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Google Pixel 4a 5G $709 + Delivery (Direct Import) @ Dick Smith / Kogan


Not the cheapest it's ever been, but the best deal on this phone I've seen in a while.
(apart from the $599 via Telstra, but that was only for existing Telstra customers).

With a further 5% off from Officeworks, that'd take it down to $673.55

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Dick Smith / Kogan
Dick Smith / Kogan


  • A bit disappointed with mine, Bluetooth issues are a pita. I think I paid around $620 at Xmas.

  • What not get JB or Google store to price match the Telstra $599 deal?

    • I tried at both JB and Officeworks. Fine print says you need to be on a Telstra plan. I'm assuming that's how they make their money

      • Reading the comments on that original Telstra deal some people were successful at price matching at JB, very few were able to price beat at Officeworks.

      • All you need is try another JB. Or try another sales. That's all, so many PMed cases already.

      • You don't need to be on plan, I ain't. OW use the excuse that you need a telstra account to be able to buy as just that, an excuse, to not price match

        Edit: the JB i tried to price match through claimed 599 was way below cost price fyi… But that's a crock of s**t.

        • If they have a store price matching, using the excuse of way below cost is against the ACCC.

          One of the store in Perth did that to me, or a complain thru their email and told them I'll take this to the ACCC for misleading advertising.

          They called me the next day, apologised and told me they could price match now.

      • I got JB to match the Telstra Pixel 5 offer of $849 no sweat.

        Before that I went to Officeworks who took their time to check every detail, CPU specs, storage, ram etc just to make sure they had the right model to compare. Then they made me wait at the counter while they scoured their exclusions. Finally they found a thing saying they don't have to price match Telstra because you need to sign up for an account with them to buy anything. Even if the account doesn't cost anything and no purchase is required to create it.

      • I managed to get Harvey Norman to price match Officeworks.

        Also had a $400 gift card offer of you signed up to a $65 plan. So it worked out cheaper then being on prepaid.

        The Pixel 5 was $407.

    • Yeah just keep phoning JB's till someone matches. I got one on the second try.

  • Haven't had luck getting a price beat at officeworks on Dick Smith direct imports, your luck might be different.

  • I've got a Pixel 4a 5g with touch screen issues from JB HIFI. It's passed 5 months already so is the best option to go directly to google?

    • Why not go through JB?

      • i understood after 3 months for something of this price, you had to go directly to manufacturer? should i try a different JB store from the one i bought it from

        EDIT: Looks like <3 months you can get a refund or exchange, 3-6 months you only have a right to repair

        • Not sure theres a clause which specifies number of months…consumer law vaguely specifies a reasonably expected length of time, of which 5 months definitely falls under. I would take it back to JB for them to either replace or send back to manufacturer.

          May I ask how much you got yours for?

  • I've got this phone, been really good so far, no issues, touch wood

  • Very expensive for a mid range phone right?

  • Wife broke her screen on one of these 3 weeks out from purchase. Any tips on where to repair for a reasonable price in Melb?

  • needs to be marked out of stock - tried using this to get a price beat at officeworks but turns out it's sold out after trying to add to the cart so couldn't get the price beat down to $673.55