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[NSW, QLD] Imperfect Sweet Potato $2.49/kg, Bacon 1kg $4.99, Smoked Salmon 500g $12.99, Organic Rosé $14.99 @ Harris Farm


Pomegranate Now $3.00
Imperfect Avocados 600g Now $2.99
Carrots 1kg Now $1.49
Kumera Sweet Potato 1kg Now $2.49
Dandy Bacon 1kg Save $5 Now $4.99
Pork Loin 2.4kg Save $8/kg Now $8.99/kg
Norsk Norwegian Smoked Salmon 500g Save $13.00 Now $12.99
Barilla Pasta 500g Save $0.70 Now $1.69
Harris Farm Pure Australian Honey 1kg Save $4 Now $8.99
Sirena Tuna 95g Save $0.70 Now $1.99
Flower Day Biodynamic & Organic Rose Save $5 Now $14.99

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  • HF has excellent prices on specials sometimes - e.g. broccoli (/kg) at my local was $2.25 one day special last Thurs and $2.49 for last week.

    However, orange sweet potatoes are $1.90/kg at Coles around me last week/this week and was $1.86 at Aldi last week. The imperfect ones were 99c and $1.50 within a few weeks ago at my local HF.

    Good to see HF selling avos by the kg (I'll see if that's the case at my local HF). My local Asian grocer has had avos for $4-5/kg for last few weeks/months.

    Aus honey is good price.

    • Competely agree. I try to do a quick shop at Harris Farm before the supermarkets, only buying the specials - it's easy to do, just look for only the red labels, and keep walking if you don't see one, so you can be in and out in under 10 minutes. Mostly the specials are good prices, but the aldi specials match Harris farm or beat them, so you still need to have an idea if the price is good or just okay. The Harris farm one day manager specials though thus far have always been the been price. The Harris farm standard prices though are usually too high, better to buy those elsewhere, unless you really need that item and they're the only convenient seller.

  • [NSW] Why not also available at the Brisbane store??
    I can place order (salmon, bacon, etc) at same price for Brisbane (with $5 economy delivery on Friday).

    HF forgets it has a store in QLD, with more to come
    Pork belly is $11.99/kg - same as in that Deal.

  • Also pork belly $12/kg