Etiquette When Gumtree Buyer and Seller Meet

I am selling a tickets for $90 on Gumtree and planning to meet the buyer in the crowded public place.

Do I ask the buyer to give me the money first before he/she inspect the tickets.

How do you usually do the transaction

My only concern if I give the tickets without holding the money first, the person could just run away

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    One hand on the money, one hand on the tickets plus a sniper in the distance. Can't be too sure these days everyone is out to get you.

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      If you can't get a sniper just hold the gun to their head while they take the tickets from you.

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    My only concern if I give the tickets without holding the money first, the person could just run away

    and their concern is that you could take the money first and just run away with the tickets…

    Sometimes you just need to live a little :)

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    Meet where there is only one narrow entrance/exit and hire bikies to guard said entrance/exit.

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    Easy answer having sold dozens of things on gumtree (mostly tech); get them to meet you in front of your local police or train station, face fully visible to public authority cameras.

    Doubt the police would actually help you beyond saying they'll look into it, but it's skeeved out a few people I thought had less than genuine intentions. A million excuses why they couldn't meet there, nothing valid, so I'd just drop them and move on.

    Helps the other person feel secure if they're legitimate as well, so win win.

    • get them to smile at the cameras too! side shots and front, don't forget a measuring tape the know his height. get him to stand on some scales too,

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      Good points but train station can put some people off.

      If its a high value item, meet inside the bank. Safe and neutral for both parties plus you can deposit the cash in the ATM.
      Lower value items inside the front of the supermarket works for me.

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        Fair point, suppose it depends on the station, I wouldn't meet at a dodgy one either, but a CBD station or inner city station would be fine.

        Banks are a good idea too

  • Meet in a casino and at a coffee shop inside

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      Don't, the casino doesn't care and wont help you.

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    Take bikies

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    For tickets - meet in a coffee shop or something where they have to sit down and inspect the tickets. When you meet you can ask if they have brought the cash and get them to show you before they can get their hands on the tickets. The runner is unlikely to bring cash. Bring a friend who can casually stand up waiting while you guys sit down.

    Don't let them take a photo of the ticket bar codes and change their mind…

    Worst case photocopy the tickets and if they do do a runner see if you can cancel/refund or credit them.

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      I do also agree that you should meet them in a coffee shop, and DON'T LET THEM TAKE A PHOTO if they get out there phone just grab the ticket.

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    Go to McDonalds.

    Lock yourself and the buyer into a toilet stall, each with one hand on the lock.

    Inspect the cash and tickets together, exchange, then unlock and leave.

    Ignore strange looks from other patrons.

    • s/lock/cock/g

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      Walk out saying to other punters, "Well, that's one way to make 90 bucks!"

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      BE HERE
      MARCH 25th
      AT 2:15 SHARP

    • …and if they fall in the loo, don't flush.

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    hand over half cash, hand over both tickets, hand over remaining cash

    at worst only one of you is $45 worse off.

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    Anything goes

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    Honestly, this is really unlikely but if you're really not sure arrange to meet in front of a police station. If they refuse they're dodgy to begin with.

  • A library?