11% off Australia & NZ Campervan Rental @ JUCY


For a long rental (42+days) this code brought the cost of a Jucy Condo in NZ down to $29nzd per day.. (short term $47nzd)

I checked the code for an Aussie rental and it works also, around $30aud per day for a Condo (42+days), short term rental is around $45 per day…

I'm unsure when the code expires…

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  • What about for short term rentals ?

  • For a long rental (42+days) this code brought the cost of a Jucy Condo in NZ down to $29nzd per day..

    I got the same price when searching for 10 days, even without the code.

  • I did a search for 3 weeks in August from Christchurch and got the Cabana down to $24/d. Damn this is juicy…

  • Thats a great priceπŸ‘
    Checked out the 360Β° view of the Condo on their site - sleeps 4, kitchen, good head room.

    Enjoy your NZ holiday, FLICKIT - with Juicy 🚐

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    Detailer here. Any questions, fire away.

    • Any short term codes still working?

    • Thanks, insider knowledge is always good :)

      Do they maintain their vehicles reasonably well? … I've booked a condo for 59 days and I'm likely to do around 8000km, what are the chances of getting a freshly serviced van?… I'd feel bad if I got a van that was 2000km away from a service and then went and did 8000km in it, lol…

      I've googled around a bit and there's very few (real) complaints around about them, a couple were things like breaking down in whoopwhoop and then having to wait a couple of days for repair, not unrealistic, and I don't really see that as a big deal unless you're on a 1 week rental or such… One complaint I noticed said the house/aux/secondary battery was stuffed and it wasn't capable of running the fridge for more than a couple of hours, if something like this happens how likely are Jucy to play along and sort it out in a reasonable manner? (especially if I'm willing to visit one of their depots or agents))

      If a tyre gets punctured or a windscreen smashed, would Jucy have an issue with me just getting it repaired myself at the next town? (by a reputable place of course), it would save the hassle of them digging into my bond/excess (at an inflated rate), then me having to claim it back from travel insurance and such…

      Cheers :)

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        They service thier fleet very well. We try to give freshly serviced vehiclesto long hires for that exactreason.
        I'd suggest the coaster or compass over the condos. Newer fleet.
        They are pretty good with refunding repairs etc. They run a free number to help with onroad problems.