How to Get Cheap 'thin and light' Lenses for Glasses?

I'm wanting to buy some new glasses. I'm primarily a contact lens wearer, but have a back up pair of glasses, but they are now super dated and scratched. I've always had what specsavers calls 'thin and light' lenses as my prescription would mean the lenses would be really thick. Specsavers charges an additional $120 for this. Does anyone know of a place that offers a better deal for thin lenses? Any codes or deals?



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    I used Clearly for my last set of glasses - pretty happy with them. Since the glasses are coming from their Aussie subsidiary, can claim on private health insurance.

    Or if you dont mind it coming from further afield, Zenni is also a good option but comes from USA so no PHI.

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      Please search around before decide to buy clearly’s ‘Thin’ lenses, if you need really high power lenses (like me -7.00). Clearly’s thinnest lenses are index of 1.67 where as other retailers you can get up to 1.74 (Thinnest option from most other optical retailers) or 1.8 (Seen only from Optically) but I must agree their price and frame option are good + health fund option.


    aliexpress? lenses are about the cost of cheaper finished glasses though. my buys were a $3 pair, an $8 pair and a $21 pair shipped. The last one had tr80 frames (flexible) and transition lenses. $3 and $8 pair were good performers, but arms broke after two months at the hinge. You can expedite shipping and still be ahead compared to buying domestic.