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[QLD] Karaage Chicken Curry or Wagyu Beef Curry $1 @ Motto Motto


got the email that this deal is back again! but seems member only deal.
claim your voucher through app when you order your curry

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  • Great👍
    Original Karaage Chicken Curry Deal was for all who went to their Brisbane & Sydney stores Bought 2 Karaage Chicken & 1 Tofu Curry in take away containers.

    Now it's members only - free to download app & join
    Last App offer was Sydney only
    This App offer is Brisbane & Sydney stores

    Tofu Curry was also offered last time - ask.

  • -2

    In Sydney, only in maquarie park which is not really sydney

  • targeted ?
    I didn't get anything although I did last Wednesday

    • +1

      I think it's targeted too.

      I got this deal last week, nothing this week. Prob due to sign-up offer.

    • Check your Motto App under Offers. And report back in case Deal needs updating.

      OP & I received the offer - in Brisbane. We missed out last week due to lockdown. Received the email.

      So may not be available in Sydney - but that's not a condition for the Offer in the App.

  • [UPDATE] Not for NSW! That was last week.

  • Why take beautiful meat like Waygu and spoil it by adding curry sauce?

    • Obviously you haven't tried…
      I've eaten so many delicious Wagyu curry elsewhere including in Japan. For me, its the fat content through the meat that makes it delicious in a curry🍛
      Will certainly be eating it today!

      • I'm not saying it wont be nice, but it would probably be equally nice with a not so expensive cut/type of beef.

        • It's the cut of the Wagyu beef used - a lesser one than you would use in say a steak or other meal where the meat is the main attraction. Same as there are different cuts (& prices) of more ordinary beef.

          Have eaten Wagyu in some of the most important production areas of Japan. It has many uses.

          • @Rather be Travelling: If it's made from offcuts/trimmings then i can see the point, waste not want not. But if someone wants to cut up a premium steak to make a curry it makes no sense to me, other than spending money.

            • @Brian McGee: Wagyu is the breed of cattle. It is renown for the beautiful marbling of fat through the meat. That is useful in the preparation of the meat for eating. Wagyu isn't just premium steak!

              Cuts are where the meat comes from on the animal & how it is prepared.
              Different cuts are used in different foods.

              if someone wants to cut up a premium steak to make a curry it makes no sense to me

              Nor to anyone who knows about cooking with meat!
              You don't use premium cuts of any meat (including wagyu) in a curry!! Curry is a cheaper slow cooked dish. That would be such a waste! And more importantly - it probably wouldn't taste, look or feel great to eat!

              You need to choose the cut of meat to suit the dish!

              Diced Chuck steak (from around the shoulder) is a cut often used. If you see that cut of beef for sale - its a cheaper one, with qualities ideal in a slow cooked curry or casserole.

              Some of the best tasting meat dishes use the cheapest offcuts, cooked slowly to bring out the flavours. Here people mainly think of their premium meat (fast & easy to prepare) & may not consider the traditional slow cooked meat cuts.

    • The marble score 6+ Wagyu Beef melted in my mouth! As it should.

  • I think this is targeted. I got free Japanese Fried Chicken instead.

    • They might not know your location.

      Think you'll find the Japanese Fried Chicken is an old Offer from 26/2!
      Still have that offer on an account. Used in my other account in February.

  • Bought 2 x $1 Wagyu Beef Curry (2 accounts)
    FREE Japanese Style chips with seaweed seasoning,
    FREE Lipton Peach Iced Tea soft serve in a crisp wafer cone…
    (Westfield Carindale give out cards for free Motto Motto offers for use there)
    Great value for $2!!

    The Wagyu beef (6+ marble score, from SA) melted in my mouth - as it should.
    Standard serving size of this new line.
    Great for only $1. @$16.90 I may not buy.

    • The app shows the regular price… Do you have to place the order at the 16$ price then it sends a barcode?

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