Should I Buy a Polypropylene or Polyester Rug? (around 1" Pile)

I bought a white 2.5" pile polyester shaggy rug 18 months ago for the living room. In heinsight it was a mistake to get such a high pile rug in such a busy area and the costs to get it cleaned now are half the price of the actual rug as it's really badly oil stained.

We are now going to replace it with something around .5 - 1". There's a real lack of rug shops where I am so I'm going to buy it online but the problem is they all look the same in the online pictures. In store I was able to compare a 2.5" polyester to 2.5" polypropylene and the polyster was much nicer - denser and had a more luxurious feel.

With it being a lower pile though, anyone know if there is much difference between the 2? I'm just assuming it's more noticeable when the pile is larger which could be why the pictures look the same. Or will the polyester still look denser? Anyone know?


  • Yes

  • The main difference is one is polyester and the other is polypropylene, one will feel like polyester and the other will feel like polypropylene.

    Hope this helps.

  • As a parent of two boys and two dogs, let me teach you about rug washing.

    Go to bunnings and buy a pressure washer. Put laundry detergent in the soap bottle of the pressure washer. Take your rug out onto the driveway, wash it on low pressure with the detergent. Wash it on high pressure with straight water. Leave it on the driveway to dry, rugs hold a lot of water, so you might need to move it around; I find it helps to 'stamp' the water out with your feet after washing. Do this on a hot sunny day and the rug should dry by the end of the day - maybe the next day.

    DO NOT hang the rug over a clothes line, rugs will hold the shape that they dry in, so if you dry them with a bow in them then they won't sit flat on the floor - you'll end up washing and drying them again just to get them straight.

    Doing this is so effective that I'm actually annoyed at myself for getting carpet in the bedrooms, I wish we'd just had the bedrooms tiled with the rest of the house and then had rugs made by edging carpet to fit into the bedrooms.