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[Kogan First] Kogan SmarterHome Wireless Garage Door Opener $43.99 (Was $149.99) Delivered @ Kogan


Stay in complete control of your garage door thanks to the Kogan SmarterHome™ Wireless Garage Door Opener Controller, allowing you to set schedules and program it to open as you approach home using your smartphone.

Open and close your garage door anytime, anywhere!
Set an open/close schedule for your garage door
Remotely monitor your garage door
Control via the free SmarterHome™ app
Compatible with Google Home and Amazon Alexa
Allow one or more users to control your garage door
Receive a notification when the door is opened/closed

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  • “not compatible with roller doors”

    Yeah great product 🙄

    • It is though. I have it, you just need to place the sensor at about knee height so it doesn't roll into the door but goes horizontal when the door is fully opened.

  • Should just get this:

    Ben using for a few months and works really well!

    • Yep, nice unit. Old ones were easily flashed with tasmota, not sure about this batch.

    • Yeah me too. So far it works flawlessly. Except the app that I use goes to sleep after not using for a while

    • Solid price! I have the Kogan one from this post, and do like the fact the door sensor is wireless vs this model that is wired.
      Agree for the price of the one you have shared, it is great value but if wires don't work for you, then the Kogan one is a great buy at this price.

    • Yep mine works flawlessly through google. Great $20 spend and so simple to install

  • I've been using Gogogate2 only need the one main unit for up to 3 doors (it's best to get a door sensor for each door so the app can tell if they are opened/closed but I did manage to run one of my doors without a sensor ). It connects to google via IFTTT.

  • I have the exact same one which I bought in Dec last year. It has never failed and has been helpful to check if I forgot to close the garage door and if so then jst close it remotely with google assistant, Alexa or via the smarter home app.

    In short, recommended.

  • It's this better than the Meross ones?

  • Only works on garage doors that rise and turn 90 degrees, not roller doors.

    • I have this installed on a roller door and works perfectly. Just gotta put it towards the end bit which will be 90 deg when open.

  • How do you get Kogan First ? I had once and tried to register using different name, credit card, but seems they know as the delivery address is in file. Is the delivery address the key to apply for another free trial Kogan First ?

    • yes use everything different to open new account.
      after that you can change all back to your real name address etc etc
      (before buying)

      let me know if the above still working (it was for me once)

  • "Connect the A and B terminals of your device to the garage operator using a wire with stripped ends or a paper clip and if the garage opens then it’s compatible with the Kogan SmarterHome™ Wireless Garage Door Opener Controller."

    Thank you Kogan, very cool!

    Guess there's no way to know if it's compatible for sure before buying it lol

  • This works with the Tuya homebridge plugin and works great with Apple home (using homebridge).

  • Have Kogan fixed their SmartHome app? I bought their Doorbell a while back and was never able to get it properly integrated via the iPhone App - a very hair-pulling experience

  • someone send one to linus!

  • I love that people would take a risk after the Xiaomi Roborock vacuum saga.