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[NSW, VIC] Various Coopers Beers 24 Cans for $40, Arnott's Classic Assorted Biscuits 500g 2 for $5 + More @ NQR


NQR specials for the next two weeks.

For some reason there are differences between the web version of the catalogue and the print version that just rocked up in my letterbox. Only the printed version shows the beer specials, see here. Maybe not all stores have the beer specials?

I just went to my local and these are the $40 Coopers slabs they had in stock:
* Pale Ale tinnies
* Sparkling tinnies
* Sparkling Ale bottles
* XPA tinnies
* Extra Stout bottles
* Mild Ale bottles

Don't forget Coopers Sparkling is 5.8% ABV!

The catalogue also has $30 Sapporo slabs but it mentions they were best before November 2020.

Some other deals that look ok:
* 4-pack Haagen-Dasz 95 mL ice cream cups $5
* Vanish Oxi Action Gold Pro 3KG $10
* 18-pack FatBlaster 53g shake sachets $12

Note: NSW only has 1 store in Albury.

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  • Not quite right.

  • "Don't forget Coopers Sparkling is 5.8% ABV!" - BES is 6.3% :)

  • Wtf is NQR? Must be brand new in SA because apparently there's one a few minutes from me that I've never seen.

    I'm a little doubtful that they'll sell alcohol due to laws in SA? Or maybe they have a some sort of low volume/speciality licence like the Asian groceries do..

    • It's a small supermarket-type store that sells factory seconds, excess stock, close to best before date stock and deleted lines from supermarkets. Like The Reject Shop originally used to sell when it first started. Some products may have damaged/incorrectly printed packaging.

      You'll see big specials on limited time only flavours/varieties of products which companies have overproduced and can't sell.

    • Think Rite Price (they took over some of the same sites when they shut up shop) - but a slightly better range / quality of products. Don't sell alcohol in SA due to our ridiculous nanny-state liquor laws, but sell lots of other overstocks / discontinued supermarket lines etc.

    • You are right they do not sell alcohol here in SA.

  • +6 votes

    Great prices for Sparkling and Extra Stout

    Coopers Extra Stout is legit one of the best Stouts made in this country, and easily one of the best value in terms of flavour and ABV.

  • Never heard of NQR, but supermarkets in SA aren't allowed to sell alcohol. Probably why the online catalogue skips the beer.

  • No alcohol in SA supermarkets…

  • NQR is only in Albury, NSW. It's predominantly in Victoria.

  • $40 for a slab of coopers sparkling is criminally cheap.

  • Is the Sapparo brewed in Vietnam?

  • 330ml stubbies isn't right for Coopers is it? Aren't they 375ml?

  • Could this be price matched easily at DM's?

  • Fyi, the bottles all say "Best After May 2020"

    • So they’re a year old. Nothing wrong with that. I’ve had cellared Sparkling that was quite a few years’ old and it was delicious!

      • +2 votes

        Exactly. Coopers literally age kegs or Stout and Sparkling to sell them under an 'aged' decal.

        Plus the stout only gets better with age. These guys are doing the hard work for you!

    • That's hilarious. We usually see best before, not best after. Is it still best to drink in 2030?

      • I guess so. I was surprised too, being NQR I expected it to be a short expiry but I've never seen that before. Maybe I dont buy enough beer!?

        NQR Werribee had sold about 30 slabs of stout yesterday alone and only had a handful left as of last night. Thats just the stout though, lots of the others.

        Boxes looked perfectly intact but super dusty, like they had been left on a pallet somewhere an forgotten about so, maybe thats why they were in NQR.
        Bottles inside were clean and good as new.

        Good deal! Thanks OP!

      • +2 votes

        Because coopers beers have secondery fermentation in the bottle/can they need a best after date - otherwise you're drinking them when they're not finished

  • Got a couple of boxes of stout and an XPA at Boronia. They had plenty of stock

    • 375ml bottles of stout are getting low, only a couple of slabs left. They do have Sparkling and Stout in 12 x 750ml bottles though.

      Lots of stock of everything else including heaps of Sparkling.

  • NQR Hadfield, Ringwood & Sunbury don’t sell alcohol. NQR Bornonia, Melton and Werribee do.

  • Thank-you OP 🙇

    Grabbed a slab of the Sparkling cans. Will be good to compare after finishing the two slabs of 440mL cans of Pale we got at $46ea (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/603148)