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Davidoff Horizon Eau De Toilette 125ml $29 + Delivery (Free with $50 Spend) @ Shaver Shop


Seems like a good price. Selling for $90 at Priceline and $110 at chemist warehouse. Currently 15% cashback and free delivery on orders over $50

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    I have this, it goes alright!


      What do the ladies say?


        I've had a few compliments.
        It's not my favourite but it's good for the price.


          serious question…

          Why do people like to use non favourite ones?

          Wouldnt you just rather have 10 of your favourite and just use everyday or do you or the people around you get bored of it ?

          Just curious as I just had the same one for like 10 years haha and only now started trying other ones but then get disappointed


            @AussieMark: I have a few different bottles.
            I got this particular one really cheap but have found I have others in my collection I prefer.
            I guess it's like clothes, you have favourites and you also have ones you wear on particular occasions.

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              @Fitzwah: ah thanks for explaining.

              Just got 2 since they only have delivery and no more pickup orders


    $10 Coupon for new customers



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    Cool Water is the one to go. Classic and unique!




      Yes. It is David Hasselhoff without the hassle