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adidas: 30% off Outlet Items + 20% Upsized Cashback @ ShopBack (Ultraboost from $117.60, Stan Smith from $63.70)


Another 30% off outlet sale from adidas.

Stack with Shopback 20% cashback ($25 Cap) for further savings.

  • Ultraboost from $117.60 delivered before cashback
  • Stan Smith - $63.70 plus delivery before cashback

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  • Ultraboost 20 sold out lol

    • Less than 10 minutes

    • Probably removed before the sale

    • i bought one at the outlet store this afternoon at southbank, dfo. 110.

    • And the Ultraboost 21 are so ugly to! I managed to pick up a pair of Ultraboost DNA in a nice navy blue colour. It was already hard enough before they introduced the 21 as 9 out of 10 of their colours are just not nice. Someone must buy them though.

      • I'm so on the fence on the 21, I really liked the 20 and bought a couple of pairs because they looked so good. The 21s just don't do it for me at all.

  • seems like there may be $10 bonus cashback as well


  • Need ebay deals

  • Terrible range…what happened to all the good Adidas sales?

  • is the 20% shopback after the discounted price? or before?

  • Last time there was an outlet sale they actually had some products available. This time there's pretty much nothing

  • I'm going to neg Adidas for this deal for the reasons:

    A: Completely botched my order for the last sale. Gave me the wrong sized shoe and completely different shoe model.
    B: I am now unable to get the shoe I ordered because its now out of stock
    C: Customer service sent me an email without the return label which was the whole purpose of the email.
    D: I have to call them AGAIN to get the return label and post it back.
    E: This deal, they have zero/no stock worth buying.

    I will find it hard to purchase anything from Adidas anymore after this. If they gave me options it would be another story.

    They did give me a 50% off code however unfortunately its got a load of exclusions and its hard to see how it's any better than the original deal I had purchased.

    • Yep, I hear you. Had a similar problem w the last order as well. Went to their online chat to sort it out and as soon as I said I was annoyed that they botch my order they close the chat on me TWICE!!!
      Third time they stuck around long enough to say sorry, sent me an email reply and closed the chat. Now I can't get the shoe I want bc there is no Stock left!!! Can't even use their 40% off code for anything!!!