried the Gator app on iOS or Android, or both? (I’m presuming that both flavours of the app are available.)


      • apparently the 4k version is fake, just upscaled 1440p….

    • I'd recommend getting a smaller barrel shaped version that doesnt have an LCD screen. Nobody needs an LCD screen on their dashcam and when I am President of the World that is the first thing I will be banning.

      • I have the barrel one. The red lighting is really small and impossible to see if the camera is recording. Screen is better.

        • You don’t need to see that red light, I’ve never looked at it. It just works. The dashcam makes a startup sound when you turn on the engine, once you hear that sound you know it’s recording, job done.

          • @jmc787: How do you know that it is recording the area that you want though? What if it needs adjusting up or down? You'd never know without the LCD.

            • @SanAndreas23: you can see what the camera sees using the iphone app, once it is been set correctly then you never need to adjust it again. so i did that once, at the beginning and then its done.

  • Any other recommendations at cheaper price point please?

  • Traffic Light Recognition (TLR) alerts the driver when lights change from red to green when first in line at the traffic lights

    Sweet, can drive like the rest of Brisbane with my eyes closed.

  • I can not find a review for this . Other Gator cams seem to review poorly .

  • Superceap indeed…

  • I bought the Blackvue 750X and just had it installed yesterday…at the risk of being a complete newbie, whats the difference between that and this? Did i waste all my money?

  • I'm using the ozbargain favourite Blueskysee B1W.
    how does this one compare

    • Curious too. Seems much more fully featured, but how does it fare at being an actual camera 🤔

    • How’s your B1W? I’m also interested in this brand

      • I'm using the B1W with no problem whatsoever. Just need to update firmware if using iphone to avoid choppy video when downloading to phone for viewing.

  • How good is the G sensor…… partner said I need to ask

  • Is 2K clear enough to pick number plates with ease?

    SSR and TLR sound like good innovations.

    Stop and Go also seems new to these cameras - can now catch a peaceful snooze at the lights!!

  • Finally!
    Stop & Go Stationary Vehicle Function alerts the driver when the stationary traffic in front begins to move

    The last thing you would need as a driver of a vehicle .. but ironically one of the most important thing for the drivers on our roads need today. The alert sound should be the roar of lion!

  • Is it just me or is it weird that its not listed on the gator website???

  • 2K clear enough to read number plates?

  • They are selling for $98.99 on eBay.

    Postage cost $7.

  • Is hardwired the only way to go with Dashcams? I already use the 12V outlet, so there is no other option beside hard wiring?

    • My current one is hardwired which is handy as you never need to worry about it as it will always turn on when i start the car up.
      The only issue with that if you don't know what you are doing you can blow fuses or kill something else. So probably best to take to an auto electrician to get it done or a place that installs them professionally.

      Have you checked everywhere? Most cars will have 2 12V outlets, mine has one near the gear shift and also in the center glove-box which im planning on routing this one too as i never use that one and as long as the cable reaches.

    • I started off with mine running to the 12v outlet, then i bought the hardwire kit. I initially hardwired it to a fuse which has power with the igntion off (on my Mazda 3 the hazard lights do this) then i thought all i am doing here is asking for a flat battery and a car that wont start just so i can record hundreds of hours of parked car yawnfest, so I changed the hardwire to be switched with the ignition, i think its piggybacked with the radio or something like that now, so even if it was to blow the fuse somehow the only thing i would lose is the head unit. Regarding the 12V outlet you can get double adaptors and also breakout units that allow you to connect multiple devices to a single 12V outlet, my preference is to hardwire to an igniton switched fuse but like everyhting else each to their own.

  • Click and collect only, and not all stores have stock.

  • I just got one and tested it today. I can barely make out number plates of moving cars and can only really make them out when they are stopped about 5 meters away from the camera. I tested it on my way home from my local SCA, it was still well lit, I have not tested it in the dark. The app doesn't work and the navigation of the menu on cap is not the best. I will be returning it though. You get what you pay for i guess…