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[Back Order] Carcassonne Board Game $39 (Was $60) Delivered @ Amazon AU


Great game, and a good price for the starter set (free shipping for non-Primes too). Nice timing with board game weather in the forecast for Vic.

Usually dispatched within 1 to 2 months.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • I've had this game for 10 years, no expansions, still hasn't got old.

    particularly good at two player.

    • Only ever played on the phone/tablet, but for close to a decade, so looking forward to having the real deal

      • don't like playing the app versions of games like this, always feels like the random number generator is cheating.

        pulling a cloister off the top of someone else's stack is one of the all-time great feelings in boardgaming lol.

        along with linking up your third farmer to the mega-farm to steal all the points on the second to last turn of the game.

    • You should give the inns and cathedrals expansion a shot :)

  • It’s $29 delivered if you use the 10APP voucher via the Amazon app ($10 off).

    • I got the error "The promotional code you entered cannot be applied to your purchase".

      • Weird, it worked fine for me. Have you used the app promo previously?

        Edit: Looking at my order again, I’ve actually been charged $34.99. The promo took off $10, but the shipping was no longer free.

        • Probably not. I found this which stated that the code is for Amazon Prime members using the app for the first time and supposedly expired at the end of 2020. I don't have prime so it might explain why I can't use the code.

  • Let's share this castle ok….ok

    Puts big man last min

    Friendship ruined :P

  • $34.50 on ebay here and $34.95 here, both have free delivery

    • Those are probably counterfeits. I think the only trustworthy sellers on eBay are Study of Games (Gameology), Frontline Hobbies, and Gamesmen. Maybe Gamerholic, but their service is inconsistent.

      • Not sure if these are also counterfeits. There are 3 recent reviews i.e in the past few months from verified purchasers complaining about bad quality tiles e.g. "Disappointed to see that the art on the tiles don't line up. Pretty lame for game that's all about matching tiles side by side" Also have pictures included.

        If they're genuine I wouldn't expect that to be an issue.

      • You really don't know that

    • So I ordered one of these, and yeah definitely fake. That said, it wasn't bad… some colour mismatch and the occasional tile didn't line up - still absolutely playable though. Seller offered a full refund.

  • delivery expected 1-2 months..doh

  • missed out :(

  • "New estimated arrival date: 15/04/2021" for me.

  • Back in stock, estimated delivery is 5 - 17 May.

  • Has anyone received this and had misaligned tiles?

    • Mine should be arriving tomorrow, I'll let you know. Has yours had misaligned tiles?

      • Yes, the tiles were punched out with an offset from the centre. Maybe a 50mm gap between the centres of two tiles side-by-side.

        I used the Amazon online chat to get a refund.

  • Mine delivered today - had a quick look at the tiles and they all seem to be central so should have no alignment issues. Hopefully will get the family together on the weekend for a game