Taronga Zoo

Wondering if anyone knows where/how to get vouchers/coupons or any way to make Taronga Zoo entry cheaper at the moment.



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    If you're a NRMA or RACV member you can usually get cheaper tickets


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    Well it depends on who you are thinking of going with and when (ie you will need time for this to work). If you're going with a bunch of people, you can purchase tickets through ticketek: http://premier.ticketek.com.au/shows/show.aspx?sh=TARONENT07...

    and you can purchase a ticketek voucher through ebay. Usually you can get these slightly cheaper than face value but it takes time for the auction to end, and the vouchers to arrive (you can usually only use these at ticketek outlets, not online).

    There might be some other zoo deals going around - you can always check the visitor info stands in the city for free guides (that come with a stack of tourist coupons at the back for various attractions). Sometimes they have zoo coupons but not always.

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    they have 15% off tix at the moment:


    Thanks for all the ideas

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      I had a quick look at ticket options for a visting family (2A + 3C) recently who wanted to take the ferry to get there.

      ZooPass from Sydney Ferries is
      Family (2A + 2C) 142.50 + 19 (1C) = $161.50

      Just the return ferry trip is total of $36.80 (2 trips x5.30 x2 adults = $21.20 + 2 trips x2.60 x3 kids = $15.60)
      Although sharing a TravelTen ferry ticket would make this cheaper - if you know someone who wants the leftover trips.
      If you travel on a Sunday, the Family Funday Sunday pass of $2.50 for each person is much cheaper (unlimited Ferry, Bus and Train).

      The best price for 2A and 2C that I have found is with Hungry Jacks. Buy a kids meal box and get the coupon for 1C free with full paying adult. Adult entry is $44 at the gate. Hungry Jacks coupon can’t be combined with other discounts or ZooPass.
      So, with Hungry Jacks coupons & paying ferries separately, family total would be 44+44+22+36.80=146.80 (save 14.70)

      Of course, you need to buy the Hungry Jacks kids meals (or source the coupon from someone else) - but what else were you doing for lunch?

      There are possibly coupons in the Entertainment Book ($65 to buy).


    If you know somebody in the defence force in Sydney region they might be nice enough to organise the zoo pass they have access to. For around $20 you get access for 4 adults.


    Im looking at going to the zoo soon as well and i cant find any recent posts about this. Is the hungry jacks offer still available? If so do you need to buy the kids meal from a specific HJ?
    I'm looking to go next weekend.


    Entertainment Book has a voucher for up to 4 people @ 25% off if that helps. If you're not a member yourself, perhaps someone could provide you with the coupon



      i dont know anyone with the book and i thought the HJ deal might be better. but im not sure if thats still available.

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