Backup for MacBook Air Options?

Can anyone tell me what I need to buy back up a MacBook Air (Retina, 13-inch, 2020) i5 memory 8gb please? Thanks


  • Not sure what you're asking. To back up the data for the Macbook? or for apple care, in case you drop it?

    Are you interested in icloud backup? a HDD?

  • Get an external hard drive and use Time Machine that's built into MacOS.

    Size of external hard drive will depending on how much data you have and how many snapshots you want. (easy example: $74 for USB 2TB, $119 for USB-C 2TB)

    You may need a USB-C to USB adaptor for $29 if you're using existing/cheaper (like the $74 one above) external hard drives. (or $99 for a USB/HDMI adaptor to connect an external monitor, too)

    Disclaimer: Links above may be found cheaper/after market. They represent the easiest method regarding the resulting requirement only and not indicative of a bargain.

  • What about iCloud backup. If you get Apple One Premier you get lots of storage and music and arcade games and ad free news and stuff for you and five Apple family members.

    • $40 v $15 for standalone iCloud backup. It's only cheaper if you're getting everything including the Fitness. If you're getting less than that standalone $15 for 2TB is better.

      • You just need two people who would have paid for music and a share of 2TB to make it cheaper. Plus you get arcade, news, fitness, and apple tv.

  • What are you actually wanting to backup?

    save all your files in icloud/google drive/onedrive etc.
    Anything/everything else can be redownloaded if your drive fails.

  • We have a couple of macs. Each is backed up locally using time machine (love it). Also backed up to iCloud (photos) and google drive (docs)

  • OP has gone MIA.

  • Thanks everyone :)