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[eBook] Free: Mage Errant Books 1-4 & The Wrack by John Bierce / Mage Errant Book 5 - $5.18 @ Amazon AU & US


To celebrate the release of book 5, John Bierce is giving away the first 4 books for free. Source

Title Links
Into the Labyrinth AU Link US Link
Jewel of the Endless Erg AU Link US Link
A Traitor in Skyhold AU Link US Link
The Lost City of Ithos AU Link US Link

His standalone novel The Wrack is also free.

The latest book, The Siege of Skyhold can be purchased for $5.18 at the moment and is also on Audible.

Mage Errant Book 5, The Siege of Skyhold, is out now! To celebrate, I'm giving away every other book in the series so far for free! In addition, my standalone epidemiological fantasy novel The Wrack is currently free as well. (It is technically in the same multiverse- The Aetheriad- as Mage Errant, though. There are some subtle references to each other, but you don't need to have read Mage Errant to read the Wrack, or vice versa.)

If you haven't encountered Mage Errant before, it's a YA wizard school series featuring an overly-detailed magic system, an anxiety-ridden protagonist who would really rather be boring and forgettable, and more giant monsters than you can shake a stick at. (Not, you know, that I'm endorsing the shaking of sticks at giant monsters. In fact, it seems like something of a bad idea.)

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  • To celebrate the release of book 5, John Bierce is giving away the first 4 books for free.

    He sure knows how to party…

    • +7

      Can't fault the man for trying something novel.

    • Hard business, have to do what you can to get a few sales!

  • I enjoyed these books

    • Did you read them?

      • +5

        No I said I enjoyed the books because I didnt read them JV…..

        Cmon mate.

      • +2

        “From the moment I picked up your book until I put it down, I was convulsed with laughter. Some day I intend reading it.”
        ― Groucho Marx

  • I read the first couple of books. I thought they were alright.

    A fun enough read.

  • +6

    Thanks, I bought book 5 to say thanks for the other free books. :)

  • Thanks!

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    Looks like books 3-5 have direct audiobook "upgrade" option, and there is a combined audiobook of 1 & 2 which qualifies for whispersync if you go to Audible after adding the ebooks to your account.


  • Thanks OP

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