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Azimo Money Transfer: First 2 Transfers Free, Referral: $40 off Money Transfer of $200 or More, $40 to Referrer


Started using this money transfer after this deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/611427. Posting again now the signup off bonus increased to 40AUD.

Now azimo provides 40AUD off when you transfer 200AUD or more along with 2 free transfer.

click referral code below and use it during registration to get this offer.

copied from previous post:

There's an app which is handy.
The exchange rate is not too bad, with the referral bonus, and if you're sending a small amount, makes it worth
You need to upload driver's licence or passport to be verified.
Verification takes about an hour
You get 2 free transfers
Succeeding transfers $1.99 I believe
Can use debit card or credit card. Check with your CC provider if they charge extra (cash advance treatment)
There's a Chat option but it is UK time 9am to 5pm
1st transfer took one day but YMMV
Suggest use them for the referral bonus and on a transfer that is not urgent just in case the transfer takes 1 business day like ours
Transfer can be pickup, bank, depending on country

Referral Links

Referral: random (31)

Every time a friend signs up to Azimo using your invite code and completes a qualifying transaction, you’ll both get money off your transfer.

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  • Hmm ok will check compare the rate tomorrow.
    Noticed how the rate is better for new user. Kid of introduction rate

  • Hmm, I want to send money to my account in Australia, but I can only choose to send in EUR or USD - seems strange.

  • +1 vote

    Transferwise reviews don't look that good.. so be mindful please.

  • what is the referral code here? I get to see different codes when I click on the referral link

  • I use World Remit. Find them mostly reliable.

    • I think it depends.. I feel transferwise sometimes good. Orbitremit also gives better rate for few times

      • Compare if you transfer big amount. For small one, I normally use Skrill as they have no fee and the rate difference is not much when you only transfer a couple of hundreds. Btw, Skrill referral is still valid too, works very similar. WorldRemit has their own referral too (but you get a voucher for 2nd transfer instead of straight discount), there's already a random pool for each

  • I get an error message "Minimum amount is 360" and it is not allowing further to complete the transaction

  • Tried to start a transfer, however I noticed I am not getting $40 off $200 transfer, but a mere $4 off.

    Did any one also experience this?

    Edit: upon checking with Live Chat, they told me the referral code I used only provide $4 off, not $40 off. It's bad luck that I got a randomised referral code that only awards me a super tiny amount

    • Really, even the old referral was 10 GBP? They increased to 20 GBP that rounded up to $40 AUD for us. When I clicked the link it's actually saying 20 pound but then changing to $40 AUD when transferring.

      • That's right. I would like to remind everyone to double check after you put in the referral code. It turns out the code I put through gives me 2GBP off, which is $4 AUD off

        Customer service was very helpful in explaining what happened

        What I did was re-register through a different referral code, and I get a $40 off then

  • so we can trial error referral codes (will show the discount amount ) before committing ?

    • Enter the code first before filling up the rest. If it shows 20 pound, I think that should work.

      • Yes I can attest to this. Try another code if the first one you had shows 2GBP, until you get one that says 20GBP off

  • Just spoke to live chat.the guy happy to add discount code manually after providing the ozbargain promotion link

  • don't forget to use cash rewards. $35 cash back for transfers > 250EUR, $10.5 for transfers > 50 EUR

  • question:
    if someone use my referral, the $40 will stay in my account for future use ?
    how many times i can get the $40 bonus? (how many times i can refer friends?)

  • why it doesnt ask to verify ID ?