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[Android] Free - WindWings: Space shooter Galaxy attack (Premium) (was $2.89) - Google Play


Another little freebie for your Android devices. Rated pretty highly. The premium version (which is this one) has no ads.

From the website:

WindWings Version: Space shooter, Galaxy attack – premium is the advanced version of free one. Players will have more experience. At the same time, players will be awarded items as bellow:
• Premium forever
• Free Trooper craft.
• No ads

The game is developed based on a fantasy story about a soldier who accidentally went through a time gap to the future. In the future, people have developed to an advanced level of science and technology and began searching for distant planets in space. They created many modern and powerful warships to fulfill that dream. The soldier once again joins the army to join the journey to find the promise land and their fleet encounters many warlike monsters in space. They not only attacked spaceships but also headed straight to invade the earth. In the face of that tense situation, the commander ordered the soldier to come to fight against enemy’s attacks. A real war has begun. You will play the soldier who takes control of the entire spaceship, protects the earth and leads other space scrafts. Destroy and break the enemy's plans.
WindWings: Space shooter, Galaxy attack (Premium) is a shoot’em up game genre with many new and modern improvements with lots of impressive points.
- Players will bring two types of aircrafts into battle, each has a unique property. Players will use suitable aircraft from time to time.
- Many types of monsters are sophisticatedly designed with different types of attacks.
- Many rounds are constantly updated with many different challenges for players to experience.
- Many warships, each has a different design and use of a different type of ammunition. Players can optionally customize and combine.
- Besides the main spaceship, there are 2 assistants to increase the combat ability.
- Upgrade your attack power, aircraft speed with Laser missiles, mega-boms and magnets.
- The game has a good balance of difficulty, suitable for both beginners and hardcore gamers.
- Many support equipment to help aircraft increase combat ability.
- Diverse tasks and attractive rewards
- Diversify the map from the earth to remote places in the universe.
- Images and sounds combined harmoniously will give players a great experience.

- Touch the screen and move to avoid enemy’s attacks, shoot back and destroy them.
- Click to change the aircraft in accordance with each type of enemy.
- Collect bullets and equipment to upgrade the aircraft.
- Use support features during an emergency or when facing strong enemies.


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  • Thanks op, will give it a try.

  • The Google Play page mentions that it does have ads and IAP though…

    I'm guessing you can still watch optional ads to revive after dying, and buy additional resources/upgrades.

  • +5 votes

    Although it's free, read the reviews first…

    "FREE except not really. They offer premium free, but within a day you've reached a max level you can only get higher with more paid items. There are better games. This is scammy.

    Constant ads, "rate the game" "lucky star" never stops showing up after playing.

    A lot of ads in premium. Playing gives next to no money compared to lootboxes, login etc. So best way in this game is not to play et all…

    aka Sky Force cloned. "Premium" is a total scam - P2W all the way. Endless does not give ANY rewards. Speed does not give ANY rewards. Nightmare (4th stars) gift boxes do not open. Some devices and skill do not work. Terrible "English" descriptions.

    Premium my ass I'm still getting advertisements galore. What a scam!!!!! Don't ever purchase not worth it.

    • I've played it briefly (first 5 levels) and not found any of what this person is talking about. Never seen a single ad, request to rate the app or even a notification icon on the shop to encourage me to buy any IAP so far.

      • +2 votes

        Sorry for the bad formatting I should have done point form, but It's not a single person, each line is a different review.

  • I just completed Level 1 and it says:
    Welcome to the Premium version
    1. No Ads
    2. Free the first revival
    3. Unlimited Energy for play
    4. Get more x3 coin collected.

  • Just tried it. Had to stop playing after 1st stage cause the stupid developer put in force stupid screen shake gimmick bs! No option to turn it off. A shoot em up whose premises is to focus on bullets and dodging them that get hindrance by a stupid screen shake gimmick! Dumbest BS implementation ever!

    Don't bother with this shit!