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SanDisk Ultra USB 3.1 Type-C Flash Drive - 64GB $9, 32GB $6, 16GB $4 @ MSY (C&C)


Cheap USB C flash drives from MSY. Out of stock for delivery, however, it seems pickup is still available.

64GB available here for $9.99 delivered

32GB available here for $6.99 delivered

32GB available here for $6 C&C

16GB available here for $4 C&C

SanDisk ULTRA USB-C Type-C (SDCZ450-064G) 64G $9 kudos to mrbargainhunter

  • The flash drive for USB TypeC Devices
  • Highspeed USB 3.1 performance of up to 150MB/s
  • Superthin; retractable design to protect the small USB TypeC connector

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  • +20

    Would this be good to bury in backyard…. asking for a friend

    • +2

      You would want a microsd card. Less places for corrosion issues, only the contacts which can be cleaned relatively easily.

    • +5

      Go with a pink lunchbox just to be safe.

    • +2

      Corporal Ben Roberts-Smith, is that you?

    • Just bury your friend in the backyard instead.

    • +3

      You want to retain information for a long time? Flash memory is probably not the way. It relies on electrons not leaking from an insulated portion of a transistor.

      Better to store it on a magnetic disk, or optical disc (but only if you keep it away from sunlight which is well known for damaging the writable layer), and then bury it deep where it will be less susceptible to magnetic/cosmic/sunlight rays.

    • If you buried this particular model, you'd have a hangi in no time due to the heat produced

  • 64gb oss

  • +10

    Great deal, got one for each room to save heating cost

    • Nice one

  • +2

    High speed USB3.1. my ass. I have the 64gb one and maximum speed is about 40MBs.

    • Well that's a bit misleading then. Are you sure it's not your USB ports that are slow or something? What software have you used to test out the max speed?

      Basing that off file-transfer speed isn't necessarily accurate as transferring multiple smaller files is MUCH slower than transferring one big file (Better way to test speed without additional software)

      • Tried a few different USB-C computer including my Gaming laptop. It's slow and heat up so bad that you could get burn if you hold it too long while it's plugged in.

        • Sheesh alright… I guess that's why these are so cheap then :)

  • +5

    USB3.1 gen 1 or gen 2? cause its a big difference. heavens USB naming convention is horrible.

    edit its gen 1.

    • +2
      • LOL too true

      • ?

        USB IS the universal serial bus standard.

        There's probably a more appropriate xkcd for naming conventions, but there is most certainly value in different versions of usb.
        Gen 2 is 2gen 1 speed
        Gen 2x2 is 4
        gen 1 speed

        • Whoops, accidental formatting.

          Meant to say:

          Gen 2 is 2 * gen 1 speed
          Gen 2x2 is 4 * gen 1 speed

      • actually gave me a out loud laugh.
        thanks for that OP

    • Really doesn't matter as this drive probably doesn't max USB3 speed anyway. Cheap flash drives are not what you buy when you're after fast transfer speed.

  • No stocks!

  • Still have plenty of stocks from the last deal.


  • +6

    Runs very hot and very slow.

    • +11

      That's my attempt at exercise

  • +2

    I have the 64GB version, file copy sustained writes start at 25-30MB/s and drop to around 15 after the cache is full.
    Copying a 5.87GB file averaged 16.36MB/sec
    Read speeds can get up to around 150MB/sec

  • +5

    Got one of these a few years ago and it has horrible heat problems and would burn through my iPad battery like nothing else. 0/5 stars

  • 64GB $9 C&C could be added

  • Not recommended. Runs very hot

  • They're cheap and good for quick transfers like OTG transfers from phone to laptop etc

    But I would never use them as a primary usb. They run way too hot..

  • This deal is on fire

    Picture of latest shipment here: https://theloadstar.com/hong-kong-air-cargo-ban-on-vivo-phon...