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Google Pixel 4a 5G $599 (Delivered) @ Telstra (Officeworks Price Beat $569.05)


Google Pixel 4a w/ 5G for $200 off RRP ($799)
Just put an order in for the phone outright with no associated plan - Will see in the morning if it's honoured
Not the lowest ever price ($559) but a decent price nonetheless (beating out some Black Friday discounts)

As suggested by ozviktor
Price match @ officeworks for 5% off = $569.05

Further, price matched by Google stores and JB Hifi

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  • Pixel 5 at $849 also

    Will these phones be locked to Telstra?

    • I think only pixels sold by verizon (in the US) are carrier locked.

    • Yeah keen to understand whether they are unlocked


  • How would the warranty be handled, via Telstra? Is there a chance somewhere like Office Works would price match?

  • Price match at officeworks for 569

    • Mate can you please share how to do this at Officeworks? Can you do it online?

      • I normally phone them up.

      • I went into store.

      • Can't do price matches online but can do them on the phone, or instore.

      • I went in store and showed them the Telstra ad on my old phone. Just make sure you click on 'Outright' on the page to show the $599 price. No hassling required.

      • It took a couple of trips. My local store would not do the beat because quote "Telstra is selling that with conditions"…. Depending on who you get it seems the staff are trained to look at any reason possible to prove the products aren't the same. That way they get out of it. Second store 5mins down the road had no issues.
        edit: their go to excuse is different warrantee lengths for the same item meaning they can treat it like a different product. Don't be surprised if that's the first thing they check

        • Had my phone for a couple of weeks now and coming from the ancient S7, it was a great upgrade. BTW not sure who gives a downvote for facts (that it's hard sometimes to get these sorts of companies to honour a price beat guarantee). Just letting people know it might take a couple of goes before you get someone reasonable at the store who is happy to help. 30% off rrp in the end but not without a hoop or two to jump through

      • Just got one from OW!

        Juat go directly to the store. Some things you need to stress:
        - telstra is offering outright $599
        - pixel phones are unlocked worldwide except under verizon US
        - for telstra, only Iphones are locked to their SIMs.

        • Tried this, my store said it requires a Telstra login and said that behind the login it requires a plan; which is bullshit.
          I tried to push them on it and the guy said he had been on the phone with Telstra for hours a few weeks before and confirmed a plan was required.

          Definitely felt like rubbish excuse just to not do the deal, c***s.

  • Are these still getting unlimited google photos?

  • Does anyone know if it's better to go through JBHIFI or Google directly if I have issues with my 4a 5G? Owned this for 4 months

    Can't recommend this, the touchscreen is inaccurate af. Even after the February update where they promised it would be fixed, typing like this is like keyboard roulette

  • I won't recommend this phone. Oppo find X 2 neo much better choice. Fast and better camera.

    • I agree. I was researching for my next phone and I thought it would definitely be a Pixel. However after doing some research I don't think the Pixel is a standout phone anymore. All of the other companies have caught up to the Pixel photo quality and contains more features for a similar price. Google really missed an opportunity to stand out this year by keeping their old camera sensor. Their value proposition is pretty poor compared to OnePlus, Oppo and Huawei.

    • Bought an Oppo x2 Neo for offspring a month ago. Great phone in all ways.

    • You buy it for the pure android experience. The best of what google offers with no other junk in it.

  • don't think we've had one Pixel 4a sale yet

  • As an owner of one, this should have been the RRP for this phone.. Good mid range phone and worth it at this price

  • First time commenting, created an account to thank you - just successfully price beat by calling Officeworks' customer service number. This deal came at the perfect time for me!

  • Office works tried to tell me they won't match Telstra because they are network locked, after 3 staff members checking they finally allowed it.

  • Thanks op. Got Officeworks to price beat.

  • Telstra version i guess it has its own branding at startup. Can this be flashed?

    Also its a single SIM is there a dual SIM version at all?

  • Just got off the phone to Officeworks who said they recieved an email from Telstra to hold off on price matching the Pixels…. was told to call back later.

    • Same

    • Just got off the phone to Officeworks who said they recieved an email from Telstra to hold off on price matching the Pixels…. was told to call back later.

      Am I reading your comment correctly? Telstra is telling Officeworks to stop pricematching a product that they set themselves?

      • Yeah it was a super strange phone conversation, I didn't even get a chance to say what type of phone it was. I said I'd like to get a price match on a phone that Telstra are selling and the lady cut me off straight away and said Telstra emailed us this morning and told us to hold off on pricematching - makes no sense to me, but that's how she explained it.

        In the end, I ignored her suggestion to just call back later and went down to Mentone Officeworks for an attempt in person, after a awkward 10-15 mins of the staff double checking the deal on Telstra's website and going through the tedious Telstra checkout processs - a $599 at a checkout page finally appeared and they price beat at $569.05.

        • I tried the same, and did u have to checkout with a Telstra ID? The staff then claimed that this is locked to Telstra because you need an ID to purchase it…

    • [email protected]$! Obviously officework undercut Telstra hence that's why

  • Thanks OP. Just got the Pixel 4a 5g from Pitt St.(NSW) Officeworks with price match at $569. They have plenty in stock.

  • Bummer - JB and Officeworks near me have both said no. Offer is for a Telstra locked phone, and they sell unlocked version.

    • I was able to price match with my local JB.

      I couldn't get through to the phone line on their website to request a price match, so I put in a request through the online form. My local store contacted me, set one aside, and I went down to pick it up, no issues.

    • That's bollocks, Telstra don't sell them locked either.

  • Bummer - Is that locked to Telstra ? - Just ordered with Telstra

    • Do google do carrier locked phones in Australia? Sounds like they are trying some BS with this and the pixel 5 deal.

      Edit: Apparently they can be sim-locked for up to two years. I thought they only had that with US carriers. Sorry for the incorrect outrage.

  • With this deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/608287, phone price is zero in JBHIFI. Anyone tried, Thanks

  • Has anyone get the price match at JB Hi-Fi successfully?

    • I stood outside a Telstra store this morning to go and buy this phone. I told them I wanted to buy the phone outright. The gatekeeper insisted that I must be a Telstra customer and put it on a Telstra plan. Went on to say that if I used it on other carriers and had problems with it I'd need to take it back to the manufacturer instead of the Telstra store… I told him that's not how Australian consumer law works, then went to JB Hifi and had it price matched in 2 minutes.

  • Got the Officeworks price match this morning - got a call back saying it was cancelled as Telstra said it was a pricing error.

    • Go into the store and get it. Looks like Officeworks is trying to get out of it. Telstra still advertising it so obviously not an error.

  • fark.. pulled the trigger for the pixel 4a at 695 at officeworks!! 3 or so weeks ago. fun times.

  • Officeworks also refused pricematch for me on the grounds that it is locked to telstra and that the store has been told not to do any pricematch

    • The Melbourne CBD store said Telstra website error and refused the price match😑 even though I had called to confirm they do price match before I went in

  • successfully got jbhifi to price match telstra this morning as i had an unused $300 gift card