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Apple iPhone 11 Pro 512GB (Gold) $1379 + Shipping or C&C @ JB Hi-Fi


If you don't mind the colour good price for 512GB. Combine with discounted gift cards for further savings.

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  • Sold out.
    Did anyone manage to buy it?

  • People are buying this for this price when iphone 12 has been out for months?

    • It's not about numbers.
      I'm not not an average guy when it comes to smartphones. And I gotta say this would have been a way better choice than 12 or 12 pro if it was the pro max at this price. 11 pro isn't that bad for someone who needs huge local storage but personally would have chosen this if it was $150-$200 less.
      Most people always go for newest ones without even knowing why.

      • People go for the newest because it has the newest features

        • The point is if you ask them what new features they gonna get compared to old one, the answer is most likely "idk". I myself asked this questions and all they kept saying was "idk it's just better" and if you tell them that 11 pro has better battery than 12 pro they won't believe it.

  • The picture shows the 12.