Best Cheap Laptop < $600

Hi team,
Hoping to get some recommendations regarding a cheap, functional laptop to buy exclusively for work purposes. Doesn't need to be too high powered - just capable of using TeamViewer, zoom, multiple document windows etc.

Preferably I'd just like something light and easy to transport to and from work.

All I've owned the last 10 years, and I'll continue to use these as my personal computers.
Choosing a non-mac option is completely foreign to me so any guidance is appreciated.


  • So you're looking for a <$600 Mac? You'll need to look at local second-hand markets for an old Macbook like Gumtree etc. Remember cash on collection only.

    • reckon support for mac0s mojave will end in two years, better to get a newer machine

  • Be careful with any second-hand Mac you purchase to ensure it is compatible with Big Sur and when it may be going out of support. Unless you absolutely need a laptop, I'd probably just splurge/save and get an officeworks price-matched mac mini m1 for ~850 or so.

    Then depreciate the machine on your tax.

  • I can't tell whether you want a Mac option, or are lamenting that you have to have a non-Mac option. If it's the latter, the Dell factory Outlet often has some good deals, although there only seems to be one for around $600 at present:

    Note that the OS this one comes with is Windows 10 Home S, but I believe you can upgrade for free to standard Windows 10 Home - I've done it on two other laptops.

  • Acer Swift 3 with lower end AMD CPU



    Not the best specs - but will be sufficient for your use case.

  • What about the Lenovo Ideapad Chromebook? Think its around $400
    I was a little hesitant with Chromebooks, but have found it to be really great to use for day to day stuff. Then again, I am an Android user; so it was pretty easy to transition (if you want to call it that)

  • Thanks everyone for the input so far. I misexplained sorry. I figure the budget will allow for Chromebook or windows - but I know nothing about these having never bought one before.

    • If both Windows and Chromebooks are equally foreign to you, then you might want to give chromebook a try. But if there are specific "Windows applications" you think you would end up using in your personal/work life, get a Windows laptop.
      The thing with Chromebooks are that I don't think they are hardware dependent. You can practically use them as long as Google/the manufacturer supports them. My Asus Flip is 4 years old and still runs exactly like it did on day 1. I think the security patches finally stopped late last year.
      With a Windows PC, especially a low-speced one, I wonder whether you will get the same performance even after 4 years.

      Best bet would be to visit JB or HN and play around with the devices on display.

  • Possibly unhelpful comment given you have listed budget <$600, but this deal looks good for $799

  • Sounds like you need to look at the Teamviewer spec and take it into HN (OP has No idea) and buy the cheapest PC to meet the spec. If you do not like HN, try OW or JB or local computer store.

  • You may have to steer way from a Mac with that price range. No reason any basic PC wouldn't be workable for what you need. I don't like the Chromebook personally so I'd look for something in the $500 to $600 range that's a dell or acer like others recommended. Just make sure you get one that has a large enough screen & keyboard (do you need 10 key?) for what you need.