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6x750ml or 6x1.5L Various Wines: Shiraz/Prosecco/Moscato/Merlot/Pinot Noir $11.99-$14.49 Shipped @ Costco (Membership Required)


While stocks last at Costco. Membership is required.

Either big sale or price error. You can get 6 bottles at Costco including delivery instead of purchasing one bottle from somewhere else.

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    Probably a price error but gave it a crack anyway - thanks OP

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    buy now think later

    • buy now drink later

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    Looks like clearance. Only 7 types of wines, rest are normal priced

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    Wow. Feels like paying delivery for free cases of wine, if it's honoured…

    Anyone knows what happens to past costco price errors, if any?

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    looks like clearance price which may not be price error

  • Which 7 wines?

  • Better take a screenshot if you are ordering. I had order this before, and got only one bottle. Couldnt find the posting to dispute by the time the order arived.

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      Wouldnt you have got the email confirmation?

    • I also contact their chat and ask them to confirm my order and the price for the pack of 6 bottles. I then sent the transcript to my email after they confirmed. I hope that will be enough in case of a dispute.

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    Moscatto went so quick OOS now, i had to grab Prosecco. Not too sure about the other wines so didnt buy

  • Thanks, I got a couple.

  • How do you know which are included in the promo?

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      Some have x6 in their names, some don't.

  • Surely a price error. Reckon they put in the 6 bottle case price at a single bottle price.

    Tried my luck anyway

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    party's over

  • Sold out lightning quick.

  • Would they be this price in store or online only?

  • Damn missed out.

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Got myself a couple doz Shiraz

    • $14.99
      $26.67 per 100 ml

      Seems like the cost per 100ml is based on only one bottle

      Also doesn't seem to be able to add to the cart now: "Sorry, there is insufficient stock for your cart."

    • They just updated the price to $199.99 for 12 bottles

      • Phwoaaaaaaaaar! Just got the notification that they shipped the order I slammed in for $14.99 for 12 bottles of the Brut!

  • Thanks OP! Grabbed a few to try :)

  • Remember Costco does not deliver outside Metro areas and there is no option to pay extra for regional and rural delivery.

    • i am in Newcastle and surprised they ship here, have done a few orders now.

  • Received shipping notification for my order

    • +1

      same.. just received too… party time..

      • Same… Also hoping they shipped the 6 bottles instead of 1 assuming it was a price error

        • let's see tomorrow :)

  • I also just received shipping notification. Cross fingers eh!

  • I just got my shipping notification too.

    Fingers crossed!

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    Mines with Australia Post, thanks to the OP of the second post that got taken down due to insufficient stock (unsure who it was) but hopefully Baron Maxime Brut Gold Reserve 12 x 750ml for $14.99 is on the way and not just the one bottle haha

    • That was me. Fingers crossed.

      • Thankkkkkk you :)

      • +1

        Just an update, 12 bottles arrived :) Thanks for posting it up despite it being removed!

        • Yes me too! That was an insane price indeed!

  • I ordered 2 boxes and have received 2 separate Australia Post tracking numbers for the order so fingers crossed.

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    Just received 3 big heavy boxes from Costco, wohoo.

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    I just got mine, x6 1.5l bottles and a case of the Prosecco. Bottoms up! Great, great deal.

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    Just received my 6 boxes of wine. What a cracker

    • Poor delivery guy

    • wow!

    • Ahh.. that would be why they sold out :D

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